Friday, December 10, 2010

I Dream Of Jeannie Lamps

Buenos Aires Querida ..

E 'known to all cities' summer glow, and Buenos Aires is no exception.
Last year the City 'is not seduced me, but this time, I was positively impressed. Buenos Aires is not 'pretty, and' a giant, poor, chaotic, lawless, the prices of food and clothes are exactly like those in Europe, the economy and 'smashed, and everything works evil, forty percent of the population and' poor , cut outside the system also manages school, and taken to the streets as illegal parking attendants, street vendors, washing windows, thieves. The favallas, called "villas", expand without rules and without control, where poverty 'and ignorance are the prelude to a dangerous crime arrogant', where the poor feel they have a claim against the state and those who are economically well-off, so that 'dealing with parks, neighborhoods constrict abuse, possession of what' they want. Two social classes are emerging in a net, there are no rights, we are the children of degradation, which are not being given the chance 'to participate in the banquet of life, and the rich, who protect themselves in closed quarters, the all under the watchful eye of police, corrupt and criminal, and 'feared by the population.
Yet lives, and yet it moves, Buenos Aires wounded, sick, used, abused and pain has a huge heart, a hidden passion, a desire to live explosive, even if the younger generation did not have hope, they feel in a titanic, led by corrupt and criminals, even if they live in a country which 'removed the illusion of a future.
Here I get the same feeling that grips me when I'm in Italy, the same penalty, the same pain, seeing a country with a freewheel to ruin, when in reality 'could be a great country, but here as in Italy, and' Clearly, if it does not change the mentality 'of people, things will not change. Unfortunately, every nation has the government it deserves. There is a common civic sense, there is the desire to do things correctly, applies the mentality 'of furbacchiotto, and socially and' appreciated, unhappy people who can sneak or avoid paying, or in any way take advantage of the system and others, Instead of moving with what ', which is where the president is seen as the cause of all evils, when in fact it' s just the ultimate effect, as Berlusconi. It would take a
Lula Argentina, the Brazilian was a president like that get up 'in his two terms, kneeling in a country a world power, which removed 12 million families out of poverty' I love 'your country and lot' to give a dignity ' to his people. Argentina has a desperate need for a Lula, a figure with broad shoulders, which struggle to provide dignity 'at that forty percent of the population who do not have anything that points on education with a conscience that is the only weapon to contain crime ', which increases the economy, and the hope of a future gift to the Argentines. Italy, however, can not 'most' believe in no leader and should start flying, driving the dead nonagenarians in the government and making a new policy, no money and a civil sense, and ideas with young people, destroying what Government of clowns and whores that we are sinking.
yet it moves, lives and breathes, smiles, and lets you watch, colorful and descomposto young and corrupt, South America and opened his veins ..


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