Sunday, January 23, 2011

Make My Own Wrestling Singlet


After the binge last night, the social dinner, this morning at 5 am I was awake, eating and drinking too, could not sleep well, then you put that up also Pierre the 1, 30 had not just want to sleep, the fact is that at 5:30 I get up and calmly prepare myself.

Staccoli left the house I go to get a good cappuccino and then at 6.30 we start destination Cesena, I arrive at pay, in fact, are already at 7.05 to the parking lot of the race course, not c 'is none, is bitterly cold, we are at 0 ° , I just have to go to a bar to get another coffee and evacuate the Cappuccino.

First to arrive is AriRun us know via the Blog, is our first meeting, we finally see it face to face, honestly I expected a little different, not physically, but as a character, as they say, a bit GASSED , but it seemed a very good boy, simple, hand, as I like, look Do not make the Monaco .

As they will all, in addition to the organizer Hair & C. , Here come two components of Never, Senigallia group, known by FB, cute kids, beginners, but with a great desire to Trail, but as always there is always someone who slows, and you know that I will not compromise on punctuality and think that I was already at 7.05 and instead leave at 8 games to 8.12, x due to a Patacona , joke friend.

After the group photo are part of town along the river bank for a few km Savio, our goal is to ford the river, unfortunately you can not come through it, that we should walk on the rocks are covered water in the evening MRP Oliver has assured us that it passed, it will have rained on the mountains or have opened up a little dam Ridracoli mahhhh.

fact is that the mandatory diversion costs us 4 / 5 km of asphalt, sin, we are finished below Rovers, now we will have a slope that will lead us bristling the Tower, where we expect the rest of the wheel Oliver, pie made by her mother, a kindness.

After being cooled properly, but if you want to eat, now you descend into a steep descent that leads us to the river, the coast along here for about 1 km, there is no mud here, here we are left at the fork which will take us to Saint Lucia, this will be the hardest bumps, a steep climb in the mud that makes you up and down, but I've got to the top begins to turn white, snow is also if little, beautiful scenery and even run over.

we now look up a stretch of asphalt when we turn left here calpestermo the path that is all white, beautiful, you can open a little gas and go, then a nice downhill you let go, it seems to fly, but all of a sudden the snow disappears and returns to its place again in the mud, and lots and OCHI here, if you take off you do not stop most, if not falling.

After this stretch lies ahead 1 / 2 km of asphalt up to Rovers, there will be Oliver's car waiting for me, because we view the time necessary to come back down to the departure, or at home arrive too late, I will rise with 4 other companions, while others continue adventure.

I walked 21 KM D + 625 , I am more than satisfied, I am fun, nice group that you want more, I am convinced that the new have appreciated this rally, TA take more and more ground, will be the future of the Trail, I am convinced, a greeting to all DAI DE GAS , says my friend MERCURY .


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