Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favors For A Roller Skating Party

Course 2010: Output Renaro - Rocciolo

On March 28 we held the first exit of the cave in 2010 Caving Course organized by GSAA (Archaeological Apuano Speleological Group):

It was carried two outputs on the same day, aproffittando of their relative proximity: The Pit and the resurgence of the Rocciolo Renaro.

The two caves are well provided for a "first release" does not require special technical advancement, but it represents a worthy first point of contact with the caving operation, and where students could see a lot of ground morphologies, nicely assisted by the various instructors and assistant instructors:

Among other things, in the great dining room at Buca's Rocciolo, was carried off the classic test Choir of the lights to make students aware of what is truly the Dark, iperilluminata entity completely disappeared from our civilization.

None of the students (and instructors) had visions.

The next meeting is April 11th at Resceto for the release of the Buca Baccile, the first one that requires familiarity with the operations on string.


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