Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pathophysiology Of Uterine Polyps

Last Kiss in Hong Kong

The bed begins to be uncomfortable, I do not know how to distribute my own weight on the mattress, blankets are heavy and very warm, I open my eyes for the first time around at 5 am, I obliged, arranging my little body on the mattress more and more 'hard to trying to sleep under the eyelids. I fall into a light sleep wakefulness, during which I watch the clock a few times, until 'at 6.15, which is happy when the sun silently hollowing out of bed now that I think of cement. I put in the bathroom, my things are already 'ready, get dressed, I take my iPod, keys, and I'm going to run in the park in front of the house. The fresh air of spring
slaps me, finally breath. Unleash my thoughts, even heavy ones that I kept anxiously at bay while I was in bed. Running
open to introspection, 'cause no thought and no analysis of facts that burn hurts too much, in fact, the feelings are burned directly into the vent and physical effort. Burn metabolize calories and strong emotions, and it seems that sweating is the body free of toxins and soul of small anxieties and concerns that we drill. Body and soul in movement struggling to metabolites, and the solution, and the vent, if you live a moment without any particular thoughts, running helps us firm up the ass and makes us feel wonderful after a hot shower.
I leave the gate of the house behind him and start to run.
play with my desire for a future without this in a hurry to arrive. I still see
Juan tells me that he does not want to return to Europe at the end of our trip to Asia, Hong Kong and that perhaps will not take 'flight to London with me and will be back' just in Australia, because I do not I want to go. On 30 May, I may go back 'to Europe without him. Maybe .. Maybe ..
I think the discussions in recent days. The will 'to be together can not' frustrate our personal needs, and not always trade-offs work, sometimes they do not happy either.
The number of machines increases.
My mom and my sister are lost on holiday, the first in Sicily, the second in Egypt, are the days, swallowed by the good life, they do not hear. Beate them .. but soon also touches me ..
Light and 'more and more' intense, more mentally ill people like me jogging in the park at this hour of the morning, they will all be victims of crisp spring air that leaves sleep [or will all have a partner who is about to abandon an airport in Asia]?
I think of the fantastic journey that will start soon, I feel like Asia, I guess Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, until the 'India .. and then I think of the possibility 'of a last kiss to Hong Kong. Who knows' .. It 's not the time to think about it. Maybe better that way '..
am serene. What
lighthouse 'grow up?
continue to run.
I think of the weeks left before the departure, everything I buy 'on the road, to send the luggage to London from my sister, the urge to buy a new computer, a mascara by Dior, and a summer dress,' cause no ? anti cellulite cream that 'summer' close to my body and think makes me feel good ..
I run between the different hypotheses that the mind processes, running to lighten, to make it 'no wonder that it becomes disappointing, to remind us that first of all I am, what I want and what they are.
Every morning I wake up without alarm, pendant, about an hour looking for a comfortable place for your arms and legs on a bed hostile, a mammal Russian at my side. Every morning I run. Nada es cierto ..


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