Sunday, May 9, 2010

Herpes Outbreak The Older I Get The More I Have

Cindirella's Enemy

Sofia step 'all day with the sweet sadness of those who appeased decided to make a change, which could be very painful.

The following evening, having tucked the creatures, go into the living room waiting for Gabriel. Waiting for him but definitely sitting comfortably composed, relaxed features, a quiet 'fictitious who has within himself 'only the embers of an explosion. In a quiet sigh and tell him sorry 'so that' no, will not endure 'this situation, there are only two roads, and she was offering him a: thrown back with new energy in the report. "Let us strive, let's get together a few days alone. Riproviamoci. Let's start again."

The men are panicking a lot more 'easily than we can imagine, and so' Gabriel, deny 'evidence and went'.

should never expect much 'from the first attempts, and the idea of \u200b\u200b"drop everything and come with me "if only men like to propose, are other men in action movies and some of her time and 'a Angelina Jolie, otherwise the majority of husbands if they are not encouraged and emotionally stimulated, they would leave quietly wives to put on weight alone in the house! Of course not 'the case of Sofia, you know what to do.

You know how it feels before a marriage proposal? Ask Tiffany. He wakes up again bitterly cold in the gray London, and the demand for marriage, weird, overwhelming, shouted briskly swept the first to have even brushed my teeth. His reaction was that of a surgeon facing a Appendicitis. Cold White analyzes the most 'absolute that had appeared in front of the eyes. What can I say? No matter what, but 'after the coffee' .. Lane with a grin thanks you for your enthusiasm ..

Walking in an autumn night in the streets of Melbourne, dressed as an Asian gangster of the '30s invites us to enter the room behind him. PEEK. The restaurant is called Burlesque, small mirrors, red curtains, red feather boa, a waiter in suspenders, and a picturesque group that plays a rhythm gypsy, Balkan and a bit 'jazz. Of course we go. In the stage: a bass player from the face and flabby cheeks drop "Give me a gin and I'm happy," decorated with a bowler hat, an accordion in an entertaining fight dominated by a blond dreadlocks, a shaggy-haired violinist tasty and red socks, a trumpet player appealing charming smile, guitar and voice personified in a modern pirate-eyed paintings and smile seductively evil [exactly that degree sensual malignancy 'tastes to us that women in men], and her voice and queen of the small stage checkered whites and blacks, petite and curvy, with a thick black-rimmed glasses, a red towel to collect the pin-up dark hair, full lips and painted red, the two gypsy earrings frame the face and a panzetta from "good life" that I found more 'sexier than ever. His hoarse voice fills the room, as moves and how she dances, and his voice so 'deep. It seems to have entered the caravan of a group of gypsies or the Moulin Rouge. I would like the photograph with his charisma, convey how much fun and deliciously brazen, the perfect example of my heroine: the Cinderella's Enemy [the enemy of Cinderella], not nice to cover, not vulgar, not perfect, but utterly appealing to the spark of evil shamelessness that makes fun painting the lips red, anti doll waiting to lose the shoe, one that finds love in a night of scotch and cola, which ends the immodest exchanging kisses taste of tobacco and rum between the sheets of an unknown man, running away with a severe headache and dark circles for too many drinks before he wakes up in the arms of the mammal which spreads 'the night before,' cause awakenings are always embarrassing and give you the remorse of conscience, you are the personification of my idol that was present only in my mind I met her: My Enemy's Cindirella ..

Happy to have found the version in the flesh and bone of my cartoon, I come home Juans of my arm, whispering in his ear as nonsense and that 'sugar in my coffee' soluble, and I have a secret that I can only say if you close close close to me ...


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