Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Permanent Temporary Life

Apart from its three cities 'more' big, Australia and 'one country to the more' depopulated, where nature reigns, with its dangerous animals, its endless expanses deserts or huge fields of crops of fruit. Every now and villages, pearl and interrupt the smooth domain of Lady Nature. We travel in a camper van. Let us pause tired of the sunshine and the ocean in a campsite to take a shower and hot load of energy our way. The red dirt and dusty road, endless piles of rust-colored light and air to the heat and the sunset accompanied our entry camping in the one within hundreds of kilometers. Within the reception area of \u200b\u200bthe old yellow and moist deteriorated sound a loud bell, a tall man, about 40 badly worn comes after making me wait. Unkempt air and austere looks at me from under his heavy lenses. I pay $ 25, departs again to search for the rest of my ticket 50, and note the warnings written by hand in a very bad English, which urged the permanent residents of the camp site clean and tidy, and above all to respect the day of garbage collection, all signed "Sam." A little girl about 7 years, with long blond hair and a face full of freckles, light comes up and smiles at me, and 'them' for Sam. Watch the advertising panel of ice cream confezinati to our side, has black fingernails dirty and worn yellow megliettina, I ask her what her favorite, she says, "All", a slow and noisy fan moves hot air. Sam finally returns, it shows the girl, he replies that she can dry 'wait out of the reception, follow him and he shows me an open space where there are other campers, they' can be stationed. We reach the half with our place in the open space, a small neighborhood around us made of thin walls and outbuilding caravan park for years, already abandoned 'for some time that once the car towed. Barefoot children, some by bike, play and chase each other in this small community 'in precarious lives, living permanently in temporary situations. Heaven and 'high, a cool wind blows, while a tropical storm is purple coloring of the sky. Within the bathroom, it strikes me that, though humble, is clean, the signs of Sam, always with his crooked handwriting and his terrible English, ask the Lord not to smoke in the bathroom, leaning against a sink behind the mirror , working with the phone a young girl greets me as soon as I can see, will have '17 years, will be' about 100 pounds, has white skin, red hair collected in a green flannel, small blue eyes, dressed in a sloppy and terrible nails a few traces of red enamel andatosene now for more 'than half'. A country music fills the bathroom, beats the water in the showers. A woman's voice sings, while the girl looks up at me and smiles again, as an excuse for the singer. Men sitting in front of their annex, as a group, with bottles of beer in hand, with some rotten teeth, dowdy women who seem more than ten years' old, shared bathroom, a few old forgotten dreams for their children without parents and children have never dreamed of one day have something better than green open space, parking of campers, the children of a culture of life surrendered to settle for a permanent temporary life.


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