Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stomach Virus Going Around Nj


There 'country in the world with the same energy, capable of stirring a bitter taste with the sweetness, making both essential flavors. Brazil. If I were to define a color, this would be red like passion, blood, pain, love. The vegetation
'lush and wild, the beaches are endless and white, the ocean washes the coast with hot and clear, the sky and' high and blue, often at the beach, it happens that a little time hiding the sun, all under the umbrella a few minutes, to protect from hot and big fat drops of rain, and then the big clouds, once scaricatesi, light and fast they go, and all return again to celebrate and enjoy the beach. The cheerful
spesieratezza, horrible food, fruit, juicy and flavorful, the high rate of illiteracy, the incredible will to live that its population issues, crime, 'poverty', street children, its landscapes infinitely beautiful, the music, the common desire to party, make 'that this country is one of the most' seductive in its mix of contrasting sensations, a sweet taste, which could lead to disgust, if not a touch of bitterness mingled as a tributary to a river to go hug the sea.

The days passed quickly, Juan left me to go surfing, and I am happy every morning I went to the beach, walk or swim hours, alone, me with the sky and the sea. Then the idyllic solitude ended and I met with Juan and his family, grandchildren, sisters, brothers-and parents. All amazing, polite, likeable, everyone made me feel at ease, respected and loved, and I must admit that these holidays were really beautiful, although I must admit that I have had moments of stress, moments that I nipped in the bud, due to the fact that they are not trained in family life, in the sense that for many years now that I live alone in another country, and my meetings with my family, I love, but are often short, imagine me how it was to spend two consecutive months family my boyfriend, when I step over 'to 4 days with my mother! In any and all 'went more' than good, no moments of tension, all pink and flowers, so 'that for the next two years we'll get it ..


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