Friday, April 23, 2010

Inguinal Hernia Women Piturces

Course 2010: Rain, Baccile, Suzanne and keys ....

The Rain .. Due to heavy morning rain, and after waiting a long time to Resceto, jumped out of the course of the Buca Baccile (several times already moved and moved and moved), which was scheduled for the 'April 11 then

we had to "fold" (so to speak) between loving Cavern of Corchia.

Considering that it was the first exit after the first "gym", we decided to bring our students to do the next "round": The Cave

1) Well Suzanne (who was doubly reinforced to allow for extensive assistance to students during ascent) ascent in return.

2) cross over the Well Suzanne. This is a cross section in place just above the Well Suzanne, gentle enough to where it is necessary to proceed with caution and avoid any throw stones inquilini del piano di sotto.

3) Progressione in galleria fino alla sala del Centenario . E qui niente di particolare ...

4) Discesa nella Sala del Centenario. Discesa abbastanza delicata per la presenza di sassi instabili che sono volati  da tutte le parti tranne che sulle zucche  degli allievi e degli istruttori ..

5) Risalita del Pozzo Suzanne .....  . Sempre bella .. classica ..  che si √® conclusa

con la fantastica uscita dal pozzo  nel vuoto ( quella armata a sinistra ) che ha messo a dura prova la capacit√† dei nostri cari allievi che pero' bisogna dire that have improved a lot since (it appears that the activity in the gym to something is served) which have been rope ... and that
with this release, they have faced through a fairly mild (not to move stones), and a gentle downhill slope with just a couple of splits output "not trivial" dal Pozzo Suzanne.

Needless to say, but what awaited us outside? The rain? The Flood?

stain ... while we were in the belly of the Mountain (blank) out of the weather had made the classic "voltolone" Apuan.

From a crap day of gray and dark we went to a beautiful, sparkling, sunny day.

Keys and Hold

But it was not over yet ....
because someone does not make names, (Simon) had seen fit to walk quickly down the street with the keys in your pocket while our car had been left alone ... with us ...

As the sun sank in the Tyrrhenian Sea we could not do anything but sit back and watch this wonderful spectacle waiting to get back the keys to making the machinery in motion.

But in future the machines will set in motion with the power of thought (or even a fingerprint or a scan of one or more nets)?

waiting and with these dark thoughts in mind we decided to walk towards the board and Levigliani Vallechiara sure where we were waiting for some good beer and / or alcohol or other substance seeds -alcoholic ... and a minimum of comfort but

did not have to wait long
a couple of good souls we have collected and rushed towards the our goal.

has closed the case, with a flourish, not a day that had started just fine.

At the next exit!


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