Saturday, February 5, 2011

5 Month Old Wheezy With Cough


Riccaardo, Lavina, Mark and I

Weekly Summary, 40 KM after the killer of Ronda on a Sunday, I was not spared this week, only Monday and I rested seem right, but then the desire was there, the weather was good, fattostà that I trained every day.

As usual, the climb is not mancamai, or rather I try to make as much as possible, with today's 22 km we already 63 km and then missing ones of tomorrow, today was a great workout, though with too much asphalt, I went to Urbino by his friend Giancarlo, organized a social race, but the invitation was open to all.

very scenic route, in the fantastic marghigiane hills in the distance we could see very well all of the mountains still white with snow, it has done so the previous days, challenging course, never plain, ups and downs, could not miss the shots on a day like this, in spite went very well, I held with Mark u'ottimo gaining momentum, even uphill, and we finished in 1:53 a.m. with D + 450.

Tomorrow instead there would be a race Verucchio about 11 Km nice because it has a lot of up and down, but they are not safe to go, because all I did today the asphalt has awakened something goes wrong in the leg, so I think I go on my overview, to tread new paths Friends, will decide tomorrow morning when you wake up.

x If I decide I think the dirt road all the way to test the prox TA, with a sun like today is fantastic, in the meantime enjoy the photos of today, tomorrow we'll see which ones will be. hello


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