Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bag Homestyle Popped Calories

Let's Alexander and I in the early afternoon, our goal is Castiglion Fiorentino, time is not the best, but it does not rain, however, arrived in Bagno di Romagna Verghereto step up to the mountains are all white, who knows if we will be so also on the other side?

Wrong svalichiamo just seems impossible but there is no shadow of snow, no matter the weather so much damage from the night and the day after rain mixed snow, I hope the 2nd option, here we finally arrived in the country, with the information provided can not go wrong, here we are at the gym.

After having collected your chest, and hailed the organizers and some friends, go and get our mattresses in the gym and tables (chairs), we prepare all x night and then we walk around town, though not quite the case, as the cold wind that pulls , if it continues tomorrow, probably not raining, but I may be wrong.

E 'Pasta party of the time, I honestly thought in a more assorted menu, but that's okay, I have done almost two pasta dishes, even if it is too hot for me, chatting with friends 2 and then finished dinner redo another stroll in town with friends Perugini, a digest and a little bit x x going to take a caffettino barley, before bed, since the bar was at the gym there.

return to base, the lights were already off, everyone is in bed, we have to do the same, even though I had no desire, still pulls off the wind, it is clear from the noise coming from the roof, hissing from Horror films do not make me sleep for a while, came the fifth, I get x going to the bathroom, it's raining again, I open a door to see how x is put out, it rains and is cold as hell, as says "Time to Wolves" is an understatement, I'm thinking that if this continues, I do not know if you leave, fortunately did not happen.

is 6, I got up and began to dress, I await the opening of the bar x breakfast, time is a bit better, babe x say, it rains a little less, but it is always bad , after the punching, it's time to get out, missing very little to start, I am well covered but it is never enough, who knows what will happen there, even though we know that there is snow.

Way is part of the first 2 km of asphalt, we're still in a group, we arrive at a group of houses, past and suddenly I see other people stop and go back, is not the right way, In fact, going back to the group of houses, the junction was there, the problem now is that he was trained un'imbuto, the narrow path, all in single file to a great distance, then there is always someone who makes smart, cutting in the middle of a garden.

Now go up through the woods, this was definitely the toughest stretch of the race, we are always in single file, the slope increases more and more, it is impossible to overtake, there is only mud, is almost dark, does not seem morning if there were trees which cling to, to continue would have been almost impossible, fortunately my work Trabucco properly, I dare not imagine who the road is climbing shoes, his son ... zi, as people without the appropriate clothing, they should not go.

We are approximately 6 km always dento the woods, following those in front and looking almost always avoid slipping on the ground x, arriving at a point where I see people go back in practice instead of the through, many have taken the direttisisma, perhaps deliberately or mistakenly, the fact is that I return the original path and arrive at the turning point, but some have continued, cutting too much, not listening to the grievances of those who came back.

have passed 7 / 8 km , finally finished this tough climb, now there's ups and downs, more or less hard, the rain and the wind give way to sleet, then snow then becomes, is ice and wet snow, the ground you run on trails become streams, dirt-filled water, with swimming pools as for many miles you ran again with the feet wet, then reached the highest point the obvious danger is the principle of freezing hands and feet, running water and snow in hell, thinking that no one would have to if he needed help.

fact the problem was not just the weather, but most of all the glaring deficiencies in critical reporting of the trail, the many "Stradaioli" with inadequate clothes that have not been properly stopped at the start and the lack of personnel in transit; although there had been communicated to the briefing that every 3 km there would be a person, and instead something happened, there were those few who have done everything possible to help out, many people have retired with symptoms of hypothermia the hands and feet, the remainder opted x 27 or the 13, but fortunately everything went well risked big.

Hydration in
I had two spare pairs of gloves, hat, vest and belt, but it is never enough, so I replaced the gloves soaked, altrimneti I also would have had problems, but the foot, the symptoms were freezing but I hope that running the problem diminished, fortunately that was how it went down because when the snow fell.

not be long now, my legs seem to go round and not too tired, I do very well but the last run at the last km of asphalt, I begin to feel the first signs of cramping, slow down, so now arrived and are doing so cut the line 5:30 a.m. in contentedly.

I finished a beautiful trail soon, I'm happy with my status, so I have decided and today I joined the 82 of LAVATRAIL, to know Matt , maybe yes, but it had to happen sooner or later, I find I can go, but deep down I am sure to succeed.

The first thing I did after I stripped it was going to wash the shoes, as you can see from the photos were in addition to Booster pity, then a nice hot shower, indeed needed, and then together we went to Alexander the Pasta Party, did it again the encore, all very good, then x finish a little chat with friends before returning home.

In conclusion I must say it was a beautiful weekend, despite the inclement weather, with regard to race, I congratulate the organization, received us very well, so a place where nothing is missing and there 'you need to travel is the best, the only negative note, but important concerns as stated logistics along the way, the signs along the route was short, many people have the wrong path and most importantly assistance was not equal, Diesel organizer was honest to admit it now, something has gone wrong, the blame is certainly not its Too bad but his face making him, and he is responding, has been fat, because the unexpected might happen and then had trouble.

Some have criticized harshly on some forums, not just the race itself, but also the entire event, who knows what demand inclusion, did not like anything good, even eating, just say to these been a small house in the warmth, to run these races it takes at least a little of the Spirit Trail, otherwise you run the same old asphalt.
But I'm sure that the Next Edition will be perfect, so will all the criticism received, the location is fantastic, friendly people, impossible not to participate, I will not fail, I suggest you also do the same, you will not regret, hello to all Next to the lawyer ......


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