Saturday, January 22, 2011

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The GSAA warms the engines for the cave during 2011

Great excitement to GSAA! Also this year we are pleased to announce that it will probably start with the first week of March, the cave during 2011.

The Course Director GSAA 2011
One of the first decisions that were taken (if not the first) is the election of the Course Director and This year too, the method used for the election is very simple: during a meeting on Thursday, he was appointed director of the course the first of the candidates that is physically present in the home but that is not present during the vote.

The thing takes place, more or less a show of hands, shouting "Who is' decide!" And the result is communicated to the "victim" later in the evening, or even in the days following.

The method might seem at first glance, a little superficial, and above all the blame on one who is not present to vote, but instead it is a very effective and that ultimately lead to a skilled and suitable elezionedi the office. In addition, it is not usually present when a vote to elect the person you want, we have the 'advantage, which it can not (directly alemno) refuse immediately.

In a group of several dozen members, in fact, the final decision is influenced by cave "older" (and "wise" by definition, even if it is not automatic), that is, cavers "clear reputation and proven track record as well with a good dose of charisma and knows very well that the person they are voting for if only for having been together for hours in the cave. The end result is that they will never elected a Director a person to whom you would trust not in a cave.

Ultimately Director who is elected, actually, is available to do so and it also has the ability.

For information on the next course (soon detailed program):

Giancarlo: 3356242447

Duilio: 3475853189
Matteo ;: 3280212725
Ilaria: 3281622837


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