Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby Car Tech Deck

Duilionda The cave teaching for children in Lucca

Saturday, January 8, 2010 the Speleological Group Archaeological Apuano resurface in Lucca, on the occasion of the exhibition Mountain Sure, Duilionda (follow duilionda_a_massa ) ie the Cave Teaching for children.

the 8th of January in Lucca will take place this initiative for mountain safety.

departments are involved in civil protection, social policies and to the sport over the presidency.

This is the third consecutive year that is made a day on the mountain with a growing participation of people.

The mountain belongs to everyone and is available for all, children, families, adults and elderly, people with physical problems, of course, with proper restrictions, of course, always with due caution for the safety of themselves and others.

The purpose of this is Mountain Safe, promote Mountain to all those who want to use each with their own motivations and the activities they carry more appropriate as long aware of the rules of the game .

During the afternoon, in addition to teaching the cave, will be projected slides to illustrate the different environments, activities, trails, shelters, work activities typical of the mountain (chestnuts, mills, quarries, etc. ..).

And finally a group game ragalare a gadget for everyone (because using a calendar on the back where the poster put the advice to get you safely in the mountains) and even a prize draw.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Dream Of Jeannie Lamps

Buenos Aires Querida ..

E 'known to all cities' summer glow, and Buenos Aires is no exception.
Last year the City 'is not seduced me, but this time, I was positively impressed. Buenos Aires is not 'pretty, and' a giant, poor, chaotic, lawless, the prices of food and clothes are exactly like those in Europe, the economy and 'smashed, and everything works evil, forty percent of the population and' poor , cut outside the system also manages school, and taken to the streets as illegal parking attendants, street vendors, washing windows, thieves. The favallas, called "villas", expand without rules and without control, where poverty 'and ignorance are the prelude to a dangerous crime arrogant', where the poor feel they have a claim against the state and those who are economically well-off, so that 'dealing with parks, neighborhoods constrict abuse, possession of what' they want. Two social classes are emerging in a net, there are no rights, we are the children of degradation, which are not being given the chance 'to participate in the banquet of life, and the rich, who protect themselves in closed quarters, the all under the watchful eye of police, corrupt and criminal, and 'feared by the population.
Yet lives, and yet it moves, Buenos Aires wounded, sick, used, abused and pain has a huge heart, a hidden passion, a desire to live explosive, even if the younger generation did not have hope, they feel in a titanic, led by corrupt and criminals, even if they live in a country which 'removed the illusion of a future.
Here I get the same feeling that grips me when I'm in Italy, the same penalty, the same pain, seeing a country with a freewheel to ruin, when in reality 'could be a great country, but here as in Italy, and' Clearly, if it does not change the mentality 'of people, things will not change. Unfortunately, every nation has the government it deserves. There is a common civic sense, there is the desire to do things correctly, applies the mentality 'of furbacchiotto, and socially and' appreciated, unhappy people who can sneak or avoid paying, or in any way take advantage of the system and others, Instead of moving with what ', which is where the president is seen as the cause of all evils, when in fact it' s just the ultimate effect, as Berlusconi. It would take a
Lula Argentina, the Brazilian was a president like that get up 'in his two terms, kneeling in a country a world power, which removed 12 million families out of poverty' I love 'your country and lot' to give a dignity ' to his people. Argentina has a desperate need for a Lula, a figure with broad shoulders, which struggle to provide dignity 'at that forty percent of the population who do not have anything that points on education with a conscience that is the only weapon to contain crime ', which increases the economy, and the hope of a future gift to the Argentines. Italy, however, can not 'most' believe in no leader and should start flying, driving the dead nonagenarians in the government and making a new policy, no money and a civil sense, and ideas with young people, destroying what Government of clowns and whores that we are sinking.
yet it moves, lives and breathes, smiles, and lets you watch, colorful and descomposto young and corrupt, South America and opened his veins ..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How To Stroke Dog Penis

Permanent Temporary Life

Apart from its three cities 'more' big, Australia and 'one country to the more' depopulated, where nature reigns, with its dangerous animals, its endless expanses deserts or huge fields of crops of fruit. Every now and villages, pearl and interrupt the smooth domain of Lady Nature. We travel in a camper van. Let us pause tired of the sunshine and the ocean in a campsite to take a shower and hot load of energy our way. The red dirt and dusty road, endless piles of rust-colored light and air to the heat and the sunset accompanied our entry camping in the one within hundreds of kilometers. Within the reception area of \u200b\u200bthe old yellow and moist deteriorated sound a loud bell, a tall man, about 40 badly worn comes after making me wait. Unkempt air and austere looks at me from under his heavy lenses. I pay $ 25, departs again to search for the rest of my ticket 50, and note the warnings written by hand in a very bad English, which urged the permanent residents of the camp site clean and tidy, and above all to respect the day of garbage collection, all signed "Sam." A little girl about 7 years, with long blond hair and a face full of freckles, light comes up and smiles at me, and 'them' for Sam. Watch the advertising panel of ice cream confezinati to our side, has black fingernails dirty and worn yellow megliettina, I ask her what her favorite, she says, "All", a slow and noisy fan moves hot air. Sam finally returns, it shows the girl, he replies that she can dry 'wait out of the reception, follow him and he shows me an open space where there are other campers, they' can be stationed. We reach the half with our place in the open space, a small neighborhood around us made of thin walls and outbuilding caravan park for years, already abandoned 'for some time that once the car towed. Barefoot children, some by bike, play and chase each other in this small community 'in precarious lives, living permanently in temporary situations. Heaven and 'high, a cool wind blows, while a tropical storm is purple coloring of the sky. Within the bathroom, it strikes me that, though humble, is clean, the signs of Sam, always with his crooked handwriting and his terrible English, ask the Lord not to smoke in the bathroom, leaning against a sink behind the mirror , working with the phone a young girl greets me as soon as I can see, will have '17 years, will be' about 100 pounds, has white skin, red hair collected in a green flannel, small blue eyes, dressed in a sloppy and terrible nails a few traces of red enamel andatosene now for more 'than half'. A country music fills the bathroom, beats the water in the showers. A woman's voice sings, while the girl looks up at me and smiles again, as an excuse for the singer. Men sitting in front of their annex, as a group, with bottles of beer in hand, with some rotten teeth, dowdy women who seem more than ten years' old, shared bathroom, a few old forgotten dreams for their children without parents and children have never dreamed of one day have something better than green open space, parking of campers, the children of a culture of life surrendered to settle for a permanent temporary life.

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Tabletop Audio System

summary before leaving

The best way to tell my today, and 'through an email I sent to my Uncle Virgil, 'cause writing, I've put in order the ideas, like I was not able to do this before! Uncle
I will understand 'if convidero' with you the script aimed at him.

Dear uncle,

Now that my experience in Australia and 'close to the end and' the time to draw conclusions.
Australia and 'a huge country, with an infinite potential that is about to explode, now it' s time to be here, 'cause there are opportunities' and true and' a growing country, especially economically. The life and offers 'best of: salaries are high, to allow a longer life' that is dignified and comfortable, with a little luxury, even with a job humble as can 'be the waiter, everything works beautifully, the cities' are clean, and virtually no crime'. A perfect place where to stay, if it was not really C ** or the world. If it were also just 7 hours flight from home, I probably would stop us a bit 'more, but because of the distance, and for other reasons that soon you will list' I decided to leave.
As you know, since you've been there, Australia has no passion, unfortunately, seems to live in a Swiss hospital, and 'how to kiss a piece of frozen meat! has no blood. All new and no history. This gives incredible lightness, but perhaps by nature, I prefer a sufferer South America, a "surgical" mentality 'Anglo-Saxon even if they are fully convinced that we have much to learn from the Anglo-Saxons [the rest of us like them]!
With the great advantage to start traveling with the Australian dollar, which at this time "Spigno", in a few days we will begin the journey that I have always dreamed of. Tuesday 'we set off for Brisbane, rent a camper van and go to Sydney, back in Melbourne on 29 and 30 we flew to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, this monster of that South American city does not make me crazy, but that giant mouth and wraps you in its sensual poverty 'and its Ciccatrici still open. We will spend Christmas with the family of Juan, eating meat and drinking wine, barbecues and garden parties with swimming pool, looking for peace and 35 degrees City '. I still can not get used to Christmas in summer, and think that we are already 'in late November and we are preparing to go to sea! December 27th we leave for Brazil, Florianopolis, home of the father of Juan, where we will stay until the middle 'in January. And ASIA. Plenty of
Malaysya, after which 'will begin' a long journey, we will touch Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Japan, China and Hong Kong in June to have the flight back to Europe , London. A long journey, the journey for which I have left permanent position in the bank, and a regular life that I was bored.
Sometimes you start to travel, as in my case, to seek answers to questions that we have not yet formulated. Travelling to seek answers, and especially the questions. Lost in my not knowing what I was looking for, the frustration of wanting to find my way, and working on a personal level, I left Barcelona, \u200b\u200band very recently I have decided which path to take, a small step to begin with. I decided in that city 'I'd like to stop and what to do, I have a new project that will speak to you' calmly.
The plans for the future are many, especially at the level of training, and 'time to go back and make the leap in quality' by investing in my future. By Juan
that mean? begin to have different needs, I would like to return to Spain and then family, and he would continue to travel as we are doing now. I've always had the concept clear to travel two years and then return to settle down, Juans .. no .. We'll see, now I do not want to burden them with too much tension, I'm going to make the trip of my life, my future and its plans are more 'or less certain, finally I see the light .. and if Juans are roses bloom .. more will die if they are .. nobody 's ever died for love .. bore it 'will suffer' a lot .. and then one day .. will be back ', as always .. SUN ...

're always in my heart,


Monday, November 15, 2010

Ringworm In Kittens B


Apart from the Crusades, the Inquisition, the popes with children, warrior popes, the political and economic weight of the Vatican and his immense wealth, the manipulation of religion simply for power and money, torture and murder of which the Church and 'polluted over the centuries, the main reason why I do not believe and' it is nonsense to believe something that was written by holy men, and I think that is only the sacred nature.
Jesus 'Christ' existed, a wonderful person that more 'than two thousand years ago had the courage to say "Love your neighbor as yourself", change' the world with his revolutionary words of love and the same. A great man, a philosopher, a revolutionary. To see him only as a man is not 'enough,' cause the human being needs to know that there is' something after death to give meaning to his existence, he needs to justify himself and to the masses, a condatta correct, modest and controlled with the reward of paradise. We need to believe in hell as a terrible punishment, and a god who looks at us and speaking through a man to act according to ideals of justice and love.
It 's so hard to believe that our life is a wonderful gift, even if after death there will be' nothing? and that our the simple ideals of respect, tolerance and equal are the only ones required to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the world around us? The
Cristiamesimo, like most religions, was built by men to control other men. His tabu 'reflect the narrowness and ignorance of mentality' dull and ignorant, which point out the sexuality 'and the sensual' requirements as to suffocate and Castro, needs' to be ashamed of natural, repressing in an unnatural manner with the result of creating monsters . The only thing there 'in an act of gross sessasuale, and' the malice of those who do not see it as an integral and indispensable part of our lives. Homosexuality 'is seen as an abomination in the morals, the natural laws, and are covered pedophile priests, before the outbreak of the scandal that is transferred from catechesis catechesis. Condemned the use of condoms, and make this statement massacred by AIDS in Africa, ignorance and hunger, and 'send millions of people to death, illness, and can' knowledge of love and sex [in its natural beauty], who in his life he loved only power?
In 2010, I think it is legitimate to move away from words written in an old book, see the historical context in which and 'the Bible was written, and to grasp its infinite positive principles, and moving away from the doctrine that' over the centuries has sporcarto its simplicity 'and, recalling that' a book written by men, some obvious questions arise: but it seems very possible that a woman could be pregnant by the Holy Spirit? And if Christ was just a man, with its limitations and its greatness? not 'perhaps the greatest form of pride, believing child of God?
there a God? I do not know, anyway I'm grateful for the wonderful gift and I 'was granted, life, and his freedom' in handling it.
do not know if there is a heaven, anyway I do not want to go!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



And from day to day temperature changes, the trees are in bloom, everything is 'more' green, mosquitoes and flies begin to buzz, the wind blows soft and warm, the sun finally warms .
How do you feel after a winter? Bianchina flaccidina, cicciottina and without adequate clothing. So with the arrival of spring there is urgent need 'hairdresser, shopping with a friend dieting and buy a cellulite cream.
To begin with I went to the hairdresser, the idiot I was cutting a beautiful span of scalp hair, when I explained that I just wanted to check them, because I want it long, I made a terrible styling from old, I went out with puffy hair and curls everywhere. He also cut where he had to leave to give volume, and left where he was cut, as around the face that should have been gradual. Well, despair, luckily my hair grows back, the styling with a good shampoo and that the world disappears and 'full of hairdressers. Yesterday

first day of shopping with Emily. It seems a simple undertaking, but in reality 'and not'. In Australia applies the '80s fashion, high waist pants [hate], T-shirts and tops disbursed, to depopulate the fantasy flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, rhinestones, brightly colored bands and patterns. Going shopping and 'a difficult undertaking, even by Mango there' something satisfactory, find simple T-shirts and 'difficult, there' s always that cut too wide, or a bow in the middle. Yesterday I tried everything from expensive to less expensive stores, I found nothing. Today, looking back, I definitely need something to wear. For shoes there 'unexpectedly wide variety', especially with high or very high heels, sandals of all styles and colors, and just on the shoes I found something interesting, $ 150 shoes are WONDERFUL, 12 cm heels, fantastic, my only doubt lies in having to wait until I return to Europe to make them, since I do not think I'll have my trip to Asia 'on many occasions to wear them. I was locked in a silent meditation, buy them or not?
also for underwear and 'a mess, there are Brazilian, you have browsed Grandma's underpants with glitter and ribbons and loincloths sti, not to mention the costumes, Brazilian unavailable!
envy Asian girls, with their look at the manga, colorful and fun for them is' much choice. If only I had the courage to dress like them and wear a pink shirt with the face of Hello Kitty! [And I think Clarita and his sayings, like "pink and Celestino as the hick" and I say here but I know all Burini !!!???".
The best shopping and 'the fact that at the time . Do you see anything in a store window, come in, do you like and buy it. Going shopping and 'very challenging, especially if you have to buy the necessary, and as' very simple and fun to buy unnecessary. Rule number one, going more and more' or not rigged or at least cute, or everything that we try it seems that there is really bad. Rule number two, do not give too much importance to the mirrors in the dressing room and those horrible white lights that are coming out all our flaws. Rule three, do not watch the adverts' of super models wearing the same dress that we are going to try, unfortunately the effect will not be 'the same. Rule number four, critical to good shopping, especially if we are not just with the moral to the stars, repeating that we are beautiful ..

last step. Every year before the summer I do a cellulite treatment, which is good for body and soul, miracles, usually my super-friend with me in the cool springs Somatoline pending proof costume. Also this year I went looking for this wonderful type of cream that seems to exist here, the only one I found cost $ 288! exaggeration! But as always, if one side takes the fate of the other you from 'I found a fantastic waxing: Waxaway and' phenomenal especially for groin and armpits, the microwave heats up, the wax residue is removed with just water, it leaves a hair and even skin red!

Today on my day off, I try to be patience, determination and my cash, and I go shopping, I will return 'without sounding like a winner and pop out from the set Staying Alive ...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pathophysiology Of Uterine Polyps

Last Kiss in Hong Kong

The bed begins to be uncomfortable, I do not know how to distribute my own weight on the mattress, blankets are heavy and very warm, I open my eyes for the first time around at 5 am, I obliged, arranging my little body on the mattress more and more 'hard to trying to sleep under the eyelids. I fall into a light sleep wakefulness, during which I watch the clock a few times, until 'at 6.15, which is happy when the sun silently hollowing out of bed now that I think of cement. I put in the bathroom, my things are already 'ready, get dressed, I take my iPod, keys, and I'm going to run in the park in front of the house. The fresh air of spring
slaps me, finally breath. Unleash my thoughts, even heavy ones that I kept anxiously at bay while I was in bed. Running
open to introspection, 'cause no thought and no analysis of facts that burn hurts too much, in fact, the feelings are burned directly into the vent and physical effort. Burn metabolize calories and strong emotions, and it seems that sweating is the body free of toxins and soul of small anxieties and concerns that we drill. Body and soul in movement struggling to metabolites, and the solution, and the vent, if you live a moment without any particular thoughts, running helps us firm up the ass and makes us feel wonderful after a hot shower.
I leave the gate of the house behind him and start to run.
play with my desire for a future without this in a hurry to arrive. I still see
Juan tells me that he does not want to return to Europe at the end of our trip to Asia, Hong Kong and that perhaps will not take 'flight to London with me and will be back' just in Australia, because I do not I want to go. On 30 May, I may go back 'to Europe without him. Maybe .. Maybe ..
I think the discussions in recent days. The will 'to be together can not' frustrate our personal needs, and not always trade-offs work, sometimes they do not happy either.
The number of machines increases.
My mom and my sister are lost on holiday, the first in Sicily, the second in Egypt, are the days, swallowed by the good life, they do not hear. Beate them .. but soon also touches me ..
Light and 'more and more' intense, more mentally ill people like me jogging in the park at this hour of the morning, they will all be victims of crisp spring air that leaves sleep [or will all have a partner who is about to abandon an airport in Asia]?
I think of the fantastic journey that will start soon, I feel like Asia, I guess Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, until the 'India .. and then I think of the possibility 'of a last kiss to Hong Kong. Who knows' .. It 's not the time to think about it. Maybe better that way '..
am serene. What
lighthouse 'grow up?
continue to run.
I think of the weeks left before the departure, everything I buy 'on the road, to send the luggage to London from my sister, the urge to buy a new computer, a mascara by Dior, and a summer dress,' cause no ? anti cellulite cream that 'summer' close to my body and think makes me feel good ..
I run between the different hypotheses that the mind processes, running to lighten, to make it 'no wonder that it becomes disappointing, to remind us that first of all I am, what I want and what they are.
Every morning I wake up without alarm, pendant, about an hour looking for a comfortable place for your arms and legs on a bed hostile, a mammal Russian at my side. Every morning I run. Nada es cierto ..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nh Gay Cruising Spots

For centuries, in all cultures of the planet, and the woman 'was deprived of all rights, regarded as a commodity of exchange, goods that passed from father to husband, bartered, sold, donated or repudiated. In all religions We were seen as bearers of sin, the minority in a society 'made up of men, our body was the means of our unique social function, that' the breed. For centuries we have been victims of ignorance and lust of men.
What does it mean to wear a full burqa? It means to be grown from their mothers to be subject to the father, to serving others, being educated means subordination. In some Muslim countries, every chance 'given to women to become educated, work outside the home, and have a life of self-protection by the male and' unthinkable.
A non-life. Arab women share the same mentality that the majority ', and this education passes from mother to daughter, in the the yoke of a culture that excuses everything with religion. The Koran closes the woman in the domestic walls, including duties as a mother and good wife, servile and reverent, prepend men to women, but does not speak specifically of the veil, which is nothing but 'a malevolent creation of his interpreters, also Koran, was written at the time [around 1400 years ago], input 'a considerable migliorioramento status of women, for example by abolishing infanticide, and a strong emphasis on fundamental social change, then if that were innovative, am no more '.
how we feel, without the opportunity 'to vote, drive a car, inherit, choose your partner, divorce, abortion?
And 'a must specify that the Arab world and' varied, Turkey and Tunisia are very forward in the empowerment of women, especially at the legislative level, [which will follow 'the mentality' popular sooner or later], much more 'complicated and 'the situation in Algeria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where women are excluded from social life, completely without rights, peculiar and' the situation of Iranian women, participating actively in the life of the country, as in parliament and in universities', even if hidden by a veil, behind which there are often rigged and women with sexy underwear, in a country that still provides the death penalty by stoning [a thought Sakineh to all of us, Iran's 43 years, sentenced to death penalty by stoning, as accused of adultery], and the Islamic countries in Africa, where the situation is' far behind. Different shades of a single Islam, and women of some of these countries are smothered in a full veil.
France has banned a few days ago the full veil in public, in order to protect women from constrizione of having to wear the burqa and the niqab. The full veil is banned to protect women, as a matter of dignity 'and equal.
You can 'force to freedom'?
The French and 'the first community' Muslims of Europe, between 5 and 6 million people, of which about 2000 women wear burqa or niqab. Paris just hours after he passed the bill, the city 'had to stop, the Eiffel Tower evacuated and subway shut for hours to "risk bomb."
France is exposed to possible hostile reactions from countries like Iran, Algeria and Pakistan, strong criticism from the board of the Islamic faith and the same European Court of Human Rights, with strong repercussions throughout Europe and beyond.
You can 'force to freedom' or should it educate? The women themselves that are to be 'lifted the veil, it will suffer as a violence should have been an intermediate step, starring the same community' Muslim, who, becoming aware of living in a Western country, had helped the community 'more' fundamentalist in a different and more 'emancipated status of women.
I see the burqa as a castration, as a terrible cross that weighs about Muslim women, the limits imposed, and the lack of an independent life is a terrible prison, I am sure that it is necessary to fight the mentality of 'patriarchal and male-dominated Muslim countries, but I think the change should be an essential internal support to the community 'Muslims themselves, in this case, women's associations of Arab women play a key role, aims to help an increasing awareness of the need' to empower themselves, so that Legal change is in step with real support and close to direct interested SO 'to these poor women, with no tools to deal with an independent life "discovery", the veil is violently torn, but they are themselves to take it off, under the pressure of the country in which they live, but' guided and supported in big step from their own community '.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can Grecian Formula Be Used By Women

Ella sing in the shower .. Hasta El Ultimo Respiro

At four o'clock on the sidewalk. One step after another, rapid and painful, new shoes and the hours spent standing can be felt, scarf and warm winds, now it 's important to let the pain aside and run to the bus stop tram to go home, where it can curl up and whine about myself without words, without explanations and justifications. At home, to pull off the weariness and frustration, to take off these damn shoes and that damn smell of fried food. A light rain
lights all in gray, across the bridge and a fat man in a wheelchair singing their hearts out, immersed in her grief, a terrible-known song, she sings with passion, heedless of the rain, does not ask for small change, there's' no hat timid or jar with a few coins, I lose a few more seconds' peering, exceeds it by continuing to look at it, then speed up, the bridge seems to me very long, the voice out of tune and the music away, suddenly Given that I feel the hand twists the neck take my breath away. I close my eyes and a second deep breath without stopping. Breath. I can breathe, try to focus on something else, and keep walking, ignoring the grip of the throat.
Shy Asian tourists that can not be deterred by the rain, the last stretch of the road tunnel and the bus stop, two minutes pass and the tram. Breath. Really want to take my shoes off and a hot shower. Find a place on public vehicle, but the next stop a plump old salt, can not resist, I give the place, the tram is full, my feet throbbing, I feel cold, and 'full of people, and struggle to inhale air, the problem and 'who are so' bassettina, all these people suffocating me. I think the fat
invalid on the bridge and the involvement that put in its interpretation, eyes closed singing into the microphone stuck in the mouth, indifferent to the rain, and 'carried with the wheelchair, a speaker and a microphone on the bridge more' romantic Melbourne, crying out her grief filtered through songs, singing to himself. I love to sing one of these songs very well known, in English, which I do not know the words and syllables which are not remedied bonfonchiando no word of sense copiuto in any language. I imagine back in time 15 minutes, the same steps on the bridge, the same twinge of pain in the feet, the same movement in arranging the scarf, I arrived on deck, and I see the fat guy who sings strangling the notes, and that I put myself at his side and began to sing with him [me .. maybe no mic], I tune out of tune as they accompany him as I do, and both sing in a fine drizzle and delicate, without being aware of what you dunk in a few minutes. Wrapped in my thoughts
cathartic liberators see that the old lady to whom I gave the place that looks at me without looking up, and I think if you go back to not place him give it up, with sore feet and fatigue that I would she dovebbe cedermelo to me!
Get off the tram, across the road and accelerates towards the door, entered the studio, dark light, the unmade bed, I take off my shoes with a sense of liberation, I slipped off his jacket and sit on the bed. The room - apartment still smells of that night, the blankets and sheets defeats and cold in the kitchen washing dishes.
I put one of my favorite songs, strictly in English, turn up the volume, and I'm in the shower hot and [pathetic but true] singing out loud, thinking of the fat invalid, the old woman from the look rude, in my nearly 29 years, life-world and tuttol'universo that accompanies me. And I sing ... loudly ... Now
breath ..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch Movies With Usb Connection

I decided that I will not look 'never again' i love films. I've never particularly liked, but now know even more 'a lie a non-existent romance behind them, and that does not allow me to see them without disdain. Scenes' are romantic for me and my report, pure science fiction. I would start with the most 'big lie of romance: take a shower with your partner. In the early months of our relationship, 'happened to take a shower together, but it results in' dire state, the two snarling to keep the water temperature control, not a meeting, he wants water tiepidina , about 26 degrees, and I a hot rain near the 40, besides its physical size, far superior to mine, makes me succumb, and makes it absolutely uncomfortable for a moment that should be rewarding and exiting piagnocolando cold. Second: In a romantic canoe together and land in a nearby deserted island: another lie. In New Zealand we went canoeing together, he began a few meters 'to complain' cause I'm not saying that remavo, we arrived near the island that no longer spoke, 'him' cause your breath away and I 'cause I was offended don' t, if all what a waste of breath 'in the words of curse against my inefficiency, my lack of strength in putting the oar in the water and the impossibility' of cooradinazione [he riteva key], had used it to paddle, we would arrive first and less resentment, but that was expected of me? had not seen before they dry my little arms? Turkey tested the tandem bike for two, even that experience was a disaster, until 'we went down it was all a laugh, but when going back up, I decided to get off their means of locomotion, and hand carried to the shop him to rent '. Third, sleep embraced. For us it 'impossible: after 5 minutes, back to back and see you tomorrow, most' comments like: "If you do not wake me up with his rhinoceros from piedieni every time you go to the bathroom make me a pleasure," "No me toques with FRIOS tus pies - do not touch me with your cold feet "" No ronques esta noche, gracias - Do not snore tonight, thank you "" Do you want to move a bit 'more' in the'?!". Fourth and I'll stop with this: Preparing for the morning in the bathroom together. Imagine this glimpse of everyday sweet life: her beautiful out of the shower, he looks at his bare chest while he shaves, the two cuddle and give you a good morning breakfast together and looking into her eyes full of desire and passion. AH AH AH AH. One day a week we go to Juan and I work at the same time, which is why we should find a way to share the bathroom. We tried, but if we are to continue our relationship there is an 'only option, that' one of them, in turn, wakes up first, and comes right after the other one is already 'out. This 'cause he do not have to make up, but miraculously he needs to look in the mirror, combing NEAC should not' cause bald, but remains strongly ', to look at, doing something, an eternity', also take a shower while he can not 'look in the mirror' cause I shower with hot water so 'that fogs the glass, and I I can not wear makeup and settle down while you take a shower because he 'and' too fast 'needs of the mirror too early, in fact, impossible, and have breakfast [together or alone], with the haste that we have, even in talk about it!
addition, there are all those little things that we two, I would say almost principle we can not divide, [though in fact we did need to '] as the dessert at the restaurant, toothbrush, pillow and mobile phone. I invite you to
join my outrage at this stupid movie.

recently disappeared, less with this email and messages, 'cause in my August hemisphere of origin, namely' the northern hemisphere, and 'a month of sunshine and holidays, little work for those who did not leave the city', so party and the good life, so 'that, like I am in contact with an office in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bI took my week off. Off in all directions. I pulled the belt too, asking my little body too much effort for an exaggerated amount of work, and he told me take your breath away, closing the air valves. Gasping for oxygen, I realized that even if my mind can 'stand up to an extra amount of work, the body gives up, and sends me the worst of the signals. Which is why, I pulled the emergency brake, I decided that Nicol is relaxed. I leave from work and go home, taking advantage of the cold and rain, zebra rug and sofa bed, and I lie down and close my eyes, looking for air and peace. Nicol and 'Off, off duty at the moment, as soon as possible, start again' also write a regular basis'. In the meantime, you who are warm, enjoy the summer, see you in September when there will be 'spring, and Nicol will come out' from under the duvet ..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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How long does the Tambura ....

of searching the sea caves on the side of the drum is a real treat for the soul and the body.

The slopes are steep, steep, low, well wooded.

Saturday, August 7, we were wandering through this beautiful mountain view and review of the past holes and little holes, but mostly looking for an entry that takes us inside the 'hypothetical cave that would give access to the now legendary Collector Frigido source (if, and I emphasize, there is one) especially in light of some recent hypotheses on the basis of certain colors made in a well-known by the abyss of Carcaraia very active Tuscan Federation.

course every caver of Italy and would not "fall for" I'm in 'input, perhaps without great effort but finding so for the case as if it was not important ..... and as if he were trying not lucky ...

Equipped with a sophisticated GPS equipment for positioning, we start from Resceto (513 m asl) along a stretch of "historic" Via Vandelli slope linking the sea with the inner side (the face of advocates of Tunnel project crowds of Tambura) until you reach the junction for the trail leading to the entrance of the Abyss Pianone (part of the complex Pianone-Pinelli-poles with a depth greater than 1000 meters).

go up through the oak and hornbeam and the path is very, very steep, slippery and sometimes exposed and dangerous.

The route continues intercepting a part of the canyons and up (in stone) that descend from Tambura (I think the center channel) to continue up easy rocks interspersed with vegetation more or less developed.

The surroundings are very beautiful and some caused by the condensation cloud began to envelop us in its embrace unreal fear making a nice summer thunderstorm, those in which it is best not to be involved because of lightning .. .

the slope becomes increasingly higher and you understand very well why the inputs found on this side are few compared to, for example, the Carcaraia (just Just click on the link to the FST: section Cadastre-On-Line, enter a cave in the area and Just click on the link to the GIS of the Regione Toscana for realizing it).

here is to slope so steep that move horizontally is equivalent to a hundred yards down a canyon and back is sometimes not trivial.

So to say it is very hard but its a pretty hard to do, those efforts after they make you feel well and leave you only good memories as well as various pain on the lower legs (see calves devastated first by the accumulation of lactic acid and then by various micro-traumas in the days following)

This mountain seems (and is) huge and finally get to where, just before the summit (1894 m above sea level), almost (almost) gets the slight slope and you can take a breath .... and let your gaze wander around ...

at our feet, the Carcaraia spreads like a sea agitated by the waves of stone and a blue sky that seems solid frames the sea water that can be glimpsed far horizon ..

there anything more beautiful?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia

Saturday, July 31 we went to the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia to conduct a new survey and also because none of us had never been to this little-used branch.

consider that the exploration and survey of branch
date back to 1972 (with an interlude in 2005 GSAV for cleaning related to "Clean Up the Dark").

The branch now has a gallery with quite low down slightly and very quickly leading to a concreted first well of 3 / 4 meters, which leads to a small room where you start to see some eccentric concretions. Soon after the turn is lowered and a film of water covers the floor for some meters to take the narrowest point of the branch

The floor consists of a cast on which runs the water film: of course it is very difficult not to get wet! (Heh heh). The branch continues
giving access to a room with lots of eccentric concretions truly beautiful and spectacular in their crazy growth that defies gravity .....

from the room except for a shaft with narrow mouth and passing through a landslide in practice now concretions cemented by giving access to another room with a spectacular floor consists of a cast that soon "screwed" on itself, forming a wall of a supported well enough ..

The well in question (if so we can call it) ends up in a tunnel that connects to the main one that goes to the bottom of the system and the first shaft in L .

On the one hand you get a window (rig fix) that provides access to a large room with a waterfall and a floor with large and significant scarburate old and you go down the other side with a tunnel to the river level.

Here are some moments for the relief of the branch and some photos of eccentric concretions.

Monday, August 2, 2010

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Oh My Darling .. Insomnia

Sweet Insomnia love that fills my nights, that takes me hour after hour, bathing the moon. How many nights spent to escape, looking through books, turning around in bed. I changed countries and continents rooms, but you always with me, compare me and hugs. I no longer try 'to run away, I do not get nervous puffing nervously looking at his watch and counting the hours that separate me from the sound of the alarm, now accept you as a faithful companion, thanks to you I read the two books ever I could read, I thought, dreamed and planned the present and the future as I have insights and analysis of consciousness, have raised doubts and certainties determined people I looked to my side to sleep, listening to their breath and all the strange noises of the night. I learned to live the next day with a heavy shadow over his eyes, which makes it all muffled, and I left too stupid habit of trying to remove this cloud of fatigue doses of caffeine that would be enough to wake up a horse in a coma. I no longer answer 'to those who, like Juan, accuses me of not being able to sleep just because' I 'commitment in falling, "as long as those who can understand me appaggiano his head on a pillow to sleep, when those who do not must wake up to go to work, are able to sleeping 9, 10, 12 hours straight, and I after six, seven are already Oretta poor sleep 'wakes up like a cricket, and happy to have made a very good night's sleep, as I see Juan overwhelmed and lost in the world of Orpheus. We like anorexic sleep, sleep a deep sleep, lost in a duvet, including pillows and blankets, for hours, jumping between sheep and lullabies repetitive.
My bittersweet insomnia, how to explain to those who suffer like me your charm, now that you do not fight over 'by freeing it from your grip with valerian and camomile, I see you arrive late at night, leaning against the door of the bedroom [ and currently 'living room and also] look at me, watching you: a slim figure and slender, have a giubottino jeans, tight trousers blacks, short of boots, a purple scarf and a hat that will cover the face, if you are a man or woman do not know, smoke a cigarette, and smile, rogue, 'cause you know, we'll be together again tonight .. Damn, I can not escape you, come here at least we talk together ...
[dedicated to all of us, now surrendered, anorexic sleep, "first and foremost my mother and my uncle Virgil].

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Supplementary Angles On The Road

A cave for children

Next Saturday, at the event in Mountain Square organized by the Municipality of Massa and the Alpine Club section Mass, including the Archaeological Apuano Speleological Group will be present as an integral part of the "Elso Biagi".

The Group will again present for the occasion, a synthetic model of the cave for the children (but also for adults) ... built by assembling a structure plastic pipes on the basis of wood, and polyethylene as a cover that shows the development of a gallery in the smallest size that will (either alone or accompanied) and provided with adequate lighting.

Inside the cave, a whole series of images of cave fauna and accompanying explanations and great abundance of concretions, stalactites and stalagmites ...

The event will be held on Saturday afternoon Mass at 24 in square Mercury.

The aim is, of course, try to intrigue and bring the kids to the world of caving and is part of the initiatives cave that the group takes over the year from those for mountaineering as well as numerous youth theme nights.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Strep Throat With Swollen Gums

98 Nicholson Street Melbourne

Monday 'Morning Off
Cold rainy morning in Melbourne. I move under the white duvet , disturbed by the noise of the door that closes, leaving Juan to go to work. Me and my Off days are 7:30, me in the heat of the crucible covered riaddomentarmi of waiting another ten minutes, but not impossible, then I pop my head out of the white coat, I try the remote and turn on the TV. The Morning Show. In every country there is' a morning program that covers the slot 6 AM - 11 AM, which talks about all kinds of bird Galapagos, the war in Afghanistan, the anti-cellulite creams, to call elections for August 21, last scandal of some VIP International, the birthday of Mandela. Are those programs, that perhaps for the time slot where they go on the air, have a passport through the various categories and topics to be treated, passing through most, making a meat loaf with colorful idea of \u200b\u200bmaking a complete program. After speaking of the upcoming elections in Australia, just call for August 21, speak of the forbidden. Forbidden Love
understood as the love that has remained in power, and 'sublimated and idealized as the Love that would be perfect if it had been consumed, so sublime' cause paltonico. We would not remember what percentage, but high enough, women who are hanging on the idea of \u200b\u200bideal love, helped by a poor emotional situation in real life, idealized Prince Charming, giving him the face of a man known far enough but not too much, and abbastana impossible, but not too much. What is it, that if, for amusing case of life you end up achieving the sorely desired wish to have an appointment with our forbidden love, and something is born, usually falls into the sad and terrible disappointment to discover that Prince Charming is not 'so' Blue .. I imagine the first weekend with a loved one idolized like a George Clooney, "No Martini, No Party" and see it out of the bathroom screaming that victorious moment quarantine applies throughout the studio and the absolute prohibition even to approach the room from which 'just released, and disappointment over' black can 'wrap the poor dreamer ..
My Forbidden Love?
A strong sense of "deep admiration" which does not come 'into nothing more than' why 'already' so I looked all too easy for a small auduce employed like me, I tried it for my boss, to be precise, for head of my head. I can not say that estuary 'in love, but a feeling of religious respect for a man I tried it 15 years longer' than me, almost seven feet tall and weighing nearly 100 pounds, who is fluent in six languages, jew, of a French mother and German father, raised in Uruguay, intelligent and cultured, absolutely beautiful. I can not reach one meter and sixty, I do not get to fifty pounds, and wallows in ignorance with my fat happiness', in theory, but never put into practice, Catholic, and balbatto only three languages. He domino 'my dreams a period of time long enough, obviously I have never allowed even a hint of a smile or a look more' or they could leave an ellipsis, 'cause simply considered "impossible", also because 'married [and married men do not disturb the slumber of their loyalty']. Then came 'Juan, which moved away' all the dreams of this forbidden love, living Our real love, with its beautiful moments and its moments of incazzatura fierce, with our everyday life 'and the magic and the hell that is born of the partnership. My Forbidden Love
probably act as if it was? I never thought about it, but here comes the problem practically, when dissatisfied with an emotional situation we are now dangling, tied to a dream, as if we now think that a possible relationship with my former boss would be perfect. I am so
'physical and material that seems so' impossbile able to fall in love with something that does not have a parallel in everyday reality '. I get up at the casino and I think that there is' at home, things to Juan and his shirts wherever labor that today will stretch '..
Instead of dreaming of a wonderful dinner in a royal palace, a banquet worthy of princes and princesses, I prefer to cook a tasty dish in my sweet apartment in Nicholson Street, which to me looks like a castle, or rather, what I do for dinner tonight?

W.w.w. Sybian Love


Thursday, July 8, 2010

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I'm going through a unique period.
Melbourne does not make me mad, but the city 'give me' a lot of energy, although a bit 'sterile and flat, welcomed us and gave us his heart. I picture her as one of these young maids, adjusted by the sweater and skirt to mid 'calves, pallidina, with dark circles, hair Cascetta absolutely aseptic and a handshake bland, tasteless and chilly that, over time begins to run the smiles daring intrigue. There is no 'mutual passion between me and Melbourne, but we esteem each other.
life magically begins to take shape: an amount of working hours, I also found that third and odd jobs' that gives me more 'satisfaction, that' spanolo give lessons, I have two new friends, a Spaniard and a columbiana Every Monday 'evening I go to tango classes with my Juans, I read a lot and lazy as I am, I read in English, because in English I'm bored, my laziness is helped by the library near my house has a section of books in Castilian, are mostly ' Negro novels set in South America. Murders, kidnappings, corruption, mystery, blood and passion, the colors of Mexico a thirst for vengeance, a Bogota 'kneeling by the heat, and personal vendettas between drug traffickers, a Buenos Aires at the time of the dictatorship, colors and smells, and tasty food prostitutes, detectives and journalists, all drinking and all are lost between the sheets of some girl, made sticky by the heat of these large monstrous South American metropolis. The good are never just good and bad are always very bad, where despite the coarse laughter to life, the predominant feeling 'the impotence of the few "good", isolated and punished, and the public face of corruption and crime ' rooted in the body tissues of these countries. These pages while I heat up a tram sterile, white and clean as an operating room with me at work, so 'chilly and professional, from its bright lights, while I read about dancing salsa-flavored rum in some of Caracas prostibulo!
In all this are as happy as I have been a few times in my life, I leave a lot of work and run home, already 'just put the key in the lock fills me with euphoria, our studio seems more and more' big more and more 'beautiful, and above all more and more' "home", the city 'and' less alien and even though every day and 'long and full of hours of work, I have a fire that warms me inside, I smile and smile and I smile and smile even more 'the idea of \u200b\u200breturning to 29/98 Nicholson Street, and wait for my return to Argentina mammal from work and fell on her neck and tell him that' all day I think ..
You can 'be happy with Miss Rottermayer [ie' Melbourne]?
Well, I think so .. if I Juans to the side ... myeloma are too?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Rc Helicopter Circle Without Spinning

Kangoors News

A wide silence, due to innomerevoli hours ..

job in a cafeteria from Tuesday 'to the day Sunday, Saturday evening and Sunday work as extras in an Italian restaurant. Juan and I have decided to stay in Melbourne until December, leaving Australia to go to spend Christmas in Buenos Aires, from there we will move to Brazil, and then by half 'January through May-June, we will travel to the' Asia. To travel we need money, lots of money, so that both are working like crazy in view of the journey that lies ahead.

Juan would also travel to Australia, and certainly that 'a interesting continent, but for which I unfortunately do not have any attraction. I do not want to appear as a disdainful traveler, New Zealand, for example, and 'a beautiful country and wild, and Australia having regard to its extension, will have' definitely incredible places, in the desert, coral reefs of the North, the Tasmania, but I prefer to Asia, its colors, its scents, I prefer to miss four months in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia, instead of spending prezioni dollars in Oceania.

I do not want a bunch of the entire era, but after a year I start getting tired of the mentality of 'Anglo-Saxon I appreciate all his many good points, his efficiency, organization, fairness and civility, 'but I can not help feeling foreign in the way of living. They go out and drunk as cones, they do not know what the drink a glass of wine teasing good meats, they have the flexibility 'mental rhinos, do not allow exceptions and pissed off they make you feel embarrassed for not speaking perfect English, when they speak only their mother tongue. They have no passion, I hear them sterile emotions. Portraits and educated are like a warm shower in winter.

There are so many Italian-Australian, or Italian second or third generation who claim to speak Italian, but in reality 'bonfonchiano dialect of our beloved southern Italy with a strong accent, so that more' than once I had to stop and ask to please speak in English if no, I understood them, and that offends them, but as they tired to my English, I lament their Italian!

Melbourne and 'interesting, but for' a city 'hits me, must have a soul, an identity' a profile, background noise, blood and bone .. Buenos Aires, as I have not particularly liked, has no soul, has a sneer and a scowl, sensuality 'poverty and' that mingle in a sexy kiss, animal, and New York 'a bomb of energy, light, color machines, local people, and' a vortex that pushes up, get over, get more 'to Manhattan and his own labyrinth of concrete, where all nations of the world live together in an eternal dance without sleep, Istanbul and 'solemn, Morocco and' an orgy of smells and tastes warmed in the sun, Brazil and throughout South America I crazy and Europe and that 'my beloved continent, so that Asia does not disappoint me' and that one day I will go 'to the discovery of Africa, but' the Oceania .... pluris not that something ... and 'how to kiss a frozen steak! In short, it all seems already 'seen as a whole ugly and dull copy of our Europe.

I wish to emphasize this and 'lean my point of view, there are many non-Australians who love this country and love Melbourne, but I' do not know how ...

fun element: they are crazy for coffee ', and' full of cafes, of course, any coffee ' has at least a pint of milk that is not' hot, but hot; go crazy for the Australian Rules football, and that 'a violent and hybrid cross between rugby and football, even with a cold pork are people I walk down the street in flip-flops, the racism against Aborigines and 'a shameful thing [soon there will speak'] and not so 'well-disposed towards foreigners, especially if I'm not really clear skin and is very fashion and men and women go to work during the day dressed as if they were going to dance; shave costs a mistake here and there 'an improbable number of hairdressers! The girls are rigged to the core, a lot of makeup, boys, or are just too fashionable, or just too rough, there is 'too little drug in clubs, but there are lots of heroin, and many [Aihime'] with kids here the problem of heroin and 'very strong winter comes weekends and at night the girls wear sandals with socks [I am appalled!] 80s fashion with a lot of skirts and trousers from the waist high [that suck!], there are also chains of clothing stores and cheap, but they are obscene, if you want decent clothes there is no 'loophole: you pay! Economic and cute and 'idea very far from here! And that sucks: alcohol .. so much alcohol ..

[Kangoors News ...]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mudroom Locker Construction Plans

The yellow-bellied ..

These extraordinary Apuan!

Injuries, massacred by the quarries, devoured by multinationals in the stone mines turned into calcium carbonate, and always able to give some wonderful moments, like the one that got away Sunday, June 6 Baccile of the cave where we have recovered one of the outputs of the course for reasons of force majeure (Jupiter pluvio) we could not achieve.

Archived on during 2010, we decided to retrieve one of the outputs we say "classic" at least for those living in the province of Massa Carrara.

But already the students (now ex - students) were sparse and only a few of them, taking part in the output.
This is one of the problems of our day: Even if you manage to have a course number is then said that all the group to pause and perhaps rightly so according to refrain wasters, trendy, and frequent impulsive courses.

So, come to Resceto we walked towards the entrance facing the ascent ..

were several years since I came from these parts and nothing seems to have changed ... Indeed, no!

Someone points out a new entrance a bit 'moved from the main ..

Well, we're at and after a quick check to the alumni descend into the belly of the mountain.

I see that the students are all taken by the enthusiasm for this small complex, I think because of the variety of paths that follow: tight spots, tunnels down, and some wells and wells arrampicatina for free ..

Finally we reach the so-called "sabbioni" and noted that the excavation of sand in the tunnel did not go forward at least judging by the height of the mound.

An excellent lunch on the beach

Here are our students
survivors ....

We are again at the exit and we had no problem ......

and a final surprise: in addition to our friends of the cave:

who came to greet us at the exit of the cave (actually the night before one of them [in the photo: ZZZZZ] was exploring the cave XXXXX (the usual! ) situated in a known area of \u200b\u200bTuscany YYYYY ..)

a surprise awaited us in one of the pools that formed along the marble headquarters of the stream: some specimens of yellow-bellied toad!