Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch Movies With Usb Connection

I decided that I will not look 'never again' i love films. I've never particularly liked, but now know even more 'a lie a non-existent romance behind them, and that does not allow me to see them without disdain. Scenes' are romantic for me and my report, pure science fiction. I would start with the most 'big lie of romance: take a shower with your partner. In the early months of our relationship, 'happened to take a shower together, but it results in' dire state, the two snarling to keep the water temperature control, not a meeting, he wants water tiepidina , about 26 degrees, and I a hot rain near the 40, besides its physical size, far superior to mine, makes me succumb, and makes it absolutely uncomfortable for a moment that should be rewarding and exiting piagnocolando cold. Second: In a romantic canoe together and land in a nearby deserted island: another lie. In New Zealand we went canoeing together, he began a few meters 'to complain' cause I'm not saying that remavo, we arrived near the island that no longer spoke, 'him' cause your breath away and I 'cause I was offended don' t, if all what a waste of breath 'in the words of curse against my inefficiency, my lack of strength in putting the oar in the water and the impossibility' of cooradinazione [he riteva key], had used it to paddle, we would arrive first and less resentment, but that was expected of me? had not seen before they dry my little arms? Turkey tested the tandem bike for two, even that experience was a disaster, until 'we went down it was all a laugh, but when going back up, I decided to get off their means of locomotion, and hand carried to the shop him to rent '. Third, sleep embraced. For us it 'impossible: after 5 minutes, back to back and see you tomorrow, most' comments like: "If you do not wake me up with his rhinoceros from piedieni every time you go to the bathroom make me a pleasure," "No me toques with FRIOS tus pies - do not touch me with your cold feet "" No ronques esta noche, gracias - Do not snore tonight, thank you "" Do you want to move a bit 'more' in the'?!". Fourth and I'll stop with this: Preparing for the morning in the bathroom together. Imagine this glimpse of everyday sweet life: her beautiful out of the shower, he looks at his bare chest while he shaves, the two cuddle and give you a good morning breakfast together and looking into her eyes full of desire and passion. AH AH AH AH. One day a week we go to Juan and I work at the same time, which is why we should find a way to share the bathroom. We tried, but if we are to continue our relationship there is an 'only option, that' one of them, in turn, wakes up first, and comes right after the other one is already 'out. This 'cause he do not have to make up, but miraculously he needs to look in the mirror, combing NEAC should not' cause bald, but remains strongly ', to look at, doing something, an eternity', also take a shower while he can not 'look in the mirror' cause I shower with hot water so 'that fogs the glass, and I I can not wear makeup and settle down while you take a shower because he 'and' too fast 'needs of the mirror too early, in fact, impossible, and have breakfast [together or alone], with the haste that we have, even in talk about it!
addition, there are all those little things that we two, I would say almost principle we can not divide, [though in fact we did need to '] as the dessert at the restaurant, toothbrush, pillow and mobile phone. I invite you to
join my outrage at this stupid movie.

recently disappeared, less with this email and messages, 'cause in my August hemisphere of origin, namely' the northern hemisphere, and 'a month of sunshine and holidays, little work for those who did not leave the city', so party and the good life, so 'that, like I am in contact with an office in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bI took my week off. Off in all directions. I pulled the belt too, asking my little body too much effort for an exaggerated amount of work, and he told me take your breath away, closing the air valves. Gasping for oxygen, I realized that even if my mind can 'stand up to an extra amount of work, the body gives up, and sends me the worst of the signals. Which is why, I pulled the emergency brake, I decided that Nicol is relaxed. I leave from work and go home, taking advantage of the cold and rain, zebra rug and sofa bed, and I lie down and close my eyes, looking for air and peace. Nicol and 'Off, off duty at the moment, as soon as possible, start again' also write a regular basis'. In the meantime, you who are warm, enjoy the summer, see you in September when there will be 'spring, and Nicol will come out' from under the duvet ..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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How long does the Tambura ....

of searching the sea caves on the side of the drum is a real treat for the soul and the body.

The slopes are steep, steep, low, well wooded.

Saturday, August 7, we were wandering through this beautiful mountain view and review of the past holes and little holes, but mostly looking for an entry that takes us inside the 'hypothetical cave that would give access to the now legendary Collector Frigido source (if, and I emphasize, there is one) especially in light of some recent hypotheses on the basis of certain colors made in a well-known by the abyss of Carcaraia very active Tuscan Federation.

course every caver of Italy and would not "fall for" I'm in 'input, perhaps without great effort but finding so for the case as if it was not important ..... and as if he were trying not lucky ...

Equipped with a sophisticated GPS equipment for positioning, we start from Resceto (513 m asl) along a stretch of "historic" Via Vandelli slope linking the sea with the inner side (the face of advocates of Tunnel project crowds of Tambura) until you reach the junction for the trail leading to the entrance of the Abyss Pianone (part of the complex Pianone-Pinelli-poles with a depth greater than 1000 meters).

go up through the oak and hornbeam and the path is very, very steep, slippery and sometimes exposed and dangerous.

The route continues intercepting a part of the canyons and up (in stone) that descend from Tambura (I think the center channel) to continue up easy rocks interspersed with vegetation more or less developed.

The surroundings are very beautiful and some caused by the condensation cloud began to envelop us in its embrace unreal fear making a nice summer thunderstorm, those in which it is best not to be involved because of lightning .. .

the slope becomes increasingly higher and you understand very well why the inputs found on this side are few compared to, for example, the Carcaraia (just Just click on the link to the FST: section Cadastre-On-Line, enter a cave in the area and Just click on the link to the GIS of the Regione Toscana for realizing it).

here is to slope so steep that move horizontally is equivalent to a hundred yards down a canyon and back is sometimes not trivial.

So to say it is very hard but its a pretty hard to do, those efforts after they make you feel well and leave you only good memories as well as various pain on the lower legs (see calves devastated first by the accumulation of lactic acid and then by various micro-traumas in the days following)

This mountain seems (and is) huge and finally get to where, just before the summit (1894 m above sea level), almost (almost) gets the slight slope and you can take a breath .... and let your gaze wander around ...

at our feet, the Carcaraia spreads like a sea agitated by the waves of stone and a blue sky that seems solid frames the sea water that can be glimpsed far horizon ..

there anything more beautiful?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia

Saturday, July 31 we went to the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia to conduct a new survey and also because none of us had never been to this little-used branch.

consider that the exploration and survey of branch
date back to 1972 (with an interlude in 2005 GSAV for cleaning related to "Clean Up the Dark").

The branch now has a gallery with quite low down slightly and very quickly leading to a concreted first well of 3 / 4 meters, which leads to a small room where you start to see some eccentric concretions. Soon after the turn is lowered and a film of water covers the floor for some meters to take the narrowest point of the branch

The floor consists of a cast on which runs the water film: of course it is very difficult not to get wet! (Heh heh). The branch continues
giving access to a room with lots of eccentric concretions truly beautiful and spectacular in their crazy growth that defies gravity .....

from the room except for a shaft with narrow mouth and passing through a landslide in practice now concretions cemented by giving access to another room with a spectacular floor consists of a cast that soon "screwed" on itself, forming a wall of a supported well enough ..

The well in question (if so we can call it) ends up in a tunnel that connects to the main one that goes to the bottom of the system and the first shaft in L .

On the one hand you get a window (rig fix) that provides access to a large room with a waterfall and a floor with large and significant scarburate old and you go down the other side with a tunnel to the river level.

Here are some moments for the relief of the branch and some photos of eccentric concretions.

Monday, August 2, 2010

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Oh My Darling .. Insomnia

Sweet Insomnia love that fills my nights, that takes me hour after hour, bathing the moon. How many nights spent to escape, looking through books, turning around in bed. I changed countries and continents rooms, but you always with me, compare me and hugs. I no longer try 'to run away, I do not get nervous puffing nervously looking at his watch and counting the hours that separate me from the sound of the alarm, now accept you as a faithful companion, thanks to you I read the two books ever I could read, I thought, dreamed and planned the present and the future as I have insights and analysis of consciousness, have raised doubts and certainties determined people I looked to my side to sleep, listening to their breath and all the strange noises of the night. I learned to live the next day with a heavy shadow over his eyes, which makes it all muffled, and I left too stupid habit of trying to remove this cloud of fatigue doses of caffeine that would be enough to wake up a horse in a coma. I no longer answer 'to those who, like Juan, accuses me of not being able to sleep just because' I 'commitment in falling, "as long as those who can understand me appaggiano his head on a pillow to sleep, when those who do not must wake up to go to work, are able to sleeping 9, 10, 12 hours straight, and I after six, seven are already Oretta poor sleep 'wakes up like a cricket, and happy to have made a very good night's sleep, as I see Juan overwhelmed and lost in the world of Orpheus. We like anorexic sleep, sleep a deep sleep, lost in a duvet, including pillows and blankets, for hours, jumping between sheep and lullabies repetitive.
My bittersweet insomnia, how to explain to those who suffer like me your charm, now that you do not fight over 'by freeing it from your grip with valerian and camomile, I see you arrive late at night, leaning against the door of the bedroom [ and currently 'living room and also] look at me, watching you: a slim figure and slender, have a giubottino jeans, tight trousers blacks, short of boots, a purple scarf and a hat that will cover the face, if you are a man or woman do not know, smoke a cigarette, and smile, rogue, 'cause you know, we'll be together again tonight .. Damn, I can not escape you, come here at least we talk together ...
[dedicated to all of us, now surrendered, anorexic sleep, "first and foremost my mother and my uncle Virgil].