Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Rc Helicopter Circle Without Spinning

Kangoors News

A wide silence, due to innomerevoli hours ..

job in a cafeteria from Tuesday 'to the day Sunday, Saturday evening and Sunday work as extras in an Italian restaurant. Juan and I have decided to stay in Melbourne until December, leaving Australia to go to spend Christmas in Buenos Aires, from there we will move to Brazil, and then by half 'January through May-June, we will travel to the' Asia. To travel we need money, lots of money, so that both are working like crazy in view of the journey that lies ahead.

Juan would also travel to Australia, and certainly that 'a interesting continent, but for which I unfortunately do not have any attraction. I do not want to appear as a disdainful traveler, New Zealand, for example, and 'a beautiful country and wild, and Australia having regard to its extension, will have' definitely incredible places, in the desert, coral reefs of the North, the Tasmania, but I prefer to Asia, its colors, its scents, I prefer to miss four months in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia, instead of spending prezioni dollars in Oceania.

I do not want a bunch of the entire era, but after a year I start getting tired of the mentality of 'Anglo-Saxon I appreciate all his many good points, his efficiency, organization, fairness and civility, 'but I can not help feeling foreign in the way of living. They go out and drunk as cones, they do not know what the drink a glass of wine teasing good meats, they have the flexibility 'mental rhinos, do not allow exceptions and pissed off they make you feel embarrassed for not speaking perfect English, when they speak only their mother tongue. They have no passion, I hear them sterile emotions. Portraits and educated are like a warm shower in winter.

There are so many Italian-Australian, or Italian second or third generation who claim to speak Italian, but in reality 'bonfonchiano dialect of our beloved southern Italy with a strong accent, so that more' than once I had to stop and ask to please speak in English if no, I understood them, and that offends them, but as they tired to my English, I lament their Italian!

Melbourne and 'interesting, but for' a city 'hits me, must have a soul, an identity' a profile, background noise, blood and bone .. Buenos Aires, as I have not particularly liked, has no soul, has a sneer and a scowl, sensuality 'poverty and' that mingle in a sexy kiss, animal, and New York 'a bomb of energy, light, color machines, local people, and' a vortex that pushes up, get over, get more 'to Manhattan and his own labyrinth of concrete, where all nations of the world live together in an eternal dance without sleep, Istanbul and 'solemn, Morocco and' an orgy of smells and tastes warmed in the sun, Brazil and throughout South America I crazy and Europe and that 'my beloved continent, so that Asia does not disappoint me' and that one day I will go 'to the discovery of Africa, but' the Oceania .... pluris not that something ... and 'how to kiss a frozen steak! In short, it all seems already 'seen as a whole ugly and dull copy of our Europe.

I wish to emphasize this and 'lean my point of view, there are many non-Australians who love this country and love Melbourne, but I' do not know how ...

fun element: they are crazy for coffee ', and' full of cafes, of course, any coffee ' has at least a pint of milk that is not' hot, but hot; go crazy for the Australian Rules football, and that 'a violent and hybrid cross between rugby and football, even with a cold pork are people I walk down the street in flip-flops, the racism against Aborigines and 'a shameful thing [soon there will speak'] and not so 'well-disposed towards foreigners, especially if I'm not really clear skin and is very fashion and men and women go to work during the day dressed as if they were going to dance; shave costs a mistake here and there 'an improbable number of hairdressers! The girls are rigged to the core, a lot of makeup, boys, or are just too fashionable, or just too rough, there is 'too little drug in clubs, but there are lots of heroin, and many [Aihime'] with kids here the problem of heroin and 'very strong winter comes weekends and at night the girls wear sandals with socks [I am appalled!] 80s fashion with a lot of skirts and trousers from the waist high [that suck!], there are also chains of clothing stores and cheap, but they are obscene, if you want decent clothes there is no 'loophole: you pay! Economic and cute and 'idea very far from here! And that sucks: alcohol .. so much alcohol ..

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mudroom Locker Construction Plans

The yellow-bellied ..

These extraordinary Apuan!

Injuries, massacred by the quarries, devoured by multinationals in the stone mines turned into calcium carbonate, and always able to give some wonderful moments, like the one that got away Sunday, June 6 Baccile of the cave where we have recovered one of the outputs of the course for reasons of force majeure (Jupiter pluvio) we could not achieve.

Archived on during 2010, we decided to retrieve one of the outputs we say "classic" at least for those living in the province of Massa Carrara.

But already the students (now ex - students) were sparse and only a few of them, taking part in the output.
This is one of the problems of our day: Even if you manage to have a course number is then said that all the group to pause and perhaps rightly so according to refrain wasters, trendy, and frequent impulsive courses.

So, come to Resceto we walked towards the entrance facing the ascent ..

were several years since I came from these parts and nothing seems to have changed ... Indeed, no!

Someone points out a new entrance a bit 'moved from the main ..

Well, we're at and after a quick check to the alumni descend into the belly of the mountain.

I see that the students are all taken by the enthusiasm for this small complex, I think because of the variety of paths that follow: tight spots, tunnels down, and some wells and wells arrampicatina for free ..

Finally we reach the so-called "sabbioni" and noted that the excavation of sand in the tunnel did not go forward at least judging by the height of the mound.

An excellent lunch on the beach

Here are our students
survivors ....

We are again at the exit and we had no problem ......

and a final surprise: in addition to our friends of the cave:

who came to greet us at the exit of the cave (actually the night before one of them [in the photo: ZZZZZ] was exploring the cave XXXXX (the usual! ) situated in a known area of \u200b\u200bTuscany YYYYY ..)

a surprise awaited us in one of the pools that formed along the marble headquarters of the stream: some specimens of yellow-bellied toad!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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The cold ice of the North (Part 1)

the northern North Island, where land and ice collide in an endless kiss of snow, a child was born. The Moon is granted to a man, a shy, simple, from the heart of rubber, a slave of his mediocrity 'abandoned' without having figured out who had given him. It was so 'that the moon, on a night in a cold winds which cut the air, under the protection of a hot star, gave birth to this child who was called Selene. Ensign, fell in love with 'the child, so he decided to aiding and protecting all life, gave his warm kiss on the forehead, the kiss of a supernatural love and unconditional, while the Moon was still cradled in her arms her baby wrapped in warm skins of silver wolf, knowing that soon he would leave due to his human life. Meanwhile, rocking in a chair, crystal, and the only enjoyed a few moments with his daughter, singing a sweet lullaby. For many it was a very long night, a night that the moon would have liked not pass away, stayed with his blue coat as much 'as possible, fighting the sun for a few precious seconds. Is the cradle, under the warm embrace of the Star moved, among the infinite crystalline ice.

Selene was gently to the left of sunrise front of an orphanage not far from the Land of Ice. Years passed, blacks silky hair, yellow eyes and white skin a cat, gave the child a unique, wild and icy. Every night the little girl looking out her window at the moon, watched over her, basking in the warm light of the same star that warms the heart in the cold Nordic nights, while a melody embraced and wiped her tears.

Selene was already 'little more' girl, was sitting in the yard one afternoon, watching others play, when a gust of wind whisper 'ear his name, the name '. Incredulous, not listening ' immediately, but the wind was so 'insistent that he had to listen. He called. Selene got up, 'and following' The Wind that led her out of the yard, pushed her to walk outside the village, took her in his arms and led her to the Land of Ice, where the Moon from the kiss', a majestic and severe, melancholic and sweet, rocking with his rays, the sound of the lullaby that I sing 'the day I was born. At that moment the Moon said it was now time to leave the orphanage, which was to find a new place to go, a safe place separate dali, 'cause soon a massive ice storm would sweep away the entire village. He encountered many obstacles and dangers, but that you, the Moon, would have been always close, advice and guidance at the most 'hard. The Star approached 'the child, after the hot spring lamb with her mother and told her to run to the village, where he found a caravan ready to go to the south, could have been easily slip in, now begins its journey.

Selene, running into the arms of the Wind, coming 'to the village, and as the Star said, there was a large caravan ready to go, you sneak' with my heart in my throat the fear of being discovered while passengers were engaged in the last frantic preparations for the long journey.

Within 'in the caravan, it was like a big barrel, into which opened a room that smelled of incense and walnut, with pillows, blankets and lights, Selene trembling hid between the covers, where I meet' a heavy sleep.

The caravan, trainatada eight huge horse chestnuts and blacks share 'making their way through the ice and a strong snow storm that began to blow angry.

gypsy songs, hot and seductive wake her. He remained hidden scared, continuous music, 'a woman's voice became more and more 'closer, until the blanket that hid was not removed. Selene unexpectedly found himself 'two big glasses blacks look quizzically: "And what are you doing here?".

Daughter of the Moon looking down you get up 'silent. The girl with big gold earrings and glasses blacks asked, "What's your name?" Selene was about to become unresponsive when a man who kept his legs on a big shiny accordion said, "Say, if you do not let you speak here, snow and wolves."

- "Selene, my name is Selene."

"Selene Well, tell us, what are you doing in our carivana" said the man on the accordion.

- "Boar 'with you in the South"

"You'll pay us in some way, how much money do you have?"

- "Lord I have no money"

of Man accordion got up 'standing and turning to the other laughs loudly.

"Well, you abbastanta useless, but I want to be good, you can arrange and help with cooking, if you work well, nor forsake thee ', at least until tomorrow."

said these words, took a grumpy woman brings with him, and led her into a sort of kitchen, Jane was as big as his heart, gave her a cup of hot chocolate, made her sit next to you and your stove crackling, the wipe 'her tears. Check 'early in the morning and everything seems' more' clear.

was in a caravan of Gypsy musicians who were going in the deep South were five, three men and two women, the leader was Frederick, the man with whom he talked and played a beautiful and brilliant accordion, his skin color Amber and her blue eyes, his partner was Linda, the girl with glasses and big gold earrings that sounded a little red violin, Mike played trumpet big and strong, red-haired Sarah's green eyes and the piano, and Jason with the his black bowler hat and drooping cheeks, the double bass.

Selene Jane helped with housework, working with strength and energy for fear of being abandoned in the middle of the road, was still a long way to the South Jane, quiet, and the mother made everything more 'simple.

The caravan followed his path, slowly, the night was rocked by the same sweet melody that never left her, thinking all the time about where they would live once crossed the Grand Canyon, before entering the Land of Gypsies. Only he did not know where to go, what to look for.

The star caresses her hair as she slept, the whispered words of comfort, and took care of his hands broken by hard work, she sang with the sweet lullaby, and made muffled noises of the night, so not disturb its sleep. The heated with its light, so that lay next to 'not feel alone, and said he would have had to seek the Emperor of the two Suns, which he kept in his court averbbe and would help her.

The storm became more and more 'strong, and thank him for all he had left the Land of Ice just in time to avoid being trapped. The journey continues 'while the snow was becoming more' sparse, and suddenly: the Grand Canyon, extended and immense, red and rust. The caravan if versed 'in it, swinging his way on his big wheels for days, until you get to Hanook, a town that marked the turning for the Earth of the Gypsies. Here the caravan stopped 'for the first time in weeks, they stopped to refuel, for passage between the small and intricate streets of the city' full of small shops, eating in one of the small inns Middle Eastern flavors, to chat with other people, and play and sing with others who were in their own way.

went down from the caravan, Selene was enchanted by the amount 'of people of every race and it moved to the maze of streets, colorful and fragrant, dark shops selling all over each other, street vendors, street performers and music at every turn. Completely in ecstasy in front of this multitude of colors, smells and breeds, are also 'taken by the hand of Linda in the heart of the city'.

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the glass ceiling!

I do not believe in the efficacy of the shouts and insults during an argument, does not justify a discussion during the offenses, I believe in maintaining respect for the altrapersona, without raising his voice in speech and hate the hysterical attacks and loss of control. When we fight with Juan though my blood goes to the head control the words and tone of voice, and this does not mean I do put my feet in the head, indeed .. Every insult said by a loved one in a moment of anger 'as a nail that is stuck in a piece of wood. It hurts, and even if the dispute went to the person you forgive, and removes the nail driven previously, the hole remains, as a wound that will not be 'forgotten. Having tried this on my skin, are the most 'democratic and peaceful as possible, I can be of ice without screaming and swearing, and this' one of my personal achievements more' big. Democratically
do this to Juan a couple of things that begin to harass, nothing more ', details of a 30 year old man was extremely well loved by his mother and absolutely selfish. The thing that makes me more 'evil' that the gentleman has two meters and two measures, one to evaluate myself and my world, and quite another for him. I talk, I explain, I go to work, come back and he tells me things I did not understand a show that Revendo cabbage, and cigliegiana on the cake, ends by saying: "We have to go more 'plan ..".
Now, at this moment all my ideas of democracy and respect for a few seconds have been clouded by a red cloak that I covered my eyes, like what the bullfighters waving before the eyes of the bull.
"Nicol has .." I said, "1,2,3,4,5 ,.."..
"Cooooosaaaaaaaaa??" After almost two years together, which already 'one and a half living together, and a traveling together, living halfway around the world says "We We go 'plan. "" What? "
You can not' ask a man who has the same vision of married life that we have, I have no crushes behind him, but if I put a top position in U.S. [marginal note with life-saving], he puts an IO [in his case YO], and this 'something that unfortunately all we women know that if we want to be heterosexual, and we also need more' or less accept, but when you give concrete examples and Calls to smooth certain sides because 'push too hard, and remember that I am not obliged to love him all his life and accept all its quirks as does his mother, and I can also break the bales [excuse my French] you are facing a total misunderstanding.
Here I am faced with a sort of glass ceiling. Impossible to throw down 'and I just bounces every time I try to scratch it asking for help to feed a report. If he does not see the problem, the problem does not exist.
Although I have always given to my beloved for a good 85%, with marginal note "if nunca sabe .." [You never know], these events make it 'the idea that maybe our story could end any minute, vivid and well. A step back? It ', but this time I do it secure that if something goes wrong, will suffer' will suffer 'a lot, but' I'm not going to end!
course, then got out different interpretations of that famous "We have to go 'up' versions sadly unconvincing, but it negative / positive of this debate and 'that I realized that I will have to' deal with this famous glass ceiling made of selfishness if I want to be with him, and I do not know if I have 'the will and the strength to fight for margins, and that I [Aihm '] keep alive the possibility' that could not be "forever" our relationship.
Finally, not to take for granted the story is so that I can live with the more 'light and giving more' energy in the individual moments, second, that these mothers spoil their sons Latin, ruin them!
Last consideration: Sara 'Love also nice, but what a drag!! Now I understand 'cause I've been single for many years, you who are still single, Anxiety does not have boyfriends!
Also, I ask: and 'a happy ending possible?
Seeking examples around me, but do not see them .. I want a happy ending .. and 'possible?