Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Do Two Cats Paddy Cake

Course 2010: Exit at Buca Cold Water Tunnel

Thanks to my powerful memory, I forgot where is the Buca Acquafredda ..... penultimate goal of our output. Everyone knows where it is but I, as usual did not remember.

all'inbocco You are of course regular channel above the village of Forno where strangely the day gave us a nice warm sun that cheered us on the path to reach the entrance.

From the entrance, the magnificent panorama of the Monte Sagro (actually the back of the church square) where you can admire the foothills of the Grondilice Spallone and background with the classic Windows.

And here are our heroes while solace in the warm sun and have no intention of being swallowed by darkness ....

every excuse to delay the inevitable that will take us a little closer to the center of the Earth and

while the time between beats, songs (Japanese) anecdotes and other amenities but now the time has come .. well someone has to get well in the beautiful "cast" no input?

And then we left the beautiful views of our beloved mountains and we have resigned to go to hell .. (So \u200b\u200bto speak) ...

Here is a well known "student" as he wanders lost in the first well just throw boulder ...

while dazed and ears for the instructor


Damn! But it is so difficult to understand that a stone in free fall from 20 meters that hits you in the head or shoulder you can smash?

Well, we are in the form and the usual tail slide on shafts that characterize this cavity ......

In these moments of pause control the carburine (well at least those who use them .... yet)

and a little advantage to look around and maybe find a local troglobite which are not suspected the existence

This little creature that we are not accustomed to seeing on the walls of the cave, but rather on our plates

washed down with a good bottle of white wine (or rose) is some disturbed the lights flash

as if on a catwalk at a fashion show ...

Surely he must have thought, "Who are sti coglionazzi that bother me?"

We have not reached the bottom of someone who already is rising but it's not clear by what method they want to do:

The Gibbs?
the pump? The traditional
? The

Or the "Petit Train"? (Author's note: The train for those unfamiliar with the Gaelic language ...)

And then we find another type of cave fauna:

This is a rare example of caving Buca (V)-so that every employee is also seen in other caves ...

capable of titanic efforts just to go back a few dozen yards to
then to the shelter in Pian della Fioba hunt for beers ...

But especially beware of this individual and surly that pasciutto claims to have all the snap of the caving world know ... will tell you without doubt that many coomplimenti your carabiners are his ...

And what man flame?

do not need to comment on this dazzling picture.

Oh well!

After this parenthesis start to climb and also to disarm this cave that welcomed us so well!

difficulty, but not so much as the small depth, retrieving the ropes and carabiners platelets taken down and we walk towards the entrance of the cave ....

that is reached after a short time ....

and retrieves the latest material ...

We finally made his way to the car where you can change your clothes smelly and sweaty ... with other more or less fragrant ...

But it's not over yet!

Someone forgot the car keys inside the car ....

But do not worry!

We have the remedy ... in the form of a handsome and grizzled mechanic with the talent needed to open , If necessary, even the car ... (Ah .. I forgot ... is also a cave!)

As you can see everyone smiling and happy, especially the owner of the car has definitely saved to smash a window

But perhaps he was so pleased by the turn events had taken that blinded by the happiness he traded a bag of dirty bag with caving equipment ... and he dropped in the first box available outside .... oh my God were the same but, obviously, has put his own eh?


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