Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Supplementary Angles On The Road

A cave for children

Next Saturday, at the event in Mountain Square organized by the Municipality of Massa and the Alpine Club section Mass, including the Archaeological Apuano Speleological Group will be present as an integral part of the "Elso Biagi".

The Group will again present for the occasion, a synthetic model of the cave for the children (but also for adults) ... built by assembling a structure plastic pipes on the basis of wood, and polyethylene as a cover that shows the development of a gallery in the smallest size that will (either alone or accompanied) and provided with adequate lighting.

Inside the cave, a whole series of images of cave fauna and accompanying explanations and great abundance of concretions, stalactites and stalagmites ...

The event will be held on Saturday afternoon Mass at 24 in square Mercury.

The aim is, of course, try to intrigue and bring the kids to the world of caving and is part of the initiatives cave that the group takes over the year from those for mountaineering as well as numerous youth theme nights.


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