Monday, November 15, 2010

Ringworm In Kittens B


Apart from the Crusades, the Inquisition, the popes with children, warrior popes, the political and economic weight of the Vatican and his immense wealth, the manipulation of religion simply for power and money, torture and murder of which the Church and 'polluted over the centuries, the main reason why I do not believe and' it is nonsense to believe something that was written by holy men, and I think that is only the sacred nature.
Jesus 'Christ' existed, a wonderful person that more 'than two thousand years ago had the courage to say "Love your neighbor as yourself", change' the world with his revolutionary words of love and the same. A great man, a philosopher, a revolutionary. To see him only as a man is not 'enough,' cause the human being needs to know that there is' something after death to give meaning to his existence, he needs to justify himself and to the masses, a condatta correct, modest and controlled with the reward of paradise. We need to believe in hell as a terrible punishment, and a god who looks at us and speaking through a man to act according to ideals of justice and love.
It 's so hard to believe that our life is a wonderful gift, even if after death there will be' nothing? and that our the simple ideals of respect, tolerance and equal are the only ones required to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the world around us? The
Cristiamesimo, like most religions, was built by men to control other men. His tabu 'reflect the narrowness and ignorance of mentality' dull and ignorant, which point out the sexuality 'and the sensual' requirements as to suffocate and Castro, needs' to be ashamed of natural, repressing in an unnatural manner with the result of creating monsters . The only thing there 'in an act of gross sessasuale, and' the malice of those who do not see it as an integral and indispensable part of our lives. Homosexuality 'is seen as an abomination in the morals, the natural laws, and are covered pedophile priests, before the outbreak of the scandal that is transferred from catechesis catechesis. Condemned the use of condoms, and make this statement massacred by AIDS in Africa, ignorance and hunger, and 'send millions of people to death, illness, and can' knowledge of love and sex [in its natural beauty], who in his life he loved only power?
In 2010, I think it is legitimate to move away from words written in an old book, see the historical context in which and 'the Bible was written, and to grasp its infinite positive principles, and moving away from the doctrine that' over the centuries has sporcarto its simplicity 'and, recalling that' a book written by men, some obvious questions arise: but it seems very possible that a woman could be pregnant by the Holy Spirit? And if Christ was just a man, with its limitations and its greatness? not 'perhaps the greatest form of pride, believing child of God?
there a God? I do not know, anyway I'm grateful for the wonderful gift and I 'was granted, life, and his freedom' in handling it.
do not know if there is a heaven, anyway I do not want to go!


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