Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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How long does the Tambura ....

of searching the sea caves on the side of the drum is a real treat for the soul and the body.

The slopes are steep, steep, low, well wooded.

Saturday, August 7, we were wandering through this beautiful mountain view and review of the past holes and little holes, but mostly looking for an entry that takes us inside the 'hypothetical cave that would give access to the now legendary Collector Frigido source (if, and I emphasize, there is one) especially in light of some recent hypotheses on the basis of certain colors made in a well-known by the abyss of Carcaraia very active Tuscan Federation.

course every caver of Italy and would not "fall for" I'm in 'input, perhaps without great effort but finding so for the case as if it was not important ..... and as if he were trying not lucky ...

Equipped with a sophisticated GPS equipment for positioning, we start from Resceto (513 m asl) along a stretch of "historic" Via Vandelli slope linking the sea with the inner side (the face of advocates of Tunnel project crowds of Tambura) until you reach the junction for the trail leading to the entrance of the Abyss Pianone (part of the complex Pianone-Pinelli-poles with a depth greater than 1000 meters).

go up through the oak and hornbeam and the path is very, very steep, slippery and sometimes exposed and dangerous.

The route continues intercepting a part of the canyons and up (in stone) that descend from Tambura (I think the center channel) to continue up easy rocks interspersed with vegetation more or less developed.

The surroundings are very beautiful and some caused by the condensation cloud began to envelop us in its embrace unreal fear making a nice summer thunderstorm, those in which it is best not to be involved because of lightning .. .

the slope becomes increasingly higher and you understand very well why the inputs found on this side are few compared to, for example, the Carcaraia (just Just click on the link to the FST: www.speleotoscana.it section Cadastre-On-Line, enter a cave in the area and Just click on the link to the GIS of the Regione Toscana for realizing it).

here is to slope so steep that move horizontally is equivalent to a hundred yards down a canyon and back is sometimes not trivial.

So to say it is very hard but its a pretty hard to do, those efforts after they make you feel well and leave you only good memories as well as various pain on the lower legs (see calves devastated first by the accumulation of lactic acid and then by various micro-traumas in the days following)

This mountain seems (and is) huge and finally get to where, just before the summit (1894 m above sea level), almost (almost) gets the slight slope and you can take a breath .... and let your gaze wander around ...

at our feet, the Carcaraia spreads like a sea agitated by the waves of stone and a blue sky that seems solid frames the sea water that can be glimpsed far horizon ..

there anything more beautiful?


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