Thursday, January 20, 2011

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In Ecstasy

January 17 We left at nine in the evening, Juan's mother's house in Buenos Aires, January 20 at 5 am we arrived in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The trip 'was very long hours and flying hours, and changes conincidenze, check in, customs and baggage check, we slept very little and uncomfortable after the third meal offered me the aircraft I stopped eating. We waited with stoic patience, playing bored when we were too tired to read or keep us busy.
The airport of Kuala Lumpur and 'giant and very modern, white and mimimale with sofa' orange, free internet and a voice of Asian lady, very sweet, filling the silence of the airport still asleep, we take the train to go to the heart City ', which is also super fast, fast, quiet and modern. Through the window I see a thick blanket of palm trees, looks like a green tropical forest, and altissimisi and modern skyscrapers horizon. My eyes are heavy, I'm hungry, I hurt my arms and legs and I need a shower, they are more 'than two days of travel. We arrive at the center, looking for our hostel opens a city 'very poor and dirty, and shining skyscrapers, Moorish palaces, and edicifi the Indian style, all modern, there are bullies on the poor houses, dirt, and the swarming of its people.
As expected, our room will be 'ready at 12 am and 8 am only, so' that's nice repectionista Reggea Hostel, with two eyes smoker professional today and warns us that 'an important day, at Batu Caves held one of the most 'important Hindu religious celebrations'. We leave the luggage, and take a bus that will leave dusty old 'at Batu Caves. The party and 'Hindu, then the participants are of Indian race, at the foot of a mountain green open the fair, thousands of people, loud music, people pushing, women in saris, men with shaved head dyed orange, food when cooked on charcoal smoky, painted faces, bare feet, people camped out, blocked traffic from noisy bus, and a few Western tourists disoriented. At the foot of the mountain over the statue 'largest in the world (43 meters) gold, which represents the Divita' Murga, opens the way to his temple. Two giant snakes of people, one that goes up and down steep stairs leading to the cave of the gods'. This festival 'called Thaipusam, devotees to the deity' Murga, every year they bring gifts up to the altar in the cave, the leading fruit and incense, but the most 'spectacular' that some devotees enter into a trance, and through acts of masochistic ecstasy reach, so 'that they meet with the deity'. The scene 'pretty strong, some begin the pilgrimage with "spit" more' less broad than that pierced his cheek to cheek, or with small hooks which 'attacked a strung weight in meat, especially on the back, these "flagellates" , thanked the Divita 'for what they have received in the past, and make this painful pilgrimage with his body pierced by long needles or hooks more' or less subtle. Juan and I we took the snake to swallow people that goes slow, colorful and delirious to the cave, we pass to the feet of 'imposing statue, people pushing, sings, shouts, heat and' asfisiante, colors, many colors, while the statue of Murga, totally golden rays of sunshine that emphasize its grandeur ', cries out his strength. Juan thrilled not stop taking pictures, I see that some women singing around a boy who moves dancing possessed, will have 'no more' than 5 years, I see it has 3 small hooks pierced in his back, and that 'a small bead attached , I know 'cause I want to cry. In that moment we are almost at the foot of the Morro, people pushing, there is' a time of congestion, I feel beads of sweat down the back and face, I have not slept for two days and I and 'the sky came a few hours, a woman with her mouth full of blood right next to me close and makes a sharp cry, the crowd rushes, I see the baby and I want to cry. It was a moment. After a few seconds past the time of congestion and crowds begin to climb the grand staircase, from small, steep steps, along with flagellates and people who brings gifts. At the top, we see two large and very large high altar in the cave, flagellates under the altar reach the state's largest ecstasy and then, once exhausted, let the tools to remove pain from their bodies. Petals of flowers, songs, damp smell of the cave. While flagellates complete their pilgrimage, taking advantage of shade and the fresh, I buy a Coke on the advice of Juan palliduccia I see, the American Beverage not too cold, I refreshed with its sugar and bubbles, while thousands of people with colorful clothes and bare feet, flowing in front of me.
People brings us to another flight of steps, much more 'short, which opens to an open space, because I look up' and 'open-air, another altar in the center, the gray of rock, the green plants and the intense blue of the little piece of sky, the coolness of the cave, I am more 'in the forces, and thousands of monkeys! Monkeys everywhere, screaming, fighting, stealing fruit from the altar, other chants, incense, pots, coconuts heated and then thrown forcefully to the ground. We remain astonished.


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