Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Rc Helicopter Circle Without Spinning

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A wide silence, due to innomerevoli hours ..

job in a cafeteria from Tuesday 'to the day Sunday, Saturday evening and Sunday work as extras in an Italian restaurant. Juan and I have decided to stay in Melbourne until December, leaving Australia to go to spend Christmas in Buenos Aires, from there we will move to Brazil, and then by half 'January through May-June, we will travel to the' Asia. To travel we need money, lots of money, so that both are working like crazy in view of the journey that lies ahead.

Juan would also travel to Australia, and certainly that 'a interesting continent, but for which I unfortunately do not have any attraction. I do not want to appear as a disdainful traveler, New Zealand, for example, and 'a beautiful country and wild, and Australia having regard to its extension, will have' definitely incredible places, in the desert, coral reefs of the North, the Tasmania, but I prefer to Asia, its colors, its scents, I prefer to miss four months in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia, instead of spending prezioni dollars in Oceania.

I do not want a bunch of the entire era, but after a year I start getting tired of the mentality of 'Anglo-Saxon I appreciate all his many good points, his efficiency, organization, fairness and civility, 'but I can not help feeling foreign in the way of living. They go out and drunk as cones, they do not know what the drink a glass of wine teasing good meats, they have the flexibility 'mental rhinos, do not allow exceptions and pissed off they make you feel embarrassed for not speaking perfect English, when they speak only their mother tongue. They have no passion, I hear them sterile emotions. Portraits and educated are like a warm shower in winter.

There are so many Italian-Australian, or Italian second or third generation who claim to speak Italian, but in reality 'bonfonchiano dialect of our beloved southern Italy with a strong accent, so that more' than once I had to stop and ask to please speak in English if no, I understood them, and that offends them, but as they tired to my English, I lament their Italian!

Melbourne and 'interesting, but for' a city 'hits me, must have a soul, an identity' a profile, background noise, blood and bone .. Buenos Aires, as I have not particularly liked, has no soul, has a sneer and a scowl, sensuality 'poverty and' that mingle in a sexy kiss, animal, and New York 'a bomb of energy, light, color machines, local people, and' a vortex that pushes up, get over, get more 'to Manhattan and his own labyrinth of concrete, where all nations of the world live together in an eternal dance without sleep, Istanbul and 'solemn, Morocco and' an orgy of smells and tastes warmed in the sun, Brazil and throughout South America I crazy and Europe and that 'my beloved continent, so that Asia does not disappoint me' and that one day I will go 'to the discovery of Africa, but' the Oceania .... pluris not that something ... and 'how to kiss a frozen steak! In short, it all seems already 'seen as a whole ugly and dull copy of our Europe.

I wish to emphasize this and 'lean my point of view, there are many non-Australians who love this country and love Melbourne, but I' do not know how ...

fun element: they are crazy for coffee ', and' full of cafes, of course, any coffee ' has at least a pint of milk that is not' hot, but hot; go crazy for the Australian Rules football, and that 'a violent and hybrid cross between rugby and football, even with a cold pork are people I walk down the street in flip-flops, the racism against Aborigines and 'a shameful thing [soon there will speak'] and not so 'well-disposed towards foreigners, especially if I'm not really clear skin and is very fashion and men and women go to work during the day dressed as if they were going to dance; shave costs a mistake here and there 'an improbable number of hairdressers! The girls are rigged to the core, a lot of makeup, boys, or are just too fashionable, or just too rough, there is 'too little drug in clubs, but there are lots of heroin, and many [Aihime'] with kids here the problem of heroin and 'very strong winter comes weekends and at night the girls wear sandals with socks [I am appalled!] 80s fashion with a lot of skirts and trousers from the waist high [that suck!], there are also chains of clothing stores and cheap, but they are obscene, if you want decent clothes there is no 'loophole: you pay! Economic and cute and 'idea very far from here! And that sucks: alcohol .. so much alcohol ..

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