Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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COURSE 2010: Tests Crossing Bagnulo - Generator

"Come on! And from that distance! And go damn!

No, no, so it is not possible to walk ; even, perhaps head?

Here I may have found the key to this fucking narrow ... uffa here, push push, hold your breath deflated .. ....

're out here .. . no, not yet there 'to secure the rope damn you!

you over it ... here ... finally ... I'm out! "

Location: In the morning (or afternoon?) of 10 March within the slot / output bottleneck to the Abyss Bagnulo P.20 which connects the generator to Buca.

of GSAA We wanted to see if it was feasible as a cave "to progress" and we concluded that it is not for a variety of reasons that are not problems for experienced cavers, but far too heavy for a student .

From this point on, is described the passage from generator to Bagnulo


1) The first two wells have a base littered with stones large and small that a person (yet) just might roll over the other expert

2) The first passage of the hole by letters on P.20. is initially very low and somewhat 'oppressive and still allows the management of many people especially in case of problems. The hole was enlarged letters (I think by the Bolognese) and is very comfortable unless you have an extra tonnage (but gravity, in the right direction, always helps)

3) Once past Letters descend from the Pit fractionation of the well up to a ledge (easy) that intercepts an incoming clear down the right hand of those who, well, the way to the generator is not passed there, but we must go back exactly the opposite of this tunnel for easy steps to return to the main shaft. From then on, we need a rope to reach the mouth of the crack / generate credits from the narrow diametrically opposed to the letters from Buca.


1) We arrive at the lift which gives access to the weapon slot. In a previous report was written "walk the Mendra down to three meters," in fact the
meander, defined very narrow at the bottom is (or seems) more off but the fact is that the report refers to the distance in the opposite direction, ie from the Builder and Bagnulo but we must walk the meandering Bagnulo from the generator and we attack the problem of the well set too high to access the base of the meander.

2) Once past the bottleneck (it seemed to me close but I admit that I have to regain the necessary and appropriate "mental state" see:

http://www.gsb option = com_content & view = article & id = 102: narrow-instructions-per-Luso & catid = 62: pubblicazionivarie & Itemid = 117 )

go up a trap and leads to another meander off this time but is "broken" down from which a loud noise of running water. I could not tell if beneath me was the well that is seen in relief, but it sure was dark.

3) From then on it has a number of wells, with some outlets say "very athletic" and the penultimate pit exit with rather narrow.

To the delight of a significant precedent "noted" by Danilo.

4) But also the last to exit the generator shaft, is characterized by a splitting plane and ignorant with split end (but maybe I put my ...)

Here! Finally we exit out of the sky is still clear and has all the characteristics of winter even though we are in spring. All together we are moving towards the car that will take us to the abundant libations (of course, and especially high-grade alocolica) a cozy refuge of Pian della Fioba.

What can I say? It 's a cave very "educational" but certainly to be considered after a bit of activity and experience.


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