Friday, January 14, 2011

How To Tie A Belt With No Holes


E 'started the countdown, the February 19 to attend this new Adventure, stumbled upon the Web, right on the Forum SpiritoTrail proposal, without thought to participate in any way, although I would loved it, fattostà who are able to engage and convinvere some friends and then we leave, but first I had to convince his wife.

The race takes place at LANZAROTE , just 2 weeks before the Festival of the triathlon will take place, too bad really, the routes that are different, you can choose the desired Mileage, 82-47-18 and even teams, dividing the KM, I was willing to do the 47 but then my friends convinced me to try 82, will be my first ULTRA above 53 km, will be a challenge in every sense If I were alone I would think, but in the company are sure it will be sweeter than the fatigue, will be the race of the year and Sharp.

Island'm sure it will be fantastic, here the power of nature reigns supreme, the title of the post to understand where you run, cross slopes of volcanoes, skirting the famous Park Timanfaya protected , where I have shot some scenes "2001 A Space Odyssey , unique landscape, then that means I can not wait to leave.

I hope to be fit enough, his head is hopefully the legs, still missing a month or so, but the proof will be at the end of 9 months as attend the Ronda Ghibellina in Castiglion Fiorentino, with 43 KM 2600 D +, is not just x anything, we'll see from there I will understand many things, for the moment let's enjoy even the expectation of this event, but the thought is already in the Canary , that the race is with you


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