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40 km D + 1875

The title explains all Finish 5:30 a.m., 19, tomorrow

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Course Subscriptions are open to the Course GSAA 2011

We finally! We have opened the cave in 2011 that enrollments will take place from Thursday, March 3 to Sunday, April 10 with the aim of introducing people to the wonderful world of Speleology and then not be shy and join many (There is a maximum of twelve places)!

The course will include a number of lectures (Thursdays), practical classes in the gym (Saturdays) and exit the cave (on Sundays).

The price (which this year we have tried to diversify into two groups to encourage participation by younger people) is full of progression including equipment consists of a helmet and lights, harness and equipment, lifts and descent as well as all the necessary material to understand the topics covered in lectures.

are not included in share footwear and clothing that will be borne by the participant but, as as shoe might be okay for walking boots, clothing as "outside" of a mechanic's overalls as clothing and sturdy canvas to bring something to the skin fleece fabric which takes warm and not clutter.

The lectures will be held in the Speleological Group Canevara where you can use a computer and projector for any audiovisual or connect to the Internet to integrate the lessons with examples taken from the Internet

The practical lessons will take place entirely at the gym Renaro where we have equipped a number of walls in a couple of quarries disused marble.

rides in the cave now include some "classic" caves Apuan (race) as Renaro-Rocciolo, Tunnel of Buca, Buca Baccile of that this year we decided to add the Cave of horrid (part Campocecina) cavity which differs slightly from the previous ones in that it is fully formed in cavernous limestone (and thus not in marble) and the grandeur of the rooms and the spectacular descents. But this cave and the other will be future articles on the blog.

The course will end with dinner ... joke, end with the crossing Classic Eolo - Serpent of the cavern Corchia between Saturday 9 and Sunday, April 10.

That's all for now. Soon the program clear and detailed course.

Here are some pointers for those interested:

Giancarlo: 3356242447
Duilio: 3475853189
Matthew: 3280212725
Ilaria : 3281622837

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We also came to this, the time just flies, tomorrow we leave together with Alexander, AR destination Castiglio Fiorentino, for him will be Trail 1, so long, it is certain that being with me will basically try to set the right pace, since the difference is about 2500 mt , if you'll get it wrong in the end, but how best to forget about it, become an ordeal.

Forecasts are not good for anything, it is expected rain and snow, we hope the 2nd would be much more fun to run up a white carpet. V isto we're going with the van, and sleep in the gym, it was decided to bring back 2 mattresses, we have the space, he saw that the hotel does not lack, at least that little sleep, will be much sweeter.

I also thought of also lead two folding chairs will the place of bedside tables, there are those to me, otherwise I'm sure these Ghibellines will make you remember this event for a long time, everything will be perfect, even more.

the evening there will be a Pasta Party, I think and hope it will be a slap-up dinner from comments I've read on SPIRITOTRAIL, the only problem is trying not to drink too much wine BONO , otherwise the legs in the morning, sooner or later will not fire.

the morning before leaving, we also expect the breakfast, then after this harsh but beautiful effort, we will wait lunch, basically my thoughts while waiting for this race, what was good and what you eat, not waiting for me to KM.

Another important thing is that I shall see many friends in the evening and lunch will be BALDOR assured, surely you will run well together, then we will start soon with some new for LANZAROTE, to dispute yet another adventure.

It would appear that you only think about the fun, is not so, I am always focused on what I do, this fact will be an excellent and decisive TEST , I will understand many things, so I can go for the moment ...., I greet you again on Monday, that the race is with you

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30 and not feel

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After the binge last night, the social dinner, this morning at 5 am I was awake, eating and drinking too, could not sleep well, then you put that up also Pierre the 1, 30 had not just want to sleep, the fact is that at 5:30 I get up and calmly prepare myself.

Staccoli left the house I go to get a good cappuccino and then at 6.30 we start destination Cesena, I arrive at pay, in fact, are already at 7.05 to the parking lot of the race course, not c 'is none, is bitterly cold, we are at 0 ° , I just have to go to a bar to get another coffee and evacuate the Cappuccino.

First to arrive is AriRun us know via the Blog, is our first meeting, we finally see it face to face, honestly I expected a little different, not physically, but as a character, as they say, a bit GASSED , but it seemed a very good boy, simple, hand, as I like, look Do not make the Monaco .

As they will all, in addition to the organizer Hair & C. , Here come two components of Never, Senigallia group, known by FB, cute kids, beginners, but with a great desire to Trail, but as always there is always someone who slows, and you know that I will not compromise on punctuality and think that I was already at 7.05 and instead leave at 8 games to 8.12, x due to a Patacona , joke friend.

After the group photo are part of town along the river bank for a few km Savio, our goal is to ford the river, unfortunately you can not come through it, that we should walk on the rocks are covered water in the evening MRP Oliver has assured us that it passed, it will have rained on the mountains or have opened up a little dam Ridracoli mahhhh.

fact is that the mandatory diversion costs us 4 / 5 km of asphalt, sin, we are finished below Rovers, now we will have a slope that will lead us bristling the Tower, where we expect the rest of the wheel Oliver, pie made by her mother, a kindness.

After being cooled properly, but if you want to eat, now you descend into a steep descent that leads us to the river, the coast along here for about 1 km, there is no mud here, here we are left at the fork which will take us to Saint Lucia, this will be the hardest bumps, a steep climb in the mud that makes you up and down, but I've got to the top begins to turn white, snow is also if little, beautiful scenery and even run over.

we now look up a stretch of asphalt when we turn left here calpestermo the path that is all white, beautiful, you can open a little gas and go, then a nice downhill you let go, it seems to fly, but all of a sudden the snow disappears and returns to its place again in the mud, and lots and OCHI here, if you take off you do not stop most, if not falling.

After this stretch lies ahead 1 / 2 km of asphalt up to Rovers, there will be Oliver's car waiting for me, because we view the time necessary to come back down to the departure, or at home arrive too late, I will rise with 4 other companions, while others continue adventure.

I walked 21 KM D + 625 , I am more than satisfied, I am fun, nice group that you want more, I am convinced that the new have appreciated this rally, TA take more and more ground, will be the future of the Trail, I am convinced, a greeting to all DAI DE GAS , says my friend MERCURY .

Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Then I decided, will attend tomorrow morning Urban Trail Cesena, organized by the TA Hair EC, I the short path, 24 km instead of the 44 x long, I must return to base not too late, someone else could inc ..... king, but that's okay.

Departure at 8.00 c / o parking Racecourse Cesena
path marked by tears and bastards faced by all courts.
Levees, vineyards, hills, road (6 km total), ford the river, steps ... so a bit of everything.
beautiful landscapes.
Recommended backpack, water supply, food, gore tex jacket or similar, and so on. etc.. as in short races.
Always one step away from population centers, but in nature.
Cristian and Oliver in the role of guides, Hairy photojournalist
so much joy and fun.
Possibility of entering directly (via bank or asphalt) over 20 km from the dining mom Oliver.
bread and salami present Oliver!

In the program there would be race in San Marino, the comrades will be there, but really hard to run on I do not want, then are only 15 km, and this week I want to load the wagon as far as possible, so I decided to take twice daily training, the beginning is not easy but then you get used to.

All this in anticipation of RONDA GHIBELLINA , January 30, KM 43 with D + in 2600, will be a race ROASTED, but there vogliomo x grow above them, but there's more, this will be the ' last major test before the LAVATRAIL to Lanzarote, here we must ensure that pull off the so-called ATTRIBUTES, 82 KM no peanuts.

But think about tonight, in fact, as every year, there will be the usual dinner Social Athletics 75, it will reward the most talented or willing, to stuff you eat, you will do and say shit and then all to bed that morning touches lavuri , that is run, a good weekend everyone.

Weekly Summary:

Monday - 12 am - 9.5 km D + 275 (9 laps of the Bay)
- 19 hours - Km 8.5 D + 189
Tuesday - 12 am - 8.5 km D + 278.5
- At 19 - 9.5 D + 192 Km
Wednesday - at 19 - 14 D + 252 Km
Thursday - rest due to work
Friday - 12 am - 12 D + 323.5 km
; - 19 hours - 5.5 km D + 100 (with Pierre)
Saturday - 12 am - 8 D + 427 Km
Sunday - at 08 - 24 Km

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The GSAA warms the engines for the cave during 2011

Great excitement to GSAA! Also this year we are pleased to announce that it will probably start with the first week of March, the cave during 2011.

The Course Director GSAA 2011
One of the first decisions that were taken (if not the first) is the election of the Course Director and This year too, the method used for the election is very simple: during a meeting on Thursday, he was appointed director of the course the first of the candidates that is physically present in the home but that is not present during the vote.

The thing takes place, more or less a show of hands, shouting "Who is' decide!" And the result is communicated to the "victim" later in the evening, or even in the days following.

The method might seem at first glance, a little superficial, and above all the blame on one who is not present to vote, but instead it is a very effective and that ultimately lead to a skilled and suitable elezionedi the office. In addition, it is not usually present when a vote to elect the person you want, we have the 'advantage, which it can not (directly alemno) refuse immediately.

In a group of several dozen members, in fact, the final decision is influenced by cave "older" (and "wise" by definition, even if it is not automatic), that is, cavers "clear reputation and proven track record as well with a good dose of charisma and knows very well that the person they are voting for if only for having been together for hours in the cave. The end result is that they will never elected a Director a person to whom you would trust not in a cave.

Ultimately Director who is elected, actually, is available to do so and it also has the ability.

For information on the next course (soon detailed program):

Giancarlo: 3356242447

Duilio: 3475853189
Matteo ;: 3280212725
Ilaria: 3281622837

Thursday, January 20, 2011

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In Ecstasy

January 17 We left at nine in the evening, Juan's mother's house in Buenos Aires, January 20 at 5 am we arrived in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The trip 'was very long hours and flying hours, and changes conincidenze, check in, customs and baggage check, we slept very little and uncomfortable after the third meal offered me the aircraft I stopped eating. We waited with stoic patience, playing bored when we were too tired to read or keep us busy.
The airport of Kuala Lumpur and 'giant and very modern, white and mimimale with sofa' orange, free internet and a voice of Asian lady, very sweet, filling the silence of the airport still asleep, we take the train to go to the heart City ', which is also super fast, fast, quiet and modern. Through the window I see a thick blanket of palm trees, looks like a green tropical forest, and altissimisi and modern skyscrapers horizon. My eyes are heavy, I'm hungry, I hurt my arms and legs and I need a shower, they are more 'than two days of travel. We arrive at the center, looking for our hostel opens a city 'very poor and dirty, and shining skyscrapers, Moorish palaces, and edicifi the Indian style, all modern, there are bullies on the poor houses, dirt, and the swarming of its people.
As expected, our room will be 'ready at 12 am and 8 am only, so' that's nice repectionista Reggea Hostel, with two eyes smoker professional today and warns us that 'an important day, at Batu Caves held one of the most 'important Hindu religious celebrations'. We leave the luggage, and take a bus that will leave dusty old 'at Batu Caves. The party and 'Hindu, then the participants are of Indian race, at the foot of a mountain green open the fair, thousands of people, loud music, people pushing, women in saris, men with shaved head dyed orange, food when cooked on charcoal smoky, painted faces, bare feet, people camped out, blocked traffic from noisy bus, and a few Western tourists disoriented. At the foot of the mountain over the statue 'largest in the world (43 meters) gold, which represents the Divita' Murga, opens the way to his temple. Two giant snakes of people, one that goes up and down steep stairs leading to the cave of the gods'. This festival 'called Thaipusam, devotees to the deity' Murga, every year they bring gifts up to the altar in the cave, the leading fruit and incense, but the most 'spectacular' that some devotees enter into a trance, and through acts of masochistic ecstasy reach, so 'that they meet with the deity'. The scene 'pretty strong, some begin the pilgrimage with "spit" more' less broad than that pierced his cheek to cheek, or with small hooks which 'attacked a strung weight in meat, especially on the back, these "flagellates" , thanked the Divita 'for what they have received in the past, and make this painful pilgrimage with his body pierced by long needles or hooks more' or less subtle. Juan and I we took the snake to swallow people that goes slow, colorful and delirious to the cave, we pass to the feet of 'imposing statue, people pushing, sings, shouts, heat and' asfisiante, colors, many colors, while the statue of Murga, totally golden rays of sunshine that emphasize its grandeur ', cries out his strength. Juan thrilled not stop taking pictures, I see that some women singing around a boy who moves dancing possessed, will have 'no more' than 5 years, I see it has 3 small hooks pierced in his back, and that 'a small bead attached , I know 'cause I want to cry. In that moment we are almost at the foot of the Morro, people pushing, there is' a time of congestion, I feel beads of sweat down the back and face, I have not slept for two days and I and 'the sky came a few hours, a woman with her mouth full of blood right next to me close and makes a sharp cry, the crowd rushes, I see the baby and I want to cry. It was a moment. After a few seconds past the time of congestion and crowds begin to climb the grand staircase, from small, steep steps, along with flagellates and people who brings gifts. At the top, we see two large and very large high altar in the cave, flagellates under the altar reach the state's largest ecstasy and then, once exhausted, let the tools to remove pain from their bodies. Petals of flowers, songs, damp smell of the cave. While flagellates complete their pilgrimage, taking advantage of shade and the fresh, I buy a Coke on the advice of Juan palliduccia I see, the American Beverage not too cold, I refreshed with its sugar and bubbles, while thousands of people with colorful clothes and bare feet, flowing in front of me.
People brings us to another flight of steps, much more 'short, which opens to an open space, because I look up' and 'open-air, another altar in the center, the gray of rock, the green plants and the intense blue of the little piece of sky, the coolness of the cave, I am more 'in the forces, and thousands of monkeys! Monkeys everywhere, screaming, fighting, stealing fruit from the altar, other chants, incense, pots, coconuts heated and then thrown forcefully to the ground. We remain astonished.

Friday, January 14, 2011

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E 'started the countdown, the February 19 to attend this new Adventure, stumbled upon the Web, right on the Forum SpiritoTrail proposal, without thought to participate in any way, although I would loved it, fattostà who are able to engage and convinvere some friends and then we leave, but first I had to convince his wife.

The race takes place at LANZAROTE , just 2 weeks before the Festival of the triathlon will take place, too bad really, the routes that are different, you can choose the desired Mileage, 82-47-18 and even teams, dividing the KM, I was willing to do the 47 but then my friends convinced me to try 82, will be my first ULTRA above 53 km, will be a challenge in every sense If I were alone I would think, but in the company are sure it will be sweeter than the fatigue, will be the race of the year and Sharp.

Island'm sure it will be fantastic, here the power of nature reigns supreme, the title of the post to understand where you run, cross slopes of volcanoes, skirting the famous Park Timanfaya protected , where I have shot some scenes "2001 A Space Odyssey , unique landscape, then that means I can not wait to leave.

I hope to be fit enough, his head is hopefully the legs, still missing a month or so, but the proof will be at the end of 9 months as attend the Ronda Ghibellina in Castiglion Fiorentino, with 43 KM 2600 D +, is not just x anything, we'll see from there I will understand many things, for the moment let's enjoy even the expectation of this event, but the thought is already in the Canary , that the race is with you

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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There 'country in the world with the same energy, capable of stirring a bitter taste with the sweetness, making both essential flavors. Brazil. If I were to define a color, this would be red like passion, blood, pain, love. The vegetation
'lush and wild, the beaches are endless and white, the ocean washes the coast with hot and clear, the sky and' high and blue, often at the beach, it happens that a little time hiding the sun, all under the umbrella a few minutes, to protect from hot and big fat drops of rain, and then the big clouds, once scaricatesi, light and fast they go, and all return again to celebrate and enjoy the beach. The cheerful
spesieratezza, horrible food, fruit, juicy and flavorful, the high rate of illiteracy, the incredible will to live that its population issues, crime, 'poverty', street children, its landscapes infinitely beautiful, the music, the common desire to party, make 'that this country is one of the most' seductive in its mix of contrasting sensations, a sweet taste, which could lead to disgust, if not a touch of bitterness mingled as a tributary to a river to go hug the sea.

The days passed quickly, Juan left me to go surfing, and I am happy every morning I went to the beach, walk or swim hours, alone, me with the sky and the sea. Then the idyllic solitude ended and I met with Juan and his family, grandchildren, sisters, brothers-and parents. All amazing, polite, likeable, everyone made me feel at ease, respected and loved, and I must admit that these holidays were really beautiful, although I must admit that I have had moments of stress, moments that I nipped in the bud, due to the fact that they are not trained in family life, in the sense that for many years now that I live alone in another country, and my meetings with my family, I love, but are often short, imagine me how it was to spend two consecutive months family my boyfriend, when I step over 'to 4 days with my mother! In any and all 'went more' than good, no moments of tension, all pink and flowers, so 'that for the next two years we'll get it ..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Then it is decided, the TA will be back again in the San Bartolo Park, dates to be decided are the three or 17 April, I opened a poll on Spiritotrail , x see the date most convenient for participants, so this year because I want and I hope that participation is much larger last year, I will try to move them from all over Italy using every legal method.

There is also new, the path is changed in part, insert two new tracks very adventurous, a climb in and the other in down, perhaps the KM will be less, soon I'll try the route.

You are all invited, even REQUIRES you to come, I'm sure you will not regret it, especially those in neighboring areas, a short insert all Info I'm sure you would be amazed at the beauty of the location and area, and reception that you will be given, here are some links of previous editions, hello to all ACVIDIN

Monday, January 10, 2011

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Poggiolo great day yesterday, let's pay Alex and I at 6.30, we will have a dense fog until Faenza, we see very little, the hope is that rising find good weather and possibly the sun, in fact, as we approached half the fog disappears.

The temperature is good 8 / 10 degrees, for me is warmed collect race, many greetings to friends reviewed it with pleasure, then change it immediately because I would warm up a bit, I'm thinking that the mud here the farm is so much already, let alone at the top where we run, much less med instead of last year, the best.

My intention is to improve the time of 2010, I feel better, we'll see from the bottom but slowly began to increase the pace and overtake, the first part that corribile rises gradually until the first hard climb well enough to conclude, perhaps too much, you probably exaggerated, and in fact will be so, I conclude the first 10 km in 1H03, began to be in trouble of breath, did little heating.

Now you go down on 1 restaurant, now the real race begins, We expect the climb, the legs begin to suffer, I go up and walking is hard, there are some so steep that you split tear in his legs, then when the trail opens and you start to run the legs poor things they need to recover after such an effort.

The path is definitely SPACCAGAMBE , there is a moment of respite or recovery, continuous up and down, down and up when ever have time to recover, but despite this is a beautiful location , the last km, although down were tiring, my legs have paid the initial Foga, if I went slower in the end I suffered less and maybe I migliorari the final time, I conclude these 21 KM in 2:34 a.m., 2:25 a.m. in 2010 while in , there have been strong, there is little to say, Alessandro has preceded me by about 5 minutes .

After a good wash in the fountain, beautiful fresh water, showers there was a row and I'm allergic, you should be eating a nice plate of pasta, meats and fresh, in anticipation of the latter I brought home a good bottle of Brut, since there was wine, it was a good idea x finish the day in joy with friends.

addition my few photos, there are also those of friends ModenaCorre, hello to all the prox.

Friday, January 7, 2011

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Photo of 2008

Next Sunday there will be the 4th Edition of this magnificent Trail Unfortunately this year we will be only 2 to participate in the gang, Alex and I, all x number of reasons that I am not to list, there will be no snow, but the mud, fun, I just hope to be able uscitre some sun , is another story ran.

This year I will not do the photos along the way, because it was already made in previous years and then I decided to try to pull as much as possible, I want to see if the condition is as good as I think there will be as usual, many friends, and ST, with whom, after finishing sweet fatigue, chiacchererà front of a nice plate of pasta, etc..

21 km D + 1200

Last year I finished 35th in Ass 2:23 a.m. and we'll see this year

x We feel the report, a greeting to all.

NB you noticed where I enrolled, will be the turning point

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Apuan mountains of water

During 2010, some of our members have participated in the filming of this beautiful nature documentary, providing necessary support for filming in the cave. Today

the documentary is finished and you can admire a preview, Friday, January 7 at 21 in the Hall of the Medici Grand Ducal Stables in Seravezza (Lucca), and also Saturday, January 8 at 10 am in Room Suffredini Castelnuovo Garfagnana (Lucca) to presence of the President of the Apuan Alps and the author Valter Torri.

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Punctual Claudio and I, Part X Walking Off the Road, left the car at the kiosk before Gabicce Monte, we go down to the sea, a short skirt x the beach and then take the steep trail that goes up under the Posillipo, which I guess is partially obstructed by fallen trees and plants, in one way or another we can get in the country.

x Now you go down the other path to the next campsite, do not ever done, because more and fallen trees, we decided to try to get off, hoping not to turn back halfway, at a few obstacles there, but nothing serious, but then begins to be harder still, in fact half way there is a large plant that blocks the entire passage here or you go back or try to scavalcarca, since the path is now forward.

I decide to try to overcome it being very careful, it takes no time x injury, Claudio is enthusiastic about the course but he did not like adventure, and here it is, all these obstacles did not like, but eventually he adapts to overcome those difficulties now the trail is more open with fewer trees, it is almost to the sea, but the last tract is the most steep and slippery, OCHI .

Finally we reached the beach, we have a section that runs along the mountain to the port Vallugola, here there are many landslides, Claudius is worried that, also because the water coming up, but now the big problem is another, from the picture you'll see, his soles are starting to come off after Mercury the curse has struck again, we just have to keep hoping that tie them all good.

the Vallugola but decide not to continue our tour, we have also done well to tie them with duct tape, but do not take you back to the car, but also by the path behind the church at the end we have come 7.2 km in 2:11 a.m. D + 420 , we had fun anyway, the tour was also demanding a complete tour we will prox,

Claudio was very pleased, he discovered new places and paths that are not imagined, now know where to come to train, here are some Photo not come very well, I do not understand because, greetings to all