Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Course Subscriptions are open to the Course GSAA 2011

We finally! We have opened the cave in 2011 that enrollments will take place from Thursday, March 3 to Sunday, April 10 with the aim of introducing people to the wonderful world of Speleology and then not be shy and join many (There is a maximum of twelve places)!

The course will include a number of lectures (Thursdays), practical classes in the gym (Saturdays) and exit the cave (on Sundays).

The price (which this year we have tried to diversify into two groups to encourage participation by younger people) is full of progression including equipment consists of a helmet and lights, harness and equipment, lifts and descent as well as all the necessary material to understand the topics covered in lectures.

are not included in share footwear and clothing that will be borne by the participant but, as as shoe might be okay for walking boots, clothing as "outside" of a mechanic's overalls as clothing and sturdy canvas to bring something to the skin fleece fabric which takes warm and not clutter.

The lectures will be held in the Speleological Group Canevara where you can use a computer and projector for any audiovisual or connect to the Internet to integrate the lessons with examples taken from the Internet

The practical lessons will take place entirely at the gym Renaro where we have equipped a number of walls in a couple of quarries disused marble.

rides in the cave now include some "classic" caves Apuan (race) as Renaro-Rocciolo, Tunnel of Buca, Buca Baccile of that this year we decided to add the Cave of horrid (part Campocecina) cavity which differs slightly from the previous ones in that it is fully formed in cavernous limestone (and thus not in marble) and the grandeur of the rooms and the spectacular descents. But this cave and the other will be future articles on the blog.

The course will end with dinner ... joke, end with the crossing Classic Eolo - Serpent of the cavern Corchia between Saturday 9 and Sunday, April 10.

That's all for now. Soon the program clear and detailed course.

Here are some pointers for those interested:

Giancarlo: 3356242447
Duilio: 3475853189
Matthew: 3280212725
Ilaria : 3281622837


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