Monday, May 24, 2010

Bottomless Female Bathing Suits

Dancing in suspenders ..

Travel has its price, the price of having to use a quantity 'of considerable energy every time you start from scratch. New home, new job, new friends, new life can be built that takes time, effort, dedication and imagination. The worst part? for me 'look for work. Juan gets a job at an Italian restaurant, I continue the search, taking more and more 'awareness that a law degree and my experience of working in the bank three years in Barcelona, are worth very little. 'Cause I do not have deepened my crafts' in the picture? went back to the tattoo artist would do, instead of the classic high school I would do the art school, and begin to tattoo very young, so 'that in my 29 years today, I would be able to find work with simplicity', or the hairdresser, or why ' not the dressmaker? With the money that my family investment 'in my education, you could feed an African village for a few I do not know how many years, and I, instead of spending my teens puffing on "dear grandfather Rocci," as he called my teacher greek, I could learn a profession, I might say, YES ', SO DO SOMETHING!. Now it 's too late, in my almost 30 years I still try a professional profile, and while Australia does not accept boys in the office with a residence permit for one year, I'm forced to fall back into the restaurant while I continue my research into something that allows me to stay behind a desk, just to have a entry. From bar to bar, restaurant, restaurant, shop to shop, smiling before leaving my resume, with by my polite smile, trying to be more 'positive as possible, even if I have the distinct feeling are doing leafleting. The generation born between 1975 and 1989 or so, and 'a generation a bit' unlucky in some respects, children of consumerism, we were brought up by our fathers in abundance, spoiled and pampered in peace ' economy, where our parents, children of war, they could work and earn well, maintaining a family with only one salary was possible, and then collapse. There 's a generation gap, which some of us have problems to overcome. Our degrees are worth nothing, we go out very late from the university with little hope of finding work, unless they are expatriates, so they say. Spending a week leaving curriculum, talking with managers, and doing the first interview to work as a waitress in a bar Vegetarian, and staff working 'very "easy going" all dreadlocks, tattoos and lobe dilated, the manager like me, who appreciates travelers, and as Melbourne and 'the tenth city' in which I live, in the sixth country tells me that soon I will call 'for a test. I hope. In the meantime, I swear to myself that in the next life 'I will' tattoo artist. Saturday I go to dinner at a friend's house in a beautiful apartment in the center. In this house live a boy and a girl both from Germany. We talk, eat crepes, and leaves out the theme of "work." Faced with a personal frustration, what happens when you have all of a sudden a hen that lays golden eggs? The German girl tells me that working in a local streep, customers can approach the girls just to put bills in the thong, there's' security everywhere, and clearly there is no 'no' if the client could be asked to pass tried in a few hours with you " because 'these places are very strict vigilatissimi by the Australian government against prostitution. The weekend earns a minimum $ 500 a night, are all the tips that customers leave. He says they are looking for girls and try. Now, leaving aside that Juan would leave immediately and that my mother would take a broken heart, think about $ 1000 a week working legally, instead of dying to find a job as a waitress or worse as a dishwasher, designed to work two nights a week and I could pay for school, rent and even put aside! The price to pay? angry black boyfriend and hold for 10 hours per week the eyes of men wearing slippery while I take off .. mmm .. worth it? I continue to bring curriculum in restaurants in the morning and look in shops and offices in the afternoon .. in the end, Streep is not for me .. but dreaming of being overpaid to do the can-can dancer in garters and corset instead of removing grease from pots, makes me feel good ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Banbro 10 Minutes Free

Considerations Ulysses

back Ulysses' Ithaca after his fairy solace for the Mediterranean, stopping from beach to beach, and having fun between the sheets of nymphs, witches, and maidens. Back home, kill the poor suitors, killing 12 girls who had shared the warm Greek nights with the occupants, and returned to power with the help of a goddess, Athena. The suitors, people accused of being lustful, the only one who did during their years as a patron was to give parties and banquets, moreover, that you want to make a Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Not made the slave wife of Ulysses, the respected and left alone, they saw immediately that Penelope was a bit 'strange with severe depression, left her in her room with her handmaids to weave. Penelope was not beautiful, it was not smart, and he did not know good cards, poor use 'more' than 10 years to create a mat with two silly little drawings to give to the father of Ulysses. The suitors were happy, after more 'than 10 years already' Ithaca considered as a home, made rounds to clean, and they thought themselves to renovate the building. They were parties, and many fun each of them is' a companion, young girls, most of which was of humble origins, who had started working at the palace following the languid Penelope. Ulysses, on his part, had reason not to go home. He was loved by Circe, the sorceress daughter of the god Apollo, with whom he remained one year. Can you imagine that he must have physical to scream? was half-goddess, then secure zero cellulite, long legs and big natural tits! Circe's just that it was not stupid, after a year that kept him drove him out ', when you find' that 'apart from standing around doing nothing all day, running behind even the girls who worked at home. Ulysses adventure in adventure ends, after yet another accident in the arms of the nymph Calypso, which, so 'they say, forced him to stay with her as her lover for seven years. Do you believe? A man "forced" to remain seven years on a deserted island as a lover of a nymph. Let's just say that he had no great desire to return to Penelope. Then even Calypso, Circe evidently less crafty, after seven long years, in desperation, threw him out '. Ulysses, abandoned by Calypso and Circe, returns, driven by the gods who were too stupid to see this broken link for years and years without a goal for the Mediterranean, from his wife. Poor Penelope, depressed, become limp and drooping from meat, which could only be happy if one of the suitors if it were caught, but shot the scene, Odysseus returns and kills everyone. 'Cause this procedure, loosely seen as men were accused by the aesthetic history? To me they are nice, imagine the Greek island, small and warm, with its little white house and its blue sea, and a domination of music, dances and banquets, where luxury and excitement of skin and flesh are lovingly enhanced, 'cause not only gratify the 5 senses, but [especially] the soul. Ulysses identified as the traveler who keeps longing for home in the heart, [nolstoi], that will lead him 'returning from his wife, was nothing but a womanizer tossed from one place to another, without it wants' to stay , it 'going, flabby arms of women he met. [Who knows' that I had beautiful Ulysses ste to seduce all women?] True intrepid travelers: My beloved suitors, who made a deserted island to itself the Garden of Eden, which was one of the past Ibiza! ya ya ya La Isla Bonita ..!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Do Two Cats Paddy Cake

Course 2010: Exit at Buca Cold Water Tunnel

Thanks to my powerful memory, I forgot where is the Buca Acquafredda ..... penultimate goal of our output. Everyone knows where it is but I, as usual did not remember.

all'inbocco You are of course regular channel above the village of Forno where strangely the day gave us a nice warm sun that cheered us on the path to reach the entrance.

From the entrance, the magnificent panorama of the Monte Sagro (actually the back of the church square) where you can admire the foothills of the Grondilice Spallone and background with the classic Windows.

And here are our heroes while solace in the warm sun and have no intention of being swallowed by darkness ....

every excuse to delay the inevitable that will take us a little closer to the center of the Earth and

while the time between beats, songs (Japanese) anecdotes and other amenities but now the time has come .. well someone has to get well in the beautiful "cast" no input?

And then we left the beautiful views of our beloved mountains and we have resigned to go to hell .. (So \u200b\u200bto speak) ...

Here is a well known "student" as he wanders lost in the first well just throw boulder ...

while dazed and ears for the instructor


Damn! But it is so difficult to understand that a stone in free fall from 20 meters that hits you in the head or shoulder you can smash?

Well, we are in the form and the usual tail slide on shafts that characterize this cavity ......

In these moments of pause control the carburine (well at least those who use them .... yet)

and a little advantage to look around and maybe find a local troglobite which are not suspected the existence

This little creature that we are not accustomed to seeing on the walls of the cave, but rather on our plates

washed down with a good bottle of white wine (or rose) is some disturbed the lights flash

as if on a catwalk at a fashion show ...

Surely he must have thought, "Who are sti coglionazzi that bother me?"

We have not reached the bottom of someone who already is rising but it's not clear by what method they want to do:

The Gibbs?
the pump? The traditional
? The

Or the "Petit Train"? (Author's note: The train for those unfamiliar with the Gaelic language ...)

And then we find another type of cave fauna:

This is a rare example of caving Buca (V)-so that every employee is also seen in other caves ...

capable of titanic efforts just to go back a few dozen yards to
then to the shelter in Pian della Fioba hunt for beers ...

But especially beware of this individual and surly that pasciutto claims to have all the snap of the caving world know ... will tell you without doubt that many coomplimenti your carabiners are his ...

And what man flame?

do not need to comment on this dazzling picture.

Oh well!

After this parenthesis start to climb and also to disarm this cave that welcomed us so well!

difficulty, but not so much as the small depth, retrieving the ropes and carabiners platelets taken down and we walk towards the entrance of the cave ....

that is reached after a short time ....

and retrieves the latest material ...

We finally made his way to the car where you can change your clothes smelly and sweaty ... with other more or less fragrant ...

But it's not over yet!

Someone forgot the car keys inside the car ....

But do not worry!

We have the remedy ... in the form of a handsome and grizzled mechanic with the talent needed to open , If necessary, even the car ... (Ah .. I forgot ... is also a cave!)

As you can see everyone smiling and happy, especially the owner of the car has definitely saved to smash a window

But perhaps he was so pleased by the turn events had taken that blinded by the happiness he traded a bag of dirty bag with caving equipment ... and he dropped in the first box available outside .... oh my God were the same but, obviously, has put his own eh?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Herpes Outbreak The Older I Get The More I Have

Cindirella's Enemy

Sofia step 'all day with the sweet sadness of those who appeased decided to make a change, which could be very painful.

The following evening, having tucked the creatures, go into the living room waiting for Gabriel. Waiting for him but definitely sitting comfortably composed, relaxed features, a quiet 'fictitious who has within himself 'only the embers of an explosion. In a quiet sigh and tell him sorry 'so that' no, will not endure 'this situation, there are only two roads, and she was offering him a: thrown back with new energy in the report. "Let us strive, let's get together a few days alone. Riproviamoci. Let's start again."

The men are panicking a lot more 'easily than we can imagine, and so' Gabriel, deny 'evidence and went'.

should never expect much 'from the first attempts, and the idea of \u200b\u200b"drop everything and come with me "if only men like to propose, are other men in action movies and some of her time and 'a Angelina Jolie, otherwise the majority of husbands if they are not encouraged and emotionally stimulated, they would leave quietly wives to put on weight alone in the house! Of course not 'the case of Sofia, you know what to do.

You know how it feels before a marriage proposal? Ask Tiffany. He wakes up again bitterly cold in the gray London, and the demand for marriage, weird, overwhelming, shouted briskly swept the first to have even brushed my teeth. His reaction was that of a surgeon facing a Appendicitis. Cold White analyzes the most 'absolute that had appeared in front of the eyes. What can I say? No matter what, but 'after the coffee' .. Lane with a grin thanks you for your enthusiasm ..

Walking in an autumn night in the streets of Melbourne, dressed as an Asian gangster of the '30s invites us to enter the room behind him. PEEK. The restaurant is called Burlesque, small mirrors, red curtains, red feather boa, a waiter in suspenders, and a picturesque group that plays a rhythm gypsy, Balkan and a bit 'jazz. Of course we go. In the stage: a bass player from the face and flabby cheeks drop "Give me a gin and I'm happy," decorated with a bowler hat, an accordion in an entertaining fight dominated by a blond dreadlocks, a shaggy-haired violinist tasty and red socks, a trumpet player appealing charming smile, guitar and voice personified in a modern pirate-eyed paintings and smile seductively evil [exactly that degree sensual malignancy 'tastes to us that women in men], and her voice and queen of the small stage checkered whites and blacks, petite and curvy, with a thick black-rimmed glasses, a red towel to collect the pin-up dark hair, full lips and painted red, the two gypsy earrings frame the face and a panzetta from "good life" that I found more 'sexier than ever. His hoarse voice fills the room, as moves and how she dances, and his voice so 'deep. It seems to have entered the caravan of a group of gypsies or the Moulin Rouge. I would like the photograph with his charisma, convey how much fun and deliciously brazen, the perfect example of my heroine: the Cinderella's Enemy [the enemy of Cinderella], not nice to cover, not vulgar, not perfect, but utterly appealing to the spark of evil shamelessness that makes fun painting the lips red, anti doll waiting to lose the shoe, one that finds love in a night of scotch and cola, which ends the immodest exchanging kisses taste of tobacco and rum between the sheets of an unknown man, running away with a severe headache and dark circles for too many drinks before he wakes up in the arms of the mammal which spreads 'the night before,' cause awakenings are always embarrassing and give you the remorse of conscience, you are the personification of my idol that was present only in my mind I met her: My Enemy's Cindirella ..

Happy to have found the version in the flesh and bone of my cartoon, I come home Juans of my arm, whispering in his ear as nonsense and that 'sugar in my coffee' soluble, and I have a secret that I can only say if you close close close to me ...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Watching Daughter Masterbate


Ten days in the South Island camper Summary: I bent my head to the magnificent waterfalls and valleys, trees and clouds resting on endlessly open space free from any trace of human catastrophe, I launched parachute and I discovered that my boyfriend and 'a male chauvinist.
of nature does not want more 'talk as they are back in town' [you will see the photos on Facebook!], I prefer to tell you the emotions' strong and exciting in my life: my first jump. At World's End, opposite the fjord land of seals and whales, camped in a camper-area to make us a hot shower and electricity charge 'and water our camper-van. The living room of this campsite and that 'hostel too, and' wooden hut smells, red sofas, is an air of mountain chalets, and 'so' warm and cozy that I could have sworn there was a fireplace, even if there was not. Between a chair and the door there is 'a bulletin with a few different activities that have the Brochures' sports, tours, ect. A flyer, a little 'more' secret, black, with white, captures my attention with: "Embrace the fear" [Embrace Fear]. I open it and see which offers the parachute jump. A flash: when you know inside you an idea, something you've always thought, but that 'you have left on the table at the entrance of your mind, without touching it and without spolvelarlo, but' always in sight? So 'and' always been my desire to throw myself in the parachute, always there but never taken seriously. I said: "There are only two categories of people who did and who did not do it, until 'I do not, I will not be' never be able to know if I would have liked or not." Mature the idea a few more days and then I decided: I do. I say to Juan, who already 'has' launched enthusiastically tells me: we go tomorrow morning. The next morning at nine we go in X: Sky dive shop, we take an appointment for 2 pm. Meanwhile, we spend $ 150 each to get on a boat and go whale watching, I do not know what I expected, but a bit 'more' than three black spots that spit water or air, we spend 2 hours in boat with children and couples of old men, I saw more 'cetaceans in the video were run as we roam from place to place, that in the aquarium of Auckland! Is running out [thank God] the tour, and already 'I feel my stomach behind the ears. Off the boat and go near the AIRPORT in the shop that sells "dives into the sky." I freaked out. The instructor and the girls are very lovely, convey tranquility 'and serenity', the instructor and 'fantastic, you know what to say, how to say it, and reassures you. I return, I give an inmate in a prison suit for pichiatrici sick, I harness, an instructor with whom Saltero 'asks me if I have any questions or problems, I ask him if I can' hug him when I have 'fear, he laughs and says ok, only if he can' do the same when he goes up the panic. Climb on the little toy airplane, it takes 20 minutes by plane to reach the height of 11,000 feet [do not know how many feet are, I'll 'check], the pilot opens the shutters: the little world beneath me, I push my feet on the step suspended in the air from which we launch, air, lots of air, my feet are on this little tranpolino that 'in a vacuum, the instructor pushes us out dall'aereoplano [clearly he launched both, if not, I alone, with almost that I found the strength to push me!] AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Oddly, you do not suffer from vertigo, not ' so 'violent like watching the fifth floor of a building, and' how to embark on a map with a fan at full power pointed at his face, and remain suspended in the air. At the time of free fall I cried like a calf, but in these cases is good cry, it takes away the fear. After the free fall, it hovers in the air. Open the parachute [that was red! just my favorite color ..], I felt so 'enthusiastic, so' happy, even if I had the stomach completely reversed. An emotion so 'I've never tried it, and' much less terrifying than you can imagine, I swear! Other
subject: my boyfriend and 'a male chauvinist. Well, here I am wasting a lot of words .. nor will there soon ' participates in the meantime, I keep it.
Last update: I arrived in Melbourne after an odyssey in the airport, the city 'and' beautiful! we are now looking for work and home, the connection in the hostel and 'rubbish, which is why I will' in this case .. sorry for the silence .. zzzzzzzz ....