Friday, February 4, 2011

Belly Button Ringmonster Energy


leaving Kuala Lumpur, we headed to the north of the country, George Town, a town in a beautiful island near the border with Thailand. George Town is no coincidence that the island is called 'Asia's fascinating, I think the Shanghai of the '40s for its narrow streets and buildings with its thin blinds always closed to protect from the heat, and' simply divine, too ' it, like Kuala Lumpur, with two hearts: Little India and Chinatown. Afterwards
'Thailand. Simply superb. White beaches, crystal clear sea, good food, sun, and lots Submarine. Leaving aside the places most 'known as Phi Phi Island, Thailand has a lot to offer, unfortunately there are places where tourism has not arrived, there are places only place where there' less. The more places 'are places of popular young ladies who sell their bodies in Western (especially over 50), young people rediscover that after spending a few nights bollonte between the sheets of a Thai girl, and so' explode into a new lease on life: go shirtless in motion, they move in packs, arrogantelli looking girls that would have an age 'of their daughters, pretend to be irresistible lovers, and drink like sponges! In short, pathetic spectacle, so I do not recommend it 'Puket, it' .. Ko Samui Apart
Krabi, Railay and other goodies, my love and 'exploded for Koh Tao. The island and 'trade and tourism, and' a little paradise of alleyways with the lace beach bungalows and palm trees, beach and 'white and fine as flour, and of course it seems sea water of a swimming pool, however,' and this little island ' mecca submarinismo, scuba dive schools on every corner. There are more 'Western Thai, and' quite expensive compared to the rest of the country, but 'to vibrate the same passion for water, for a life of western tropical looking summer eternal, that' to the life that I do not have the courage to do to not break the expectations of family and the concept of "planning a secure future growth and safe working family" with whom I have grown up and, though it seems, it weighs in my decisions. In New Zealand
Juan invitation 'to do the diving course with him, I accepted because of my passion for water, now and' pure addiction. After the backdrops of New Zealand, whose waters are very cold, we saw those of Fiji, incredili, and now in Koh Tao, every morning we dive into the depths' marinas, this muffled world of bubbles and fish, where it is spoken and communicates with gestures, where you must move slowly to conserve energy, swim with folded arms, and breathe deeply. Peace and silence. Wake up at 5:30 in the morning at 6.30 we are already 'in the boat and begins at 7 am the first dive.
more time '. Next week we begin a course of Apnea, free dive, scuba diving without oxygen. The control of breath, feel the water, and focus the mind. They say it is a unique experiment. I'm ready ..
I'll tell you '.


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