Saturday, May 1, 2010

Watching Daughter Masterbate


Ten days in the South Island camper Summary: I bent my head to the magnificent waterfalls and valleys, trees and clouds resting on endlessly open space free from any trace of human catastrophe, I launched parachute and I discovered that my boyfriend and 'a male chauvinist.
of nature does not want more 'talk as they are back in town' [you will see the photos on Facebook!], I prefer to tell you the emotions' strong and exciting in my life: my first jump. At World's End, opposite the fjord land of seals and whales, camped in a camper-area to make us a hot shower and electricity charge 'and water our camper-van. The living room of this campsite and that 'hostel too, and' wooden hut smells, red sofas, is an air of mountain chalets, and 'so' warm and cozy that I could have sworn there was a fireplace, even if there was not. Between a chair and the door there is 'a bulletin with a few different activities that have the Brochures' sports, tours, ect. A flyer, a little 'more' secret, black, with white, captures my attention with: "Embrace the fear" [Embrace Fear]. I open it and see which offers the parachute jump. A flash: when you know inside you an idea, something you've always thought, but that 'you have left on the table at the entrance of your mind, without touching it and without spolvelarlo, but' always in sight? So 'and' always been my desire to throw myself in the parachute, always there but never taken seriously. I said: "There are only two categories of people who did and who did not do it, until 'I do not, I will not be' never be able to know if I would have liked or not." Mature the idea a few more days and then I decided: I do. I say to Juan, who already 'has' launched enthusiastically tells me: we go tomorrow morning. The next morning at nine we go in X: Sky dive shop, we take an appointment for 2 pm. Meanwhile, we spend $ 150 each to get on a boat and go whale watching, I do not know what I expected, but a bit 'more' than three black spots that spit water or air, we spend 2 hours in boat with children and couples of old men, I saw more 'cetaceans in the video were run as we roam from place to place, that in the aquarium of Auckland! Is running out [thank God] the tour, and already 'I feel my stomach behind the ears. Off the boat and go near the AIRPORT in the shop that sells "dives into the sky." I freaked out. The instructor and the girls are very lovely, convey tranquility 'and serenity', the instructor and 'fantastic, you know what to say, how to say it, and reassures you. I return, I give an inmate in a prison suit for pichiatrici sick, I harness, an instructor with whom Saltero 'asks me if I have any questions or problems, I ask him if I can' hug him when I have 'fear, he laughs and says ok, only if he can' do the same when he goes up the panic. Climb on the little toy airplane, it takes 20 minutes by plane to reach the height of 11,000 feet [do not know how many feet are, I'll 'check], the pilot opens the shutters: the little world beneath me, I push my feet on the step suspended in the air from which we launch, air, lots of air, my feet are on this little tranpolino that 'in a vacuum, the instructor pushes us out dall'aereoplano [clearly he launched both, if not, I alone, with almost that I found the strength to push me!] AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Oddly, you do not suffer from vertigo, not ' so 'violent like watching the fifth floor of a building, and' how to embark on a map with a fan at full power pointed at his face, and remain suspended in the air. At the time of free fall I cried like a calf, but in these cases is good cry, it takes away the fear. After the free fall, it hovers in the air. Open the parachute [that was red! just my favorite color ..], I felt so 'enthusiastic, so' happy, even if I had the stomach completely reversed. An emotion so 'I've never tried it, and' much less terrifying than you can imagine, I swear! Other
subject: my boyfriend and 'a male chauvinist. Well, here I am wasting a lot of words .. nor will there soon ' participates in the meantime, I keep it.
Last update: I arrived in Melbourne after an odyssey in the airport, the city 'and' beautiful! we are now looking for work and home, the connection in the hostel and 'rubbish, which is why I will' in this case .. sorry for the silence .. zzzzzzzz ....


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