Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online Games That Are Like Poptropica Online

the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia

Saturday, July 31 we went to the branch of the Eccentric Antro Corchia to conduct a new survey and also because none of us had never been to this little-used branch.

consider that the exploration and survey of branch
date back to 1972 (with an interlude in 2005 GSAV for cleaning related to "Clean Up the Dark").

The branch now has a gallery with quite low down slightly and very quickly leading to a concreted first well of 3 / 4 meters, which leads to a small room where you start to see some eccentric concretions. Soon after the turn is lowered and a film of water covers the floor for some meters to take the narrowest point of the branch

The floor consists of a cast on which runs the water film: of course it is very difficult not to get wet! (Heh heh). The branch continues
giving access to a room with lots of eccentric concretions truly beautiful and spectacular in their crazy growth that defies gravity .....

from the room except for a shaft with narrow mouth and passing through a landslide in practice now concretions cemented by giving access to another room with a spectacular floor consists of a cast that soon "screwed" on itself, forming a wall of a supported well enough ..

The well in question (if so we can call it) ends up in a tunnel that connects to the main one that goes to the bottom of the system and the first shaft in L .

On the one hand you get a window (rig fix) that provides access to a large room with a waterfall and a floor with large and significant scarburate old and you go down the other side with a tunnel to the river level.

Here are some moments for the relief of the branch and some photos of eccentric concretions.


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