Monday, June 7, 2010

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the glass ceiling!

I do not believe in the efficacy of the shouts and insults during an argument, does not justify a discussion during the offenses, I believe in maintaining respect for the altrapersona, without raising his voice in speech and hate the hysterical attacks and loss of control. When we fight with Juan though my blood goes to the head control the words and tone of voice, and this does not mean I do put my feet in the head, indeed .. Every insult said by a loved one in a moment of anger 'as a nail that is stuck in a piece of wood. It hurts, and even if the dispute went to the person you forgive, and removes the nail driven previously, the hole remains, as a wound that will not be 'forgotten. Having tried this on my skin, are the most 'democratic and peaceful as possible, I can be of ice without screaming and swearing, and this' one of my personal achievements more' big. Democratically
do this to Juan a couple of things that begin to harass, nothing more ', details of a 30 year old man was extremely well loved by his mother and absolutely selfish. The thing that makes me more 'evil' that the gentleman has two meters and two measures, one to evaluate myself and my world, and quite another for him. I talk, I explain, I go to work, come back and he tells me things I did not understand a show that Revendo cabbage, and cigliegiana on the cake, ends by saying: "We have to go more 'plan ..".
Now, at this moment all my ideas of democracy and respect for a few seconds have been clouded by a red cloak that I covered my eyes, like what the bullfighters waving before the eyes of the bull.
"Nicol has .." I said, "1,2,3,4,5 ,.."..
"Cooooosaaaaaaaaa??" After almost two years together, which already 'one and a half living together, and a traveling together, living halfway around the world says "We We go 'plan. "" What? "
You can not' ask a man who has the same vision of married life that we have, I have no crushes behind him, but if I put a top position in U.S. [marginal note with life-saving], he puts an IO [in his case YO], and this 'something that unfortunately all we women know that if we want to be heterosexual, and we also need more' or less accept, but when you give concrete examples and Calls to smooth certain sides because 'push too hard, and remember that I am not obliged to love him all his life and accept all its quirks as does his mother, and I can also break the bales [excuse my French] you are facing a total misunderstanding.
Here I am faced with a sort of glass ceiling. Impossible to throw down 'and I just bounces every time I try to scratch it asking for help to feed a report. If he does not see the problem, the problem does not exist.
Although I have always given to my beloved for a good 85%, with marginal note "if nunca sabe .." [You never know], these events make it 'the idea that maybe our story could end any minute, vivid and well. A step back? It ', but this time I do it secure that if something goes wrong, will suffer' will suffer 'a lot, but' I'm not going to end!
course, then got out different interpretations of that famous "We have to go 'up' versions sadly unconvincing, but it negative / positive of this debate and 'that I realized that I will have to' deal with this famous glass ceiling made of selfishness if I want to be with him, and I do not know if I have 'the will and the strength to fight for margins, and that I [Aihm '] keep alive the possibility' that could not be "forever" our relationship.
Finally, not to take for granted the story is so that I can live with the more 'light and giving more' energy in the individual moments, second, that these mothers spoil their sons Latin, ruin them!
Last consideration: Sara 'Love also nice, but what a drag!! Now I understand 'cause I've been single for many years, you who are still single, Anxiety does not have boyfriends!
Also, I ask: and 'a happy ending possible?
Seeking examples around me, but do not see them .. I want a happy ending .. and 'possible?


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