Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nh Gay Cruising Spots

For centuries, in all cultures of the planet, and the woman 'was deprived of all rights, regarded as a commodity of exchange, goods that passed from father to husband, bartered, sold, donated or repudiated. In all religions We were seen as bearers of sin, the minority in a society 'made up of men, our body was the means of our unique social function, that' the breed. For centuries we have been victims of ignorance and lust of men.
What does it mean to wear a full burqa? It means to be grown from their mothers to be subject to the father, to serving others, being educated means subordination. In some Muslim countries, every chance 'given to women to become educated, work outside the home, and have a life of self-protection by the male and' unthinkable.
A non-life. Arab women share the same mentality that the majority ', and this education passes from mother to daughter, in the the yoke of a culture that excuses everything with religion. The Koran closes the woman in the domestic walls, including duties as a mother and good wife, servile and reverent, prepend men to women, but does not speak specifically of the veil, which is nothing but 'a malevolent creation of his interpreters, also Koran, was written at the time [around 1400 years ago], input 'a considerable migliorioramento status of women, for example by abolishing infanticide, and a strong emphasis on fundamental social change, then if that were innovative, am no more '.
how we feel, without the opportunity 'to vote, drive a car, inherit, choose your partner, divorce, abortion?
And 'a must specify that the Arab world and' varied, Turkey and Tunisia are very forward in the empowerment of women, especially at the legislative level, [which will follow 'the mentality' popular sooner or later], much more 'complicated and 'the situation in Algeria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where women are excluded from social life, completely without rights, peculiar and' the situation of Iranian women, participating actively in the life of the country, as in parliament and in universities', even if hidden by a veil, behind which there are often rigged and women with sexy underwear, in a country that still provides the death penalty by stoning [a thought Sakineh to all of us, Iran's 43 years, sentenced to death penalty by stoning, as accused of adultery], and the Islamic countries in Africa, where the situation is' far behind. Different shades of a single Islam, and women of some of these countries are smothered in a full veil.
France has banned a few days ago the full veil in public, in order to protect women from constrizione of having to wear the burqa and the niqab. The full veil is banned to protect women, as a matter of dignity 'and equal.
You can 'force to freedom'?
The French and 'the first community' Muslims of Europe, between 5 and 6 million people, of which about 2000 women wear burqa or niqab. Paris just hours after he passed the bill, the city 'had to stop, the Eiffel Tower evacuated and subway shut for hours to "risk bomb."
France is exposed to possible hostile reactions from countries like Iran, Algeria and Pakistan, strong criticism from the board of the Islamic faith and the same European Court of Human Rights, with strong repercussions throughout Europe and beyond.
You can 'force to freedom' or should it educate? The women themselves that are to be 'lifted the veil, it will suffer as a violence should have been an intermediate step, starring the same community' Muslim, who, becoming aware of living in a Western country, had helped the community 'more' fundamentalist in a different and more 'emancipated status of women.
I see the burqa as a castration, as a terrible cross that weighs about Muslim women, the limits imposed, and the lack of an independent life is a terrible prison, I am sure that it is necessary to fight the mentality of 'patriarchal and male-dominated Muslim countries, but I think the change should be an essential internal support to the community 'Muslims themselves, in this case, women's associations of Arab women play a key role, aims to help an increasing awareness of the need' to empower themselves, so that Legal change is in step with real support and close to direct interested SO 'to these poor women, with no tools to deal with an independent life "discovery", the veil is violently torn, but they are themselves to take it off, under the pressure of the country in which they live, but' guided and supported in big step from their own community '.


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