Friday, January 28, 2011

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We also came to this, the time just flies, tomorrow we leave together with Alexander, AR destination Castiglio Fiorentino, for him will be Trail 1, so long, it is certain that being with me will basically try to set the right pace, since the difference is about 2500 mt , if you'll get it wrong in the end, but how best to forget about it, become an ordeal.

Forecasts are not good for anything, it is expected rain and snow, we hope the 2nd would be much more fun to run up a white carpet. V isto we're going with the van, and sleep in the gym, it was decided to bring back 2 mattresses, we have the space, he saw that the hotel does not lack, at least that little sleep, will be much sweeter.

I also thought of also lead two folding chairs will the place of bedside tables, there are those to me, otherwise I'm sure these Ghibellines will make you remember this event for a long time, everything will be perfect, even more.

the evening there will be a Pasta Party, I think and hope it will be a slap-up dinner from comments I've read on SPIRITOTRAIL, the only problem is trying not to drink too much wine BONO , otherwise the legs in the morning, sooner or later will not fire.

the morning before leaving, we also expect the breakfast, then after this harsh but beautiful effort, we will wait lunch, basically my thoughts while waiting for this race, what was good and what you eat, not waiting for me to KM.

Another important thing is that I shall see many friends in the evening and lunch will be BALDOR assured, surely you will run well together, then we will start soon with some new for LANZAROTE, to dispute yet another adventure.

It would appear that you only think about the fun, is not so, I am always focused on what I do, this fact will be an excellent and decisive TEST , I will understand many things, so I can go for the moment ...., I greet you again on Monday, that the race is with you


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