Monday, February 14, 2011

Womens Jacket With Elbow Pads


leave at 10, George, Mark and I with their respective wives, the sun even if it took us far too bright in Venice, at least we are lucky x today, parked the car in Mestre and then take the train to St. Lucia, here we could take boat but given the weather and time, we decided to get to our hotel, near the Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, walking, but the jumpers are made to feel.

After we rested an hour or so we go out for a spin, we decided to up the Piazza San Marco, the appointment is at 18 x in the evening the hotel to any people around, and walk in these streets is complicated, still, allocation, DX, SX, a zig zag continuous, regardless of the stations for the wife to the shops, this is no real effort to run.

At 17.45 we are back to the board Guerrato, tonight there will be TOUR Bacaro, meanwhile here to greet some friends came runner, who stay here too, our friends and especially the organizers have booked a Bacaro Venetian to eat and drink in peace.

E 'was just a great night, fabulous appetizers, cod, salmon ecccc, together with a fabulous sparkling wine, to dance is when I dance, not in the athletic sense, and then I do not think about tomorrow, and in fact I must say that I was handsome brick, by dint of that excellent sipping nectar.

Once you exit the effort to go to Next, this time to eat nothing but drink, yes, we all made a Spriz out in the square full of people drinking, and giĆ² yet, now we decide to pay because it was going to eat a pizza, beer this time, however, add up the previous drinking, debauchery and the 'FACT .

not believe it, but pay they began the tour, we left the pizzeria, not all, crush, it seemed almost midnight and it was then decided to go to bed, I'm not a drinker wine or spirits, but we're together, one-off but at some point collapse, then at night a little headache there was, but the next morning at breakfast I was already in place, in fact I am eating a little bit of everything.

At 9.15 we leave the gym destination, will be our base of support, I see many friends here and I know again, this is the beauty of the TA, it is stripped away and all the streets for the departure, however, is the first obligation of the usual photos

E 'is time, is part of the route has been changed dal'amicio Kapo, George & C. but in the end will Km about the same, running in a city like this is unique and it is fantastic, besides discovering hidden places, Roby and tetanus were always ready to tell prezioni historical information as we passed. For carers this year Alessia has offered as a guide, this is his site , then our passage in Piazza San Marco was mythical, with our choir, we breached the crowd cheering as we passed.

We arrived at the gym, we walked around 25 KM with D + 800 (I do not know if true, but it may be with many of these bridges), after a refreshing shower, leave luggage in the store and then all of Kapo Blackbeard the restaurant for lunch.
fritule it to a close with the many offers from the organization, accompanied by the usual champagne, and I thank Chris George & C. for the perfect organization, it was not easy with many people will fall back on if I will come back, now I wait for the April 17 at the San Bartolo Park TA , there will be many people, particularly Sicilian friends, who came specially x this TA, Tiziana George and sister, with whom I decided to make a twin, they will be to my TA and I will go to them to Pantelleria on September 4th prox Ecomaratona the same name, not I think it will be a great effort, rather it is a pleasure.

ride home was fast in practice from Mestre to a Catholic all pulled, never stop, because we do not hurry, but because of my excellent condition, in practice I did not feel tired, and nobody had the need to stop, we were at home in 2h30.
Wednesday Now Lanzarote is part of x, I heard that Max is already there, and told me that yesterday there were 24 degrees, sun bath and make sure the only problem will be in the race, will not be easy to run at these temperatures, after the much- cold, but better so than the bad weather will be a success.

Hello to everyone at Next Adventure


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