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Duilionda The cave teaching for children in Lucca

Saturday, January 8, 2010 the Speleological Group Archaeological Apuano resurface in Lucca, on the occasion of the exhibition Mountain Sure, Duilionda (follow duilionda_a_massa ) ie the Cave Teaching for children.

the 8th of January in Lucca will take place this initiative for mountain safety.

departments are involved in civil protection, social policies and to the sport over the presidency.

This is the third consecutive year that is made a day on the mountain with a growing participation of people.

The mountain belongs to everyone and is available for all, children, families, adults and elderly, people with physical problems, of course, with proper restrictions, of course, always with due caution for the safety of themselves and others.

The purpose of this is Mountain Safe, promote Mountain to all those who want to use each with their own motivations and the activities they carry more appropriate as long aware of the rules of the game .

During the afternoon, in addition to teaching the cave, will be projected slides to illustrate the different environments, activities, trails, shelters, work activities typical of the mountain (chestnuts, mills, quarries, etc. ..).

And finally a group game ragalare a gadget for everyone (because using a calendar on the back where the poster put the advice to get you safely in the mountains) and even a prize draw.


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