Monday, July 19, 2010

Strep Throat With Swollen Gums

98 Nicholson Street Melbourne

Monday 'Morning Off
Cold rainy morning in Melbourne. I move under the white duvet , disturbed by the noise of the door that closes, leaving Juan to go to work. Me and my Off days are 7:30, me in the heat of the crucible covered riaddomentarmi of waiting another ten minutes, but not impossible, then I pop my head out of the white coat, I try the remote and turn on the TV. The Morning Show. In every country there is' a morning program that covers the slot 6 AM - 11 AM, which talks about all kinds of bird Galapagos, the war in Afghanistan, the anti-cellulite creams, to call elections for August 21, last scandal of some VIP International, the birthday of Mandela. Are those programs, that perhaps for the time slot where they go on the air, have a passport through the various categories and topics to be treated, passing through most, making a meat loaf with colorful idea of \u200b\u200bmaking a complete program. After speaking of the upcoming elections in Australia, just call for August 21, speak of the forbidden. Forbidden Love
understood as the love that has remained in power, and 'sublimated and idealized as the Love that would be perfect if it had been consumed, so sublime' cause paltonico. We would not remember what percentage, but high enough, women who are hanging on the idea of \u200b\u200bideal love, helped by a poor emotional situation in real life, idealized Prince Charming, giving him the face of a man known far enough but not too much, and abbastana impossible, but not too much. What is it, that if, for amusing case of life you end up achieving the sorely desired wish to have an appointment with our forbidden love, and something is born, usually falls into the sad and terrible disappointment to discover that Prince Charming is not 'so' Blue .. I imagine the first weekend with a loved one idolized like a George Clooney, "No Martini, No Party" and see it out of the bathroom screaming that victorious moment quarantine applies throughout the studio and the absolute prohibition even to approach the room from which 'just released, and disappointment over' black can 'wrap the poor dreamer ..
My Forbidden Love?
A strong sense of "deep admiration" which does not come 'into nothing more than' why 'already' so I looked all too easy for a small auduce employed like me, I tried it for my boss, to be precise, for head of my head. I can not say that estuary 'in love, but a feeling of religious respect for a man I tried it 15 years longer' than me, almost seven feet tall and weighing nearly 100 pounds, who is fluent in six languages, jew, of a French mother and German father, raised in Uruguay, intelligent and cultured, absolutely beautiful. I can not reach one meter and sixty, I do not get to fifty pounds, and wallows in ignorance with my fat happiness', in theory, but never put into practice, Catholic, and balbatto only three languages. He domino 'my dreams a period of time long enough, obviously I have never allowed even a hint of a smile or a look more' or they could leave an ellipsis, 'cause simply considered "impossible", also because 'married [and married men do not disturb the slumber of their loyalty']. Then came 'Juan, which moved away' all the dreams of this forbidden love, living Our real love, with its beautiful moments and its moments of incazzatura fierce, with our everyday life 'and the magic and the hell that is born of the partnership. My Forbidden Love
probably act as if it was? I never thought about it, but here comes the problem practically, when dissatisfied with an emotional situation we are now dangling, tied to a dream, as if we now think that a possible relationship with my former boss would be perfect. I am so
'physical and material that seems so' impossbile able to fall in love with something that does not have a parallel in everyday reality '. I get up at the casino and I think that there is' at home, things to Juan and his shirts wherever labor that today will stretch '..
Instead of dreaming of a wonderful dinner in a royal palace, a banquet worthy of princes and princesses, I prefer to cook a tasty dish in my sweet apartment in Nicholson Street, which to me looks like a castle, or rather, what I do for dinner tonight?


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