Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Is My Jaw Swollen And Have A White Spot On It


Yes, nothing Verucchio, try ritch TA, delivery before 8 am, have ice cream tonight, because the sand is a thin layer of frost, it is cold but after 500 meters since the first ascent begins I warm it immediately.

The location is really nice, who will remain fascinated, it is also challenging, because some paths beautiful slopes, both uphill and downhill, then the many rocks on the shore, until Fiorenzuola, the day resulted in a spectacular exit this long to become relaxed, because yesterday I did 22 km and 24 others today.

pity that the temperature was low at night, otherwise we would have gone even a small bathroom, the ride is TOTAL 22.30 km . D + 882 location 3:15 a.m. , do better it will be difficult, although I took it easy the first part, then I made several pictures, but running in the stretch with the stones to the shore is very risky x ankles.

I'm sure looking at the pictures you will want to participate, and in April the bathroom is a must, with regard to my condition, I have not suffered much, the climb begins to be my friend, I feel to be very improved, now you are having fun going up.

Tomorrow I decided I rest, then start again from Tuesday, prox appuntamenta Venice and then the part x Lanzarote, some I really like the warmth, hello to everyone.


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