Tuesday, October 5, 2010



And from day to day temperature changes, the trees are in bloom, everything is 'more' green, mosquitoes and flies begin to buzz, the wind blows soft and warm, the sun finally warms .
How do you feel after a winter? Bianchina flaccidina, cicciottina and without adequate clothing. So with the arrival of spring there is urgent need 'hairdresser, shopping with a friend dieting and buy a cellulite cream.
To begin with I went to the hairdresser, the idiot I was cutting a beautiful span of scalp hair, when I explained that I just wanted to check them, because I want it long, I made a terrible styling from old, I went out with puffy hair and curls everywhere. He also cut where he had to leave to give volume, and left where he was cut, as around the face that should have been gradual. Well, despair, luckily my hair grows back, the styling with a good shampoo and that the world disappears and 'full of hairdressers. Yesterday

first day of shopping with Emily. It seems a simple undertaking, but in reality 'and not'. In Australia applies the '80s fashion, high waist pants [hate], T-shirts and tops disbursed, to depopulate the fantasy flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, rhinestones, brightly colored bands and patterns. Going shopping and 'a difficult undertaking, even by Mango there' something satisfactory, find simple T-shirts and 'difficult, there' s always that cut too wide, or a bow in the middle. Yesterday I tried everything from expensive to less expensive stores, I found nothing. Today, looking back, I definitely need something to wear. For shoes there 'unexpectedly wide variety', especially with high or very high heels, sandals of all styles and colors, and just on the shoes I found something interesting, $ 150 shoes are WONDERFUL, 12 cm heels, fantastic, my only doubt lies in having to wait until I return to Europe to make them, since I do not think I'll have my trip to Asia 'on many occasions to wear them. I was locked in a silent meditation, buy them or not?
also for underwear and 'a mess, there are Brazilian, you have browsed Grandma's underpants with glitter and ribbons and loincloths sti, not to mention the costumes, Brazilian unavailable!
envy Asian girls, with their look at the manga, colorful and fun for them is' much choice. If only I had the courage to dress like them and wear a pink shirt with the face of Hello Kitty! [And I think Clarita and his sayings, like "pink and Celestino as the hick" and I say here but I know all Burini !!!???".
The best shopping and 'the fact that at the time . Do you see anything in a store window, come in, do you like and buy it. Going shopping and 'very challenging, especially if you have to buy the necessary, and as' very simple and fun to buy unnecessary. Rule number one, going more and more' or not rigged or at least cute, or everything that we try it seems that there is really bad. Rule number two, do not give too much importance to the mirrors in the dressing room and those horrible white lights that are coming out all our flaws. Rule three, do not watch the adverts' of super models wearing the same dress that we are going to try, unfortunately the effect will not be 'the same. Rule number four, critical to good shopping, especially if we are not just with the moral to the stars, repeating that we are beautiful ..

last step. Every year before the summer I do a cellulite treatment, which is good for body and soul, miracles, usually my super-friend with me in the cool springs Somatoline pending proof costume. Also this year I went looking for this wonderful type of cream that seems to exist here, the only one I found cost $ 288! exaggeration! But as always, if one side takes the fate of the other you from 'I found a fantastic waxing: Waxaway and' phenomenal especially for groin and armpits, the microwave heats up, the wax residue is removed with just water, it leaves a hair and even skin red!

Today on my day off, I try to be patience, determination and my cash, and I go shopping, I will return 'without sounding like a winner and pop out from the set Staying Alive ...


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