Monday, May 17, 2010

Banbro 10 Minutes Free

Considerations Ulysses

back Ulysses' Ithaca after his fairy solace for the Mediterranean, stopping from beach to beach, and having fun between the sheets of nymphs, witches, and maidens. Back home, kill the poor suitors, killing 12 girls who had shared the warm Greek nights with the occupants, and returned to power with the help of a goddess, Athena. The suitors, people accused of being lustful, the only one who did during their years as a patron was to give parties and banquets, moreover, that you want to make a Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Not made the slave wife of Ulysses, the respected and left alone, they saw immediately that Penelope was a bit 'strange with severe depression, left her in her room with her handmaids to weave. Penelope was not beautiful, it was not smart, and he did not know good cards, poor use 'more' than 10 years to create a mat with two silly little drawings to give to the father of Ulysses. The suitors were happy, after more 'than 10 years already' Ithaca considered as a home, made rounds to clean, and they thought themselves to renovate the building. They were parties, and many fun each of them is' a companion, young girls, most of which was of humble origins, who had started working at the palace following the languid Penelope. Ulysses, on his part, had reason not to go home. He was loved by Circe, the sorceress daughter of the god Apollo, with whom he remained one year. Can you imagine that he must have physical to scream? was half-goddess, then secure zero cellulite, long legs and big natural tits! Circe's just that it was not stupid, after a year that kept him drove him out ', when you find' that 'apart from standing around doing nothing all day, running behind even the girls who worked at home. Ulysses adventure in adventure ends, after yet another accident in the arms of the nymph Calypso, which, so 'they say, forced him to stay with her as her lover for seven years. Do you believe? A man "forced" to remain seven years on a deserted island as a lover of a nymph. Let's just say that he had no great desire to return to Penelope. Then even Calypso, Circe evidently less crafty, after seven long years, in desperation, threw him out '. Ulysses, abandoned by Calypso and Circe, returns, driven by the gods who were too stupid to see this broken link for years and years without a goal for the Mediterranean, from his wife. Poor Penelope, depressed, become limp and drooping from meat, which could only be happy if one of the suitors if it were caught, but shot the scene, Odysseus returns and kills everyone. 'Cause this procedure, loosely seen as men were accused by the aesthetic history? To me they are nice, imagine the Greek island, small and warm, with its little white house and its blue sea, and a domination of music, dances and banquets, where luxury and excitement of skin and flesh are lovingly enhanced, 'cause not only gratify the 5 senses, but [especially] the soul. Ulysses identified as the traveler who keeps longing for home in the heart, [nolstoi], that will lead him 'returning from his wife, was nothing but a womanizer tossed from one place to another, without it wants' to stay , it 'going, flabby arms of women he met. [Who knows' that I had beautiful Ulysses ste to seduce all women?] True intrepid travelers: My beloved suitors, who made a deserted island to itself the Garden of Eden, which was one of the past Ibiza! ya ya ya La Isla Bonita ..!


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