Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mudroom Locker Construction Plans

The yellow-bellied ..

These extraordinary Apuan!

Injuries, massacred by the quarries, devoured by multinationals in the stone mines turned into calcium carbonate, and always able to give some wonderful moments, like the one that got away Sunday, June 6 Baccile of the cave where we have recovered one of the outputs of the course for reasons of force majeure (Jupiter pluvio) we could not achieve.

Archived on during 2010, we decided to retrieve one of the outputs we say "classic" at least for those living in the province of Massa Carrara.

But already the students (now ex - students) were sparse and only a few of them, taking part in the output.
This is one of the problems of our day: Even if you manage to have a course number is then said that all the group to pause and perhaps rightly so according to refrain wasters, trendy, and frequent impulsive courses.

So, come to Resceto we walked towards the entrance facing the ascent ..

were several years since I came from these parts and nothing seems to have changed ... Indeed, no!

Someone points out a new entrance a bit 'moved from the main ..

Well, we're at and after a quick check to the alumni descend into the belly of the mountain.

I see that the students are all taken by the enthusiasm for this small complex, I think because of the variety of paths that follow: tight spots, tunnels down, and some wells and wells arrampicatina for free ..

Finally we reach the so-called "sabbioni" and noted that the excavation of sand in the tunnel did not go forward at least judging by the height of the mound.

An excellent lunch on the beach

Here are our students
survivors ....

We are again at the exit and we had no problem ......

and a final surprise: in addition to our friends of the cave:

who came to greet us at the exit of the cave (actually the night before one of them [in the photo: ZZZZZ] was exploring the cave XXXXX (the usual! ) situated in a known area of \u200b\u200bTuscany YYYYY ..)

a surprise awaited us in one of the pools that formed along the marble headquarters of the stream: some specimens of yellow-bellied toad!


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