Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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This is also done!

The Cavern of Corchia was the wonderful stage on which was carried out cave dedicated to children of the local branch of Youth Mountaineering.

Divided into two groups, the boys came from the entrance and part tourist, the smallest, they headed at the Gallery of Neve while the older ones have been directed to the Gallery of the River.

All have been carefully followed, aided and assisted in overcoming the difficulties encountered along the two routes and, in particular, in the more "complicated" the Gallery of the River where, on the occasion, were dropped along the few Saltini (and beams) reinforced with everything you need to overcome them in complete safety,

considering that these kids "special" since they should already be accustomed to this type of courses (at least outside).

What about this output? It 's always a pleasure to accompany someone in the cave, and when it comes to children even more so since it may happen that some of them, struck by the beauty of the environment, I remain fascinated and then decides to continue making caving in all respects.

Moreover they do not represent the future of us all?

The appointment is for next year (or earlier).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lindsi Dawn Mc Kenzie

caving output for Youth Mountaineering CAI Mass

next Sunday (February 21) will take the exit caving section dedicated to the local Youth Mountaineering CAI Massa. The release will take place

Antro Corchia (Levigliani) where we tried to find two routes of varying difficulty in order to divide the (many) participants according to their age and ability (but not in a "rigid" course).

'll go in there and tourist cave entrance will head to the Branch River and The Galleria of the snow, we are sure, will be particularly appreciated for their beauty.

The hope is that, in future, a few small "mountain climber" you remember what he saw and who decide to "go to caves with us ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sample Of Welcoming Speech

We are preparing the Caving Course 2010!

As every year, the group organizing the first-level Caving Course (an introduction to caving), presumably in late the month of March and the beginning of the month of April and articulated as usual, lectures, outings and fitness in the cave.

followed by further news about

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Difference Between Fsx Standard, Deluxe, Gold

What is the best photo?


With this post open threads:

is approaching the date of the start of 2010 and caving course there are various discussions on the picture that should go on the flyer for the submission.
As a contribution (and first real post) on this blog, here are the pictures in question:

I state that I think, caving, beautiful pictures, but with little commercial appeal and clarify the meaning:

The photos will be inserted Principle manifest in advertising must intrigue the person who looks at him. Advertisers teach that a photo "effect" or a well-crafted sentence (SCONTI!! EMPTY THE MOUNTAIN! ABISSOOOOOO! ) Are much more than other things.

photos look like those of the advertising of a painting exhibition themed.