Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Does My Leg Burn?

But they have two entrances and two exits?

And as planned, the third output of the course has been changed. Clouds fantozziane, agendas for Baccile clogged and narrow too narrow for us to enjoy Tunnel.

What balls the tunnel!

This output is almost always done, and many students have missed because it was made after the night that followed rifugetto to the gym on Saturday against the wall of Antona. Probably too much for any student.

Now rifugetto is temporarily closed, the wall Antona

impractical because centaurs triggered roadside but the tunnel remained there, to waiting to be stirred by the noise of the underground
Good Odin is often forgotten us, sending us all the water that had advanced from the night before when he was asked only

The machines were left on the roadside, and the survivors to the revelry of the night and the temptation to give in to the rain they walked on the flanks of the mountain to the entrance.

The entrance has never moved, even though I never once followed the same track to get there. This year, fortunately we did not take the water, but unfortunately even the wine the night before.

We have not even left the vehicles to square below. In recent years it has become a hunting ground for thieves in the mountains. But we always have a trump card. Ours is blond and with the extraordinary ability to be loving even by the refugee
the PTO. ( Pian della Fioba: Publisher's Note )

Thanks to its collaboration we left the vehicles to the place of rifugetto, and the transmission rifugione brought us to the yard.

The Tunnel.

Always You, Scivoletto, jump, jump, trap close eye on that slingshot
right in the hole, stud with reference of the descender.
Stop on Salton, cagaccio understandable on the faces of the student who shows his ass to
empty cagaccio director who looks at his
the lanyard and carabiner think of tensile tests on snap
and Gaussian probability and we are all with instill
feet and hands inside the well to bulacchi food.

At the base of the well I've always eaten well. Eggplant parmigiana mix the vegetables in acetylene, Sandwich with baked lasagna, salad, canned Mexican strong greenhouse meteor.
And after lunch we go up for everyone to digest the rope, with the choir under dellagente encourages you in the typical way Caving until fractionation

"Move your ass"
"You are already off?"
"... eye to burn the ropes"
"So what?"
"Pull up your ass!"

until it feels "free" and the pueblo unido "about time"

classic, collegiate and fundamental to the preparation of the caver.

Without the 25-well you're out.
There is still more than triple the cave but you're out, even if you blindside
cramps and those pricks instructors have recommended
do not bring bananas in the cave.

you out even if the your longest
lifts up to that point is that you just made
and even if you have not yet realized that there is on the ropes "sale" as the stairs, there is
"climb" as on a pole.
On Sunday I will remember the light of the entrance.
beautiful, clear and sharp is one of the most beautiful things that there is
in a cave and is often the most desirable. When you're out
see out one by one all cavers and aspiring

that there sweating, and upset the peaceful one.
just throw out all but the eye there, at the foot of the Apuan Alps.
We all thought at least once "Next Sunday I go to sea
" but cavers do not know to stop at a border marked only
even from the shoreline, the cavers
the frontier in the ever imagine.

The output was closed at the shelter before cold meats cheese and wine, as scheduled


Friday, April 23, 2010

Inguinal Hernia Women Piturces

Course 2010: Rain, Baccile, Suzanne and keys ....

The Rain .. Due to heavy morning rain, and after waiting a long time to Resceto, jumped out of the course of the Buca Baccile (several times already moved and moved and moved), which was scheduled for the 'April 11 then

we had to "fold" (so to speak) between loving Cavern of Corchia.

Considering that it was the first exit after the first "gym", we decided to bring our students to do the next "round": The Cave

1) Well Suzanne (who was doubly reinforced to allow for extensive assistance to students during ascent) ascent in return.

2) cross over the Well Suzanne. This is a cross section in place just above the Well Suzanne, gentle enough to where it is necessary to proceed with caution and avoid any throw stones inquilini del piano di sotto.

3) Progressione in galleria fino alla sala del Centenario . E qui niente di particolare ...

4) Discesa nella Sala del Centenario. Discesa abbastanza delicata per la presenza di sassi instabili che sono volati  da tutte le parti tranne che sulle zucche  degli allievi e degli istruttori ..

5) Risalita del Pozzo Suzanne .....  . Sempre bella .. classica ..  che si √® conclusa

con la fantastica uscita dal pozzo  nel vuoto ( quella armata a sinistra ) che ha messo a dura prova la capacit√† dei nostri cari allievi che pero' bisogna dire that have improved a lot since (it appears that the activity in the gym to something is served) which have been rope ... and that
with this release, they have faced through a fairly mild (not to move stones), and a gentle downhill slope with just a couple of splits output "not trivial" dal Pozzo Suzanne.

Needless to say, but what awaited us outside? The rain? The Flood?

stain ... while we were in the belly of the Mountain (blank) out of the weather had made the classic "voltolone" Apuan.

From a crap day of gray and dark we went to a beautiful, sparkling, sunny day.

Keys and Hold

But it was not over yet ....
because someone does not make names, (Simon) had seen fit to walk quickly down the street with the keys in your pocket while our car had been left alone ... with us ...

As the sun sank in the Tyrrhenian Sea we could not do anything but sit back and watch this wonderful spectacle waiting to get back the keys to making the machinery in motion.

But in future the machines will set in motion with the power of thought (or even a fingerprint or a scan of one or more nets)?

waiting and with these dark thoughts in mind we decided to walk towards the board and Levigliani Vallechiara sure where we were waiting for some good beer and / or alcohol or other substance seeds -alcoholic ... and a minimum of comfort but

did not have to wait long
a couple of good souls we have collected and rushed towards the our goal.

has closed the case, with a flourish, not a day that had started just fine.

At the next exit!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wording Invitations Pay For Own Meals

COURSE 2010: Tests Crossing Bagnulo - Generator

"Come on! And from that distance! And go damn!

No, no, so it is not possible to walk ; even, perhaps head?

Here I may have found the key to this fucking narrow ... uffa here, push push, hold your breath deflated .. ....

're out here .. . no, not yet there 'to secure the rope damn you!

you over it ... here ... finally ... I'm out! "

Location: In the morning (or afternoon?) of 10 March within the slot / output bottleneck to the Abyss Bagnulo P.20 which connects the generator to Buca.

of GSAA We wanted to see if it was feasible as a cave "to progress" and we concluded that it is not for a variety of reasons that are not problems for experienced cavers, but far too heavy for a student .

From this point on, is described the passage from generator to Bagnulo


1) The first two wells have a base littered with stones large and small that a person (yet) just might roll over the other expert

2) The first passage of the hole by letters on P.20. is initially very low and somewhat 'oppressive and still allows the management of many people especially in case of problems. The hole was enlarged letters (I think by the Bolognese) and is very comfortable unless you have an extra tonnage (but gravity, in the right direction, always helps)

3) Once past Letters descend from the Pit fractionation of the well up to a ledge (easy) that intercepts an incoming clear down the right hand of those who, well, the way to the generator is not passed there, but we must go back exactly the opposite of this tunnel for easy steps to return to the main shaft. From then on, we need a rope to reach the mouth of the crack / generate credits from the narrow diametrically opposed to the letters from Buca.


1) We arrive at the lift which gives access to the weapon slot. In a previous report was written "walk the Mendra down to three meters," in fact the
meander, defined very narrow at the bottom is (or seems) more off but the fact is that the report refers to the distance in the opposite direction, ie from the Builder and Bagnulo but we must walk the meandering Bagnulo from the generator and we attack the problem of the well set too high to access the base of the meander.

2) Once past the bottleneck (it seemed to me close but I admit that I have to regain the necessary and appropriate "mental state" see:

http://www.gsb option = com_content & view = article & id = 102: narrow-instructions-per-Luso & catid = 62: pubblicazionivarie & Itemid = 117 )

go up a trap and leads to another meander off this time but is "broken" down from which a loud noise of running water. I could not tell if beneath me was the well that is seen in relief, but it sure was dark.

3) From then on it has a number of wells, with some outlets say "very athletic" and the penultimate pit exit with rather narrow.

To the delight of a significant precedent "noted" by Danilo.

4) But also the last to exit the generator shaft, is characterized by a splitting plane and ignorant with split end (but maybe I put my ...)

Here! Finally we exit out of the sky is still clear and has all the characteristics of winter even though we are in spring. All together we are moving towards the car that will take us to the abundant libations (of course, and especially high-grade alocolica) a cozy refuge of Pian della Fioba.

What can I say? It 's a cave very "educational" but certainly to be considered after a bit of activity and experience.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favors For A Roller Skating Party

Course 2010: Output Renaro - Rocciolo

On March 28 we held the first exit of the cave in 2010 Caving Course organized by GSAA (Archaeological Apuano Speleological Group):

It was carried two outputs on the same day, aproffittando of their relative proximity: The Pit and the resurgence of the Rocciolo Renaro.

The two caves are well provided for a "first release" does not require special technical advancement, but it represents a worthy first point of contact with the caving operation, and where students could see a lot of ground morphologies, nicely assisted by the various instructors and assistant instructors:

Among other things, in the great dining room at Buca's Rocciolo, was carried off the classic test Choir of the lights to make students aware of what is truly the Dark, iperilluminata entity completely disappeared from our civilization.

None of the students (and instructors) had visions.

The next meeting is April 11th at Resceto for the release of the Buca Baccile, the first one that requires familiarity with the operations on string.