Monday, January 10, 2011

My Fireplace Has A Handle On The Side


Poggiolo great day yesterday, let's pay Alex and I at 6.30, we will have a dense fog until Faenza, we see very little, the hope is that rising find good weather and possibly the sun, in fact, as we approached half the fog disappears.

The temperature is good 8 / 10 degrees, for me is warmed collect race, many greetings to friends reviewed it with pleasure, then change it immediately because I would warm up a bit, I'm thinking that the mud here the farm is so much already, let alone at the top where we run, much less med instead of last year, the best.

My intention is to improve the time of 2010, I feel better, we'll see from the bottom but slowly began to increase the pace and overtake, the first part that corribile rises gradually until the first hard climb well enough to conclude, perhaps too much, you probably exaggerated, and in fact will be so, I conclude the first 10 km in 1H03, began to be in trouble of breath, did little heating.

Now you go down on 1 restaurant, now the real race begins, We expect the climb, the legs begin to suffer, I go up and walking is hard, there are some so steep that you split tear in his legs, then when the trail opens and you start to run the legs poor things they need to recover after such an effort.

The path is definitely SPACCAGAMBE , there is a moment of respite or recovery, continuous up and down, down and up when ever have time to recover, but despite this is a beautiful location , the last km, although down were tiring, my legs have paid the initial Foga, if I went slower in the end I suffered less and maybe I migliorari the final time, I conclude these 21 KM in 2:34 a.m., 2:25 a.m. in 2010 while in , there have been strong, there is little to say, Alessandro has preceded me by about 5 minutes .

After a good wash in the fountain, beautiful fresh water, showers there was a row and I'm allergic, you should be eating a nice plate of pasta, meats and fresh, in anticipation of the latter I brought home a good bottle of Brut, since there was wine, it was a good idea x finish the day in joy with friends.

addition my few photos, there are also those of friends ModenaCorre, hello to all the prox.


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