Monday, August 2, 2010

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Oh My Darling .. Insomnia

Sweet Insomnia love that fills my nights, that takes me hour after hour, bathing the moon. How many nights spent to escape, looking through books, turning around in bed. I changed countries and continents rooms, but you always with me, compare me and hugs. I no longer try 'to run away, I do not get nervous puffing nervously looking at his watch and counting the hours that separate me from the sound of the alarm, now accept you as a faithful companion, thanks to you I read the two books ever I could read, I thought, dreamed and planned the present and the future as I have insights and analysis of consciousness, have raised doubts and certainties determined people I looked to my side to sleep, listening to their breath and all the strange noises of the night. I learned to live the next day with a heavy shadow over his eyes, which makes it all muffled, and I left too stupid habit of trying to remove this cloud of fatigue doses of caffeine that would be enough to wake up a horse in a coma. I no longer answer 'to those who, like Juan, accuses me of not being able to sleep just because' I 'commitment in falling, "as long as those who can understand me appaggiano his head on a pillow to sleep, when those who do not must wake up to go to work, are able to sleeping 9, 10, 12 hours straight, and I after six, seven are already Oretta poor sleep 'wakes up like a cricket, and happy to have made a very good night's sleep, as I see Juan overwhelmed and lost in the world of Orpheus. We like anorexic sleep, sleep a deep sleep, lost in a duvet, including pillows and blankets, for hours, jumping between sheep and lullabies repetitive.
My bittersweet insomnia, how to explain to those who suffer like me your charm, now that you do not fight over 'by freeing it from your grip with valerian and camomile, I see you arrive late at night, leaning against the door of the bedroom [ and currently 'living room and also] look at me, watching you: a slim figure and slender, have a giubottino jeans, tight trousers blacks, short of boots, a purple scarf and a hat that will cover the face, if you are a man or woman do not know, smoke a cigarette, and smile, rogue, 'cause you know, we'll be together again tonight .. Damn, I can not escape you, come here at least we talk together ...
[dedicated to all of us, now surrendered, anorexic sleep, "first and foremost my mother and my uncle Virgil].


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