Monday, May 24, 2010

Bottomless Female Bathing Suits

Dancing in suspenders ..

Travel has its price, the price of having to use a quantity 'of considerable energy every time you start from scratch. New home, new job, new friends, new life can be built that takes time, effort, dedication and imagination. The worst part? for me 'look for work. Juan gets a job at an Italian restaurant, I continue the search, taking more and more 'awareness that a law degree and my experience of working in the bank three years in Barcelona, are worth very little. 'Cause I do not have deepened my crafts' in the picture? went back to the tattoo artist would do, instead of the classic high school I would do the art school, and begin to tattoo very young, so 'that in my 29 years today, I would be able to find work with simplicity', or the hairdresser, or why ' not the dressmaker? With the money that my family investment 'in my education, you could feed an African village for a few I do not know how many years, and I, instead of spending my teens puffing on "dear grandfather Rocci," as he called my teacher greek, I could learn a profession, I might say, YES ', SO DO SOMETHING!. Now it 's too late, in my almost 30 years I still try a professional profile, and while Australia does not accept boys in the office with a residence permit for one year, I'm forced to fall back into the restaurant while I continue my research into something that allows me to stay behind a desk, just to have a entry. From bar to bar, restaurant, restaurant, shop to shop, smiling before leaving my resume, with by my polite smile, trying to be more 'positive as possible, even if I have the distinct feeling are doing leafleting. The generation born between 1975 and 1989 or so, and 'a generation a bit' unlucky in some respects, children of consumerism, we were brought up by our fathers in abundance, spoiled and pampered in peace ' economy, where our parents, children of war, they could work and earn well, maintaining a family with only one salary was possible, and then collapse. There 's a generation gap, which some of us have problems to overcome. Our degrees are worth nothing, we go out very late from the university with little hope of finding work, unless they are expatriates, so they say. Spending a week leaving curriculum, talking with managers, and doing the first interview to work as a waitress in a bar Vegetarian, and staff working 'very "easy going" all dreadlocks, tattoos and lobe dilated, the manager like me, who appreciates travelers, and as Melbourne and 'the tenth city' in which I live, in the sixth country tells me that soon I will call 'for a test. I hope. In the meantime, I swear to myself that in the next life 'I will' tattoo artist. Saturday I go to dinner at a friend's house in a beautiful apartment in the center. In this house live a boy and a girl both from Germany. We talk, eat crepes, and leaves out the theme of "work." Faced with a personal frustration, what happens when you have all of a sudden a hen that lays golden eggs? The German girl tells me that working in a local streep, customers can approach the girls just to put bills in the thong, there's' security everywhere, and clearly there is no 'no' if the client could be asked to pass tried in a few hours with you " because 'these places are very strict vigilatissimi by the Australian government against prostitution. The weekend earns a minimum $ 500 a night, are all the tips that customers leave. He says they are looking for girls and try. Now, leaving aside that Juan would leave immediately and that my mother would take a broken heart, think about $ 1000 a week working legally, instead of dying to find a job as a waitress or worse as a dishwasher, designed to work two nights a week and I could pay for school, rent and even put aside! The price to pay? angry black boyfriend and hold for 10 hours per week the eyes of men wearing slippery while I take off .. mmm .. worth it? I continue to bring curriculum in restaurants in the morning and look in shops and offices in the afternoon .. in the end, Streep is not for me .. but dreaming of being overpaid to do the can-can dancer in garters and corset instead of removing grease from pots, makes me feel good ...


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