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12 ° of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

12) A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life.

(Dalai Lama)

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11 ° of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

11) Live a good, honorable life, so that, when older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.

(Dalai Lama)

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10 ° of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

10) Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

(Dalai Lama)

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9 th of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

9) Open your arms to change, but do not let go of your values.

(Dalai Lama)

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from the movie "The Hours"

would be nice to say that I have any regrets, would be a help, but that sense may have remorse for something when one had no choice?


The death of someone gives others the chance to appreciate life, is the contrast.

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How exciting

Grande Ivano

My Period Was Early And Short

8 th of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

8) Spend some 'time alone every day.

(Dalai Lama)

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What Happened To Chetna

7 th of the 18 Principles of Life Dalai Lama

7) When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

(Dalai Lama)

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Red Hot Face After Eating

passed with full marks

awarded the title of Ultratrailer

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6 th of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

6) Do not let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

(Dalai Lama)

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Goodbye to all those like me who have to dream no longer even need to sleep.

(from "Long live the romantic" of fashion)

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from "Il Ragno d'Oro"

loves every moment that life gives you. She also loves those who want to hate, but not for the usual platitudes that life is short, that every moment is precious because it does not come back. No, she loves every moment simply because it's part of you. Every moment that you lived you made the extraordinary being who you are.

♥ ♥ The Golden Spider

Design My Own Wrestling Singlets


am 4 am, I get up, can not hold on to stay in bed, in practice I have never stayed after Yesterday Strache of the legs will not allow me, at the slightest movement crempetto another one there, it is impossible to sleep for me, I already knew, while Max is sleeping like a log, but no matter what my story was written, at least x me, now you just have to rest, we start with the story:

Start by telling you that it's done, I was not sure this was the 1st ULTRA with this distance, after essercela merry around the island a few days earlier, on the evening before the race began to have the first symptoms of stomach pain and headaches, something made me sick to eat, I know what could happen to me has already happened, I only ate 1 / 4 pizza and then immediately buy an aspirin, hoping that enough.

Fortunately the morning at 3 am better, but not quite in shape enough to try to run, we have breakfast and 4 we move to Playa Blanca, take the bus that will take us at the start, we get too soon, we camp in the bathroom where it is most Caldino, waiting for departure at 7.

E 'is time, we start from the beach is very nice, it is still dark but not much, just a few minutes will be days, I do not even put the front after a few km in the plains here early the first climb, should be tougher, but it will not be, is still fresh, even if it has already started to sweat a lot. Once at the top of the show behind us is great, vulcanuci cones covered with green, it almost seems a picture of the many photos on Hawaii.

Now we wait until the descent to the beach of Playa de Famara, I thought it was a normal path and instead is very technical, there are just too large rocks, running is very risky, just a little distraction here and that the holiday is gone, I go walking very slowly, at a certain point it asks me to get MAX road, coming down like a madman, hoping that I say, the scenery is fantastic, the background to the beach with the ocean and left a huge plain with back in the volcanoes, it seems the Serengeti plain in Africa.

Arrive at 1 dining, we are at 21 km, I eat fruit and drink coca cola, now I wait a long stretch until 1 CP of 35 km, similar to those of desert grasslands americaeo, with many bushes that protrude and the inevitable volcanoes on either side, and my DX breaks the ocean with all its power on the black rocks, and are only for this race here is beautiful.

35 km before here that I see before me MAX, I feel tired, the ground of race and the sun beginning to be felt, here I am to get to La Santa, in 3:58 a.m., still has to start the marathon, my prediction has come true, I have to quench their thirst at the division and together with a guy from Milan who moved here with his family, life has changed in practice, it is preparing for the Ironman here in Lanzarote, is the His first lunghissino, does not know how will end, but it seems very decided.

prox goal now is to get to 65 km, this part is certainly the most fascinating, wild, seems to be on Mars, a sea of \u200b\u200blava comes before us, all around tens of volcanoes, black sand with some other red, Fantasy, the sun beats down and the feeling here is that race is even hotter, definitely yes, it seems that the feet begin to burn, also because in some places it runs similar to sand washed up There are sinks in and is very hard to run or walk, especially uphill.

finally arriving at a restaurant, also fills the well to drink camel bag and the bottle then I take off my shoes, my feet need some air as well as to remove the stones and sand, again, crossing two walls of lava, about 2 meters high, magnificent even if the sun and the warm feel a lot but it's worth it.

After this Lava Ocean, arriving in the area where they produce fabulous wine, Malvasia, even here there is lava, the ground is all black, there are lots of terraces where they have built so many walls in half-moon where the vines grow, the vision is unique, so much beauty can mitigate such difficulty that I go up the side of these volcanoes, impossible not to picture, I made many, but never enough, per cm would be immortalized.

I am finally at the 2nd CP, are at 65 km, are 8h that I run, rest properly and as the physical signs when not dangerous, even if the legs are really tired guys I decide to continue, according to my pace, walking uphill and corricchiare just clears, I try not to overdo it and not to make sudden movements, the cramp is still there.

There are 17 km, this last stretch was really hard, as well as the fatigue is there to say that the pass there are many kilometers of uphill, always with the sun in his face, slowly, without hurry here I come, now take a path that runs along the mountains, with several stones, but not exaggerated, you see the bottom half, Playa Blanca , but still there are 8 km and seems distant.

The last km, about 5, are slightly downhill along the road, I run several alternatives here every so often the way, I did not think I could still corricchiare after 80 km, about 1 km reach David at departure was gone like a rocket, I thought it will be in form, can not run then I leave, thinking that even then I would have made the picture on arrival.

Manacano gli ultimi 200 mt, vedo uno davanti a me, magari è della mia categoria, aumento e lo sorpasso, sprinti finale con applausi, è finita ancue questa Magnifica Avventura, tempo finale
10,39,56 km 83 , 5 D+ 2025 (il garmin mi dice questo),
3° di Cat . e 18° Assoluto

E' stata una Fantastica vacanza di sport e natura, l'isola è bellissima, la gara pure, consiglio a tutti se possibile di partecipare, ciao everyone that the race is with you, pictures short


Does Menchiesuse Corn In Their Yogurt

5 ° of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

5) Learn the rules so that you can break them properly.

(Dalai Lama)

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Choking On Phlegm Cold

4 th of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

4) Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

(Dalai Lama)

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The Thinker and the Montagne
Here. Above the clouds, the Thinker awaits the start of the course Speleo 2011 and while doing what he does best: think.

Someone will enroll in the Course, or there will come a day when even one person feels the desire to approach the unknown and we GSAA of us we will turn your thumbs?

Meanwhile, the Thinker does what it does best: think.

think that the water drop in drop in crack crack gets what it does best (well you) fall down by meeting with other friends and drops gradually swelling to become, first a trickle, then a stream and finally a large river that runs beneath the mountain .. .. can almost hear a voice, a subsonic rumbling far, far away ... he says ... I'm here ... I'm here ... I'll wait!

At the end of these thoughts, the Thinker continues to do what he does best ......

But enough of these ramblings .... We are on February 19 and March 3 will officially open on Caving Course 2011 .. who will also attend the thinker .. if we can pull it down the great mountain.

If someone wants to join, here's a link to the course syllabus

GSAA Course 2011 - Programme -

Pityriasis Rosea Versus Ring Worm

3 rd of the 18 Principles of Life of the Dalai Lama

3) Always follow the 3 R's: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for your actions.

(Dalai Lama)

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2 ° of the 18 Principles of Life The Dalai Lama

2) When you lose, never lose the lesson.

(Dalai Lama)

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Remember that you should not argue with an idiot: people may not notice the difference.

(Dylan Dog)

Morgan Sailboat Leaky

"Awful Night" Paul Verlaine

Horrible night of insomnia!
- without the presence of your dear blessed
body next to me, without

kissed your lips as though
too wily and always in bad faith, without

your mouth all lies, but so
away when I think
and who knows how to cheer from the point

and sort of a strawberry - and good comedy! -
a plausible talk, and especially the pentacle

of your senses and the miracle
multiple and a flower and fruit of your hard
eyes witch
hard and soft in your own way ...
Good God! what a terrible night!

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soon, a passage of percoro

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leave at 10, George, Mark and I with their respective wives, the sun even if it took us far too bright in Venice, at least we are lucky x today, parked the car in Mestre and then take the train to St. Lucia, here we could take boat but given the weather and time, we decided to get to our hotel, near the Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, walking, but the jumpers are made to feel.

After we rested an hour or so we go out for a spin, we decided to up the Piazza San Marco, the appointment is at 18 x in the evening the hotel to any people around, and walk in these streets is complicated, still, allocation, DX, SX, a zig zag continuous, regardless of the stations for the wife to the shops, this is no real effort to run.

At 17.45 we are back to the board Guerrato, tonight there will be TOUR Bacaro, meanwhile here to greet some friends came runner, who stay here too, our friends and especially the organizers have booked a Bacaro Venetian to eat and drink in peace.

E 'was just a great night, fabulous appetizers, cod, salmon ecccc, together with a fabulous sparkling wine, to dance is when I dance, not in the athletic sense, and then I do not think about tomorrow, and in fact I must say that I was handsome brick, by dint of that excellent sipping nectar.

Once you exit the effort to go to Next, this time to eat nothing but drink, yes, we all made a Spriz out in the square full of people drinking, and giò yet, now we decide to pay because it was going to eat a pizza, beer this time, however, add up the previous drinking, debauchery and the 'FACT .

not believe it, but pay they began the tour, we left the pizzeria, not all, crush, it seemed almost midnight and it was then decided to go to bed, I'm not a drinker wine or spirits, but we're together, one-off but at some point collapse, then at night a little headache there was, but the next morning at breakfast I was already in place, in fact I am eating a little bit of everything.

At 9.15 we leave the gym destination, will be our base of support, I see many friends here and I know again, this is the beauty of the TA, it is stripped away and all the streets for the departure, however, is the first obligation of the usual photos

E 'is time, is part of the route has been changed dal'amicio Kapo, George & C. but in the end will Km about the same, running in a city like this is unique and it is fantastic, besides discovering hidden places, Roby and tetanus were always ready to tell prezioni historical information as we passed. For carers this year Alessia has offered as a guide, this is his site , then our passage in Piazza San Marco was mythical, with our choir, we breached the crowd cheering as we passed.

We arrived at the gym, we walked around 25 KM with D + 800 (I do not know if true, but it may be with many of these bridges), after a refreshing shower, leave luggage in the store and then all of Kapo Blackbeard the restaurant for lunch.
fritule it to a close with the many offers from the organization, accompanied by the usual champagne, and I thank Chris George & C. for the perfect organization, it was not easy with many people will fall back on if I will come back, now I wait for the April 17 at the San Bartolo Park TA , there will be many people, particularly Sicilian friends, who came specially x this TA, Tiziana George and sister, with whom I decided to make a twin, they will be to my TA and I will go to them to Pantelleria on September 4th prox Ecomaratona the same name, not I think it will be a great effort, rather it is a pleasure.

ride home was fast in practice from Mestre to a Catholic all pulled, never stop, because we do not hurry, but because of my excellent condition, in practice I did not feel tired, and nobody had the need to stop, we were at home in 2h30.
Wednesday Now Lanzarote is part of x, I heard that Max is already there, and told me that yesterday there were 24 degrees, sun bath and make sure the only problem will be in the race, will not be easy to run at these temperatures, after the much- cold, but better so than the bad weather will be a success.

Hello to everyone at Next Adventure