Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch Movies With Usb Connection

I decided that I will not look 'never again' i love films. I've never particularly liked, but now know even more 'a lie a non-existent romance behind them, and that does not allow me to see them without disdain. Scenes' are romantic for me and my report, pure science fiction. I would start with the most 'big lie of romance: take a shower with your partner. In the early months of our relationship, 'happened to take a shower together, but it results in' dire state, the two snarling to keep the water temperature control, not a meeting, he wants water tiepidina , about 26 degrees, and I a hot rain near the 40, besides its physical size, far superior to mine, makes me succumb, and makes it absolutely uncomfortable for a moment that should be rewarding and exiting piagnocolando cold. Second: In a romantic canoe together and land in a nearby deserted island: another lie. In New Zealand we went canoeing together, he began a few meters 'to complain' cause I'm not saying that remavo, we arrived near the island that no longer spoke, 'him' cause your breath away and I 'cause I was offended don' t, if all what a waste of breath 'in the words of curse against my inefficiency, my lack of strength in putting the oar in the water and the impossibility' of cooradinazione [he riteva key], had used it to paddle, we would arrive first and less resentment, but that was expected of me? had not seen before they dry my little arms? Turkey tested the tandem bike for two, even that experience was a disaster, until 'we went down it was all a laugh, but when going back up, I decided to get off their means of locomotion, and hand carried to the shop him to rent '. Third, sleep embraced. For us it 'impossible: after 5 minutes, back to back and see you tomorrow, most' comments like: "If you do not wake me up with his rhinoceros from piedieni every time you go to the bathroom make me a pleasure," "No me toques with FRIOS tus pies - do not touch me with your cold feet "" No ronques esta noche, gracias - Do not snore tonight, thank you "" Do you want to move a bit 'more' in the'?!". Fourth and I'll stop with this: Preparing for the morning in the bathroom together. Imagine this glimpse of everyday sweet life: her beautiful out of the shower, he looks at his bare chest while he shaves, the two cuddle and give you a good morning breakfast together and looking into her eyes full of desire and passion. AH AH AH AH. One day a week we go to Juan and I work at the same time, which is why we should find a way to share the bathroom. We tried, but if we are to continue our relationship there is an 'only option, that' one of them, in turn, wakes up first, and comes right after the other one is already 'out. This 'cause he do not have to make up, but miraculously he needs to look in the mirror, combing NEAC should not' cause bald, but remains strongly ', to look at, doing something, an eternity', also take a shower while he can not 'look in the mirror' cause I shower with hot water so 'that fogs the glass, and I I can not wear makeup and settle down while you take a shower because he 'and' too fast 'needs of the mirror too early, in fact, impossible, and have breakfast [together or alone], with the haste that we have, even in talk about it!
addition, there are all those little things that we two, I would say almost principle we can not divide, [though in fact we did need to '] as the dessert at the restaurant, toothbrush, pillow and mobile phone. I invite you to
join my outrage at this stupid movie.

recently disappeared, less with this email and messages, 'cause in my August hemisphere of origin, namely' the northern hemisphere, and 'a month of sunshine and holidays, little work for those who did not leave the city', so party and the good life, so 'that, like I am in contact with an office in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bI took my week off. Off in all directions. I pulled the belt too, asking my little body too much effort for an exaggerated amount of work, and he told me take your breath away, closing the air valves. Gasping for oxygen, I realized that even if my mind can 'stand up to an extra amount of work, the body gives up, and sends me the worst of the signals. Which is why, I pulled the emergency brake, I decided that Nicol is relaxed. I leave from work and go home, taking advantage of the cold and rain, zebra rug and sofa bed, and I lie down and close my eyes, looking for air and peace. Nicol and 'Off, off duty at the moment, as soon as possible, start again' also write a regular basis'. In the meantime, you who are warm, enjoy the summer, see you in September when there will be 'spring, and Nicol will come out' from under the duvet ..


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