Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Famous People Who Have Turner Syndrome


Punctual Claudio and I, Part X Walking Off the Road, left the car at the kiosk before Gabicce Monte, we go down to the sea, a short skirt x the beach and then take the steep trail that goes up under the Posillipo, which I guess is partially obstructed by fallen trees and plants, in one way or another we can get in the country.

x Now you go down the other path to the next campsite, do not ever done, because more and fallen trees, we decided to try to get off, hoping not to turn back halfway, at a few obstacles there, but nothing serious, but then begins to be harder still, in fact half way there is a large plant that blocks the entire passage here or you go back or try to scavalcarca, since the path is now forward.

I decide to try to overcome it being very careful, it takes no time x injury, Claudio is enthusiastic about the course but he did not like adventure, and here it is, all these obstacles did not like, but eventually he adapts to overcome those difficulties now the trail is more open with fewer trees, it is almost to the sea, but the last tract is the most steep and slippery, OCHI .

Finally we reached the beach, we have a section that runs along the mountain to the port Vallugola, here there are many landslides, Claudius is worried that, also because the water coming up, but now the big problem is another, from the picture you'll see, his soles are starting to come off after Mercury the curse has struck again, we just have to keep hoping that tie them all good.

the Vallugola but decide not to continue our tour, we have also done well to tie them with duct tape, but do not take you back to the car, but also by the path behind the church at the end we have come 7.2 km in 2:11 a.m. D + 420 , we had fun anyway, the tour was also demanding a complete tour we will prox,

Claudio was very pleased, he discovered new places and paths that are not imagined, now know where to come to train, here are some Photo not come very well, I do not understand because, greetings to all


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