Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On Lcd Tv


I'm going through a unique period.
Melbourne does not make me mad, but the city 'give me' a lot of energy, although a bit 'sterile and flat, welcomed us and gave us his heart. I picture her as one of these young maids, adjusted by the sweater and skirt to mid 'calves, pallidina, with dark circles, hair Cascetta absolutely aseptic and a handshake bland, tasteless and chilly that, over time begins to run the smiles daring intrigue. There is no 'mutual passion between me and Melbourne, but we esteem each other.
life magically begins to take shape: an amount of working hours, I also found that third and odd jobs' that gives me more 'satisfaction, that' spanolo give lessons, I have two new friends, a Spaniard and a columbiana Every Monday 'evening I go to tango classes with my Juans, I read a lot and lazy as I am, I read in English, because in English I'm bored, my laziness is helped by the library near my house has a section of books in Castilian, are mostly ' Negro novels set in South America. Murders, kidnappings, corruption, mystery, blood and passion, the colors of Mexico a thirst for vengeance, a Bogota 'kneeling by the heat, and personal vendettas between drug traffickers, a Buenos Aires at the time of the dictatorship, colors and smells, and tasty food prostitutes, detectives and journalists, all drinking and all are lost between the sheets of some girl, made sticky by the heat of these large monstrous South American metropolis. The good are never just good and bad are always very bad, where despite the coarse laughter to life, the predominant feeling 'the impotence of the few "good", isolated and punished, and the public face of corruption and crime ' rooted in the body tissues of these countries. These pages while I heat up a tram sterile, white and clean as an operating room with me at work, so 'chilly and professional, from its bright lights, while I read about dancing salsa-flavored rum in some of Caracas prostibulo!
In all this are as happy as I have been a few times in my life, I leave a lot of work and run home, already 'just put the key in the lock fills me with euphoria, our studio seems more and more' big more and more 'beautiful, and above all more and more' "home", the city 'and' less alien and even though every day and 'long and full of hours of work, I have a fire that warms me inside, I smile and smile and I smile and smile even more 'the idea of \u200b\u200breturning to 29/98 Nicholson Street, and wait for my return to Argentina mammal from work and fell on her neck and tell him that' all day I think ..
You can 'be happy with Miss Rottermayer [ie' Melbourne]?
Well, I think so .. if I Juans to the side ... myeloma are too?


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