Sunday, February 6, 2011

What To Do When My Dog's Tongue Is Dark Red

Here is the detailed program for the School of Speleology in 2011 to be held from March 3 to April 10:

Buca di V - Brenk (George) on the beam at P50
outputs Cave:

March 6 Renaro of Buca - Buca's Rocciolo
March 13th Hole of the Tunnel
27 March of Buca Baccile
April 3 Cave of Orridi
April 90-10: Cavern of Corchia Crossing

Exercises in the Gym:

March 12: Gym Renaro
March 26: Gym Renaro


March 3 - History of Spelelologia
March 10 - Progression Techniques
March 17 - speleogenesis
March 21 - Techniques Armo
March 31 - First Aid / Food
April 7 - Biospeleology

In the picture you can see a former student of during 2010 engaged in a fairly gentle passage in one of the most beautiful caves that are inside the Monte High, the Buca di V.

Do not be shy! Stand up!

We look at the site of Canevara. For information:

Duilio : 3475853189

Matthew: 3280212725
Ilaria: ; 3281622837


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