Saturday, January 22, 2011

Malar Rash In Women Causes

Then I decided, will attend tomorrow morning Urban Trail Cesena, organized by the TA Hair EC, I the short path, 24 km instead of the 44 x long, I must return to base not too late, someone else could inc ..... king, but that's okay.

Departure at 8.00 c / o parking Racecourse Cesena
path marked by tears and bastards faced by all courts.
Levees, vineyards, hills, road (6 km total), ford the river, steps ... so a bit of everything.
beautiful landscapes.
Recommended backpack, water supply, food, gore tex jacket or similar, and so on. etc.. as in short races.
Always one step away from population centers, but in nature.
Cristian and Oliver in the role of guides, Hairy photojournalist
so much joy and fun.
Possibility of entering directly (via bank or asphalt) over 20 km from the dining mom Oliver.
bread and salami present Oliver!

In the program there would be race in San Marino, the comrades will be there, but really hard to run on I do not want, then are only 15 km, and this week I want to load the wagon as far as possible, so I decided to take twice daily training, the beginning is not easy but then you get used to.

All this in anticipation of RONDA GHIBELLINA , January 30, KM 43 with D + in 2600, will be a race ROASTED, but there vogliomo x grow above them, but there's more, this will be the ' last major test before the LAVATRAIL to Lanzarote, here we must ensure that pull off the so-called ATTRIBUTES, 82 KM no peanuts.

But think about tonight, in fact, as every year, there will be the usual dinner Social Athletics 75, it will reward the most talented or willing, to stuff you eat, you will do and say shit and then all to bed that morning touches lavuri , that is run, a good weekend everyone.

Weekly Summary:

Monday - 12 am - 9.5 km D + 275 (9 laps of the Bay)
- 19 hours - Km 8.5 D + 189
Tuesday - 12 am - 8.5 km D + 278.5
- At 19 - 9.5 D + 192 Km
Wednesday - at 19 - 14 D + 252 Km
Thursday - rest due to work
Friday - 12 am - 12 D + 323.5 km
; - 19 hours - 5.5 km D + 100 (with Pierre)
Saturday - 12 am - 8 D + 427 Km
Sunday - at 08 - 24 Km


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