Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Permanent Temporary Life

Apart from its three cities 'more' big, Australia and 'one country to the more' depopulated, where nature reigns, with its dangerous animals, its endless expanses deserts or huge fields of crops of fruit. Every now and villages, pearl and interrupt the smooth domain of Lady Nature. We travel in a camper van. Let us pause tired of the sunshine and the ocean in a campsite to take a shower and hot load of energy our way. The red dirt and dusty road, endless piles of rust-colored light and air to the heat and the sunset accompanied our entry camping in the one within hundreds of kilometers. Within the reception area of \u200b\u200bthe old yellow and moist deteriorated sound a loud bell, a tall man, about 40 badly worn comes after making me wait. Unkempt air and austere looks at me from under his heavy lenses. I pay $ 25, departs again to search for the rest of my ticket 50, and note the warnings written by hand in a very bad English, which urged the permanent residents of the camp site clean and tidy, and above all to respect the day of garbage collection, all signed "Sam." A little girl about 7 years, with long blond hair and a face full of freckles, light comes up and smiles at me, and 'them' for Sam. Watch the advertising panel of ice cream confezinati to our side, has black fingernails dirty and worn yellow megliettina, I ask her what her favorite, she says, "All", a slow and noisy fan moves hot air. Sam finally returns, it shows the girl, he replies that she can dry 'wait out of the reception, follow him and he shows me an open space where there are other campers, they' can be stationed. We reach the half with our place in the open space, a small neighborhood around us made of thin walls and outbuilding caravan park for years, already abandoned 'for some time that once the car towed. Barefoot children, some by bike, play and chase each other in this small community 'in precarious lives, living permanently in temporary situations. Heaven and 'high, a cool wind blows, while a tropical storm is purple coloring of the sky. Within the bathroom, it strikes me that, though humble, is clean, the signs of Sam, always with his crooked handwriting and his terrible English, ask the Lord not to smoke in the bathroom, leaning against a sink behind the mirror , working with the phone a young girl greets me as soon as I can see, will have '17 years, will be' about 100 pounds, has white skin, red hair collected in a green flannel, small blue eyes, dressed in a sloppy and terrible nails a few traces of red enamel andatosene now for more 'than half'. A country music fills the bathroom, beats the water in the showers. A woman's voice sings, while the girl looks up at me and smiles again, as an excuse for the singer. Men sitting in front of their annex, as a group, with bottles of beer in hand, with some rotten teeth, dowdy women who seem more than ten years' old, shared bathroom, a few old forgotten dreams for their children without parents and children have never dreamed of one day have something better than green open space, parking of campers, the children of a culture of life surrendered to settle for a permanent temporary life.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

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summary before leaving

The best way to tell my today, and 'through an email I sent to my Uncle Virgil, 'cause writing, I've put in order the ideas, like I was not able to do this before! Uncle
I will understand 'if convidero' with you the script aimed at him.

Dear uncle,

Now that my experience in Australia and 'close to the end and' the time to draw conclusions.
Australia and 'a huge country, with an infinite potential that is about to explode, now it' s time to be here, 'cause there are opportunities' and true and' a growing country, especially economically. The life and offers 'best of: salaries are high, to allow a longer life' that is dignified and comfortable, with a little luxury, even with a job humble as can 'be the waiter, everything works beautifully, the cities' are clean, and virtually no crime'. A perfect place where to stay, if it was not really C ** or the world. If it were also just 7 hours flight from home, I probably would stop us a bit 'more, but because of the distance, and for other reasons that soon you will list' I decided to leave.
As you know, since you've been there, Australia has no passion, unfortunately, seems to live in a Swiss hospital, and 'how to kiss a piece of frozen meat! has no blood. All new and no history. This gives incredible lightness, but perhaps by nature, I prefer a sufferer South America, a "surgical" mentality 'Anglo-Saxon even if they are fully convinced that we have much to learn from the Anglo-Saxons [the rest of us like them]!
With the great advantage to start traveling with the Australian dollar, which at this time "Spigno", in a few days we will begin the journey that I have always dreamed of. Tuesday 'we set off for Brisbane, rent a camper van and go to Sydney, back in Melbourne on 29 and 30 we flew to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, this monster of that South American city does not make me crazy, but that giant mouth and wraps you in its sensual poverty 'and its Ciccatrici still open. We will spend Christmas with the family of Juan, eating meat and drinking wine, barbecues and garden parties with swimming pool, looking for peace and 35 degrees City '. I still can not get used to Christmas in summer, and think that we are already 'in late November and we are preparing to go to sea! December 27th we leave for Brazil, Florianopolis, home of the father of Juan, where we will stay until the middle 'in January. And ASIA. Plenty of
Malaysya, after which 'will begin' a long journey, we will touch Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Japan, China and Hong Kong in June to have the flight back to Europe , London. A long journey, the journey for which I have left permanent position in the bank, and a regular life that I was bored.
Sometimes you start to travel, as in my case, to seek answers to questions that we have not yet formulated. Travelling to seek answers, and especially the questions. Lost in my not knowing what I was looking for, the frustration of wanting to find my way, and working on a personal level, I left Barcelona, \u200b\u200band very recently I have decided which path to take, a small step to begin with. I decided in that city 'I'd like to stop and what to do, I have a new project that will speak to you' calmly.
The plans for the future are many, especially at the level of training, and 'time to go back and make the leap in quality' by investing in my future. By Juan
that mean? begin to have different needs, I would like to return to Spain and then family, and he would continue to travel as we are doing now. I've always had the concept clear to travel two years and then return to settle down, Juans .. no .. We'll see, now I do not want to burden them with too much tension, I'm going to make the trip of my life, my future and its plans are more 'or less certain, finally I see the light .. and if Juans are roses bloom .. more will die if they are .. nobody 's ever died for love .. bore it 'will suffer' a lot .. and then one day .. will be back ', as always .. SUN ...

're always in my heart,


Monday, November 15, 2010

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Apart from the Crusades, the Inquisition, the popes with children, warrior popes, the political and economic weight of the Vatican and his immense wealth, the manipulation of religion simply for power and money, torture and murder of which the Church and 'polluted over the centuries, the main reason why I do not believe and' it is nonsense to believe something that was written by holy men, and I think that is only the sacred nature.
Jesus 'Christ' existed, a wonderful person that more 'than two thousand years ago had the courage to say "Love your neighbor as yourself", change' the world with his revolutionary words of love and the same. A great man, a philosopher, a revolutionary. To see him only as a man is not 'enough,' cause the human being needs to know that there is' something after death to give meaning to his existence, he needs to justify himself and to the masses, a condatta correct, modest and controlled with the reward of paradise. We need to believe in hell as a terrible punishment, and a god who looks at us and speaking through a man to act according to ideals of justice and love.
It 's so hard to believe that our life is a wonderful gift, even if after death there will be' nothing? and that our the simple ideals of respect, tolerance and equal are the only ones required to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the world around us? The
Cristiamesimo, like most religions, was built by men to control other men. His tabu 'reflect the narrowness and ignorance of mentality' dull and ignorant, which point out the sexuality 'and the sensual' requirements as to suffocate and Castro, needs' to be ashamed of natural, repressing in an unnatural manner with the result of creating monsters . The only thing there 'in an act of gross sessasuale, and' the malice of those who do not see it as an integral and indispensable part of our lives. Homosexuality 'is seen as an abomination in the morals, the natural laws, and are covered pedophile priests, before the outbreak of the scandal that is transferred from catechesis catechesis. Condemned the use of condoms, and make this statement massacred by AIDS in Africa, ignorance and hunger, and 'send millions of people to death, illness, and can' knowledge of love and sex [in its natural beauty], who in his life he loved only power?
In 2010, I think it is legitimate to move away from words written in an old book, see the historical context in which and 'the Bible was written, and to grasp its infinite positive principles, and moving away from the doctrine that' over the centuries has sporcarto its simplicity 'and, recalling that' a book written by men, some obvious questions arise: but it seems very possible that a woman could be pregnant by the Holy Spirit? And if Christ was just a man, with its limitations and its greatness? not 'perhaps the greatest form of pride, believing child of God?
there a God? I do not know, anyway I'm grateful for the wonderful gift and I 'was granted, life, and his freedom' in handling it.
do not know if there is a heaven, anyway I do not want to go!